• Good list and review
    I love Bogota <3 Colombia <3

    • NomadicJake

      Yo tambien…Glad you liked it.

  • Hmmm I wonder what you did in Cusco, Peru to get kicked out lol.

    • NomadicJake

      See, what had happened was…

  • Great post man! Colombian cities are particularly tough to beat for value. Low cost of living without having to sacrifice much in terms of quality of life.

    • NomadicJake

      Thanks, glad you enjoyed it! My thoughts on Colombia exactly. Basing up in any major Colombian city for up to six months a year isn’t a bad plan.

  • Awesome list, spent sometime down south last year and had a blast. I spent a month in Playa Del Carmen and it feels like a second home! Still keen to check out Colombia!

    • NomadicJake

      Glad you enjoyed it. Playa is definitely on my list to check out for a longer stay, as there doesn’t seem to be a place to get beach life for that cheap elsewhere.

      You have to check out Colombia, though! It’s a great country for travelers.

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