7 Reasons Why I Love Sites Delight

I was skeptical at first. Really, really skeptical. I was fairly pleased with my website and overall design. I didn’t see much use for a change. I wasn’t sure I needed Sites Delight.

But I was in touch with Dylan Madden. We’d been talking about his service for a few weeks. And he was focused. Determined. Committed to making Sites Delight work and taking things to the next level.

Slowly, but surely – my skepticism turned to intrigue. Maybe a change would be useful. Maybe this web design service was something that could benefit my website.

Could Sites Delight (SD) help me build my brand? I pondered the question for a few weeks while living in Bogota, Colombia. Rumba and gals filled my evenings, while business and gym took up my days.

Why I Love Sites Delight

I finally pulled the trigger about a month back, and I’m thrilled I did. Sites Delight is well worth the investment. Here are just a few of the reasons I’ve quickly become a fan of the service:

Customer Service

This one was huge. I’ve had some great web designers in the past. They did great work in a timely fashion. No one works as hard as Dylan Madden. Dude was responding to my emails and messages within minutes.

Can you change this? I’d like this tweak. What about this? He’d reply, and my site would be updated within 15 minutes. It was wild.

Never in my life have I experienced this type of customer service. In any industry. He takes no days off. Sites Delight is Alex and Dylan’s baby. If you’re looking for world-class customer service from your web team, then you cannot beat what these two guys have put together.

Incredible Design Features

Here’s the thing about Sites Delight – you can get whatever you want. However you want your site to look, the SD team will make sure it looks exactly as you desire and require.

For a broad range of what Sites Delight can do, just click here.

Whether you’re a brick and mortar business or a blogger, SD is ready to set you up. The Marketer’s Delight theme was designed to fulfill the needs of any business.

As a blogger, some of my favorite SD design features include:

  • Feature Photo / Article Title Combo
  • Stunning Email Capture
  • YouTube Integration
  • Eye-Catching Font
  • Stunning Social Share Buttons

…And more.

Many praises Thrive Themes for their great design, but after using Thrive for almost a year – I can definitively say Sites Delight looks better from a design aspect and is easier to use.

P.S: If you excel at web design, Marketer’s Delight is still a great theme without SD. Click here to learn more.

Real Expertise

Alex Mangini designs and owns Marketer’s Delight, the theme that runs Sites Delight. He’s the man behind every single aspect of the theme and design.

Dylan Madden has been blogging for a few years now. He knows exactly what bloggers and YouTubers need to build their brands.

Combined the two guys make a great team, but it’s more than that. Sites Delight offers people looking to build their brand online true expertise.

While these two guys are young, there’s no doubt they’re experts in their respective fields. When you work with SD, you’ll receive world-class expertise regarding web design, content marketing, and more.

Two Tweaks a Month

Another huge benefit for me was the reoccurring billing and monthly tweaks. I’ve been doing the only thing for some time now. I can throw a theme on a site and tweak a few things.

There’s still a lot of stuff I can’t do regarding web design. In the past, this meant hiring a web guy every 3-4 months to handle 5-10 website design tweaks I wanted. This usually cost me between $100-200 USD. Not exactly cheap.

With Sites Delight, I no longer have this issue. Once you grab a plan from SD, you’ll pay a small monthly fee that gives you access to two monthly tweaks. This means each billing period you can request a few tweaks – whatever you want.

Unless you’re a web designer, this is a huge benefit, as you won’t have to rack your brain figuring out how to change your site each month. You just hit up Alex or Dylan and request the changes you want. It’s as easy as that!

Great Font

A minor thing, but still a big deal – the font on the Marketer’s Delight theme is stunning. Out of the box, this theme offers a unique, eye-catching design that’s easy to read.

I’ve worked with around a dozen different WordPress themes over the years. This one has the best font and overall look right out of the gate.

Bold Email Capture

Included in your Sites Delight package is a customized email capture. If you’ve ever designed a website, you know how much of a pain in the ass this can be.

In the past, I’ve always paid someone to develop my email capture. Most themes just don’t come with an eye-catching email capture form the jump.

Sites Delight is different. Dylan and Alex include a customized email capture with every package. Look how great mine turned out:

YouTube Engagement

Last, but not least – Sites Delight is ideal for YouTubers. Recently, I’ve started to post YouTube content. I honestly believe YouTube is the future for any and every blogger. Video┬ácontent is growing faster than almost any other form of media.

Marketer’s Delight takes this into account. The unique YouTube widget and subscriber button featured in this theme are ideal for bloggers starting to use video in the content marketing mix.

Is Sites Delight Right For You?

Sites Delight definitely isn’t for everyone. For bloggers and business owners who understand and excel with web design, there’s no need to invest in a package.

However, if web design isn’t part of your skill set, then SD could be huge for you. I prefer to focus on making more money and pumping out content for my blog, niche sites, and clients. I don’t like to spend too much mental energy on designing my sites.

If you’re similar in this regard, then Sites Delight and their two tweaks a month could be huge for you. Stop worrying about web design and start focusing on what you do best.

Click here to learn more about Sites Delight today.

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