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  • I agree with everything you said about Mod and sex. From drinking to sex Mod increases my stamina and I find myself being in the moment more. Any guy who likes sex and is over 18 should give Mod a try.

    • NomadicJake

      It’s not a bad option. I prefer to use the smart drug to improve cognition, but there are other uses.

  • Cameron Chardukian

    I found this post really interesting. Thanks for sharing Jake. The ability to focus sounds like a much bigger benefit to smart drugs than a slightly different/novel sexual experience. To each their own though!

    • NomadicJake

      Yep! I certainly use them for that reason mainly. Just wanted to share perspective from a different point of view. Thanks for checking it out.

  • gigi13

    Nice article. I’ve been taking 125mg of armodafinil almost daily for 7 months now and my orgasms are nothing short of mind blowing. Multiple orgasms, longer and stronger… I’m talking 10-12 orgasms in a session (I’m a girl) At first I didn’t realize it was the armodafinil until I had an orgasm on a ‘rest day’… Womp womp. Jumped my hubby the next evening of an armoda day, and the amazingness was back in full force. Started googling to find a scientific explanation (because armoda) but I’m only finding info about how it makes things more difficult for men. Sorry guys.

    • NomadicJake

      That’s pretty interesting. Thanks for the comment!

      It seems women may benefit from the greater concentration and focus smart drugs provide while in the bedroom – while men struggle with them in bed.

      Or maybe you have a special chemical reaction with the drug. Who knows.