• Sounds like a classy “Dominican” experience! Airbnb options in Santiago are slim (at least a couple years ago when I was there). I stayed in a cheap B&B for a night, and it wasn’t bad at all. It was an Italian guy that started a restaurant/B&B there. He even allowed guests. Found the biggest boobs of my life that night, but one night in Santiago was enough before I hightailed it back to Cabarete.

    • NomadicJake

      Sounds like a decent spot. Santiago is just so un-touristy that is damn near impossible to find a good spot up there. I guess that’s a feature and a glitch – depending on how you see things.

      • Possibly better to use a real estate agent or ask a local girl to help find the spot.

        • NomadicJake

          Yeah, definitely a must if you plan to stay long in that city. For a few weeks rental, it’s tough though.

          • Yeah definitely hard to find a solid deal anywhere in the DR for the short term. Maybe Santo if you dig some.

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