• Emiliano Zapata II

    That’s what I realized while living in Colombia. No point on struggling and working my ass off if I couldn’t actually enjoy the places I was working at. Been stuck at home for a year now and not leaving until I can make between $2000-$3000 a month.

    • NomadicJake

      Yep, I’m not going anywhere until my passive income is where I want it. Once you have your finances right, life becomes so much better.

      Hope you’re getting close to reaching your goal!

  • Seth Rose

    I totally relate! I wanted to leave it all behind and travel–but I was only making $500-1000 a month freelancing. It would have been so stressful trying to scrape by in the 3rd world, which totally defeats the purpose of being a location independent entrepreneur, that is to be happy and free!

    I think you’ve got a good thing going with this site so I look forward to seeing what you produce in the future. Cheers.

    • NomadicJake

      Seth, we are thinking along the same lines here. There’s a fine line where travel is worth it and where you’re simply banging your head against the wall doing freelancing work.

      The key to location independent living is freedom, as you said. And sitting behind a screen for 8-12 hours a day isn’t my definition of it.

      • Seth Rose

        Yep, and the longer you would’ve waited the more stressed you would have been. Better to drop the ego, go home, and work on your biz plus save money. It will be much better in the long run that way.

        • NomadicJake

          Yeah, you’re spot on here. Your actions have to change once you shift from a short-term to long-term perspective.

  • I found your blog after reading an article on Calm and Collected: “Two Digital Nomads That Aren’t Frauds.” It’s refreshing to hear the authenticity in a writer’s voice about falling into the “Freelancer Trap” as you described. Would you recommend Fiverr to a blogger new to the freelancing world searching for ways to build up passive income?

    I look forward to the travel content you haven’t released yet.

    • NomadicJake

      Thanks for the comment! Calm and Collected is a great blog, as well. As to your question…

      NO! Do not use Fiverr to build your client base if you’re a writer. You will always be broke if you do this. For certain graphic designers, Fiverr can be great, but it’s bad for writing.