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An Ode to the Road: Photo Essay

Life isn’t what it once was. I’m cooped up. And I absolutely hate it. Recovering from a surgery that’s taking longer than I ever expected. Frustration engulfs my mind every day as I try to find a rehabilitation protocol that makes my body feel good. It takes a lot of effort not to slide into […]


How to Travel With a Yoga Mat

Yoga can be found in cities all around the globe, but it’s not easy to travel with a yoga mat. Yoga mats generally fold or roll up into a large object that would be quite awkward inside your suitcase or backpack. There’s no way around it – if you’re traveling light, then traveling with a […]


How to Travel With a Foam Roller

It’s damn near impossible to travel with a foam roller if you’re committed to traveling light. And you should be committed to traveling light. Carry on luggage is a major key. How to Travel With a Foam Roller So how do you travel with a foam roller? How to you fit your foam roller into […]


What is Geoarbitrage? A Beginner’s Guide

What is geoarbitrage? I’ve tried to explain it to family and friends. Things just don’t work out. For some reason, I struggle to explain the concept properly. Probably because you can’t explain something to people who don’t want to understand. It’s just not worth it. Life too damn short. Short of handing them a copy […]

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