11 Benefits of Renting Airbnb Apartments While Traveling

Hostels are so 2009. Hotels are too costly. And it’s rare we stay in a city long enough to sign a real lease for 3-12 months. So renting Airbnb apartments while traveling is en vogue these days. If you’re a traveler, then there’s no doubt you’ve heard of Airbnb. Chances are you’ve used the service at least once, too. Curious about Airbnb? Learn more here.

Whether you’re new to the site or an Airbnb vet, here are 11 benefits of renting an Airbnb apartment while traveling:


  • Safety First: Nearly every road warrior that’s been traveling in hostels for a while has had something stolen. I’ve heard countless tales. Hostels tend to lend hand to theft. I’ve found renting an apartment on Airbnb to be much safer. Many of these apartments come with a doorman or security staff. Combined with the privacy, you’ll find renting an Airbnb apartment is incredibly safe.
  • Ability to Cook: It’s difficult to maintain a healthy diet staying in hostels and hotels for too long. Healthy food choices are not always available, and you’ll find routine tough to come by going to new restaurantsĀ each day. By renting an apartment on Airbnb, you’ll have the opportunity to cook your meals whenever you like. This ensures you save money and eat a healthy diet. Or you just make seven pounds of ground beef every Sunday and buy some Doritos ;(

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  • Ideal for Working: Renting an apartment on Airbnb allows location independent-types the opportunity to get more work done. Instead of trying to focus in a dingy hotel room or hostel lobby, you’ll have your own private space perfect for being productive. For someone who works online like me, this is one of the biggest benefits of renting on Airbnb.
  • Away From Tourists: Keeping with the privacy theme, by renting an apartment on Airbnb – you can get away from other tourists. But not just staying in the same hotels or hostels as other travelers. You can stay in an entirely different area of the city. For instance, in Santo Domingo, the vast majority of travelers stay around Zona Colonial. Thus, most of the hostels and hotels are in that zone. By renting an apartment on Airbnb, you can stay near the center. Which anyone who knows Santo Domingo, knows is much preferable.
  • Privacy: The number one reason why renting an apartment on Airbnb has become so popular is privacy. No longer do you have to stay in a hostel or hotel with other tourists all around. You can now rent private apartments that allow you to operate how you want – when you want to. While some travelers value privacy more than others, it’s hard to deny the benefits of being able to get away and recuperate on your own.
  • Like a Local: Once you’re away from the tourists, you’re able to socialize with locals more and understand how they live. I’m not saying you need to drop your standard of living, but by being away from the tourist zones – you’ll find a more authentic and often, enjoyable experience. Interacting with locals is a vital aspect of long-term travel.

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  • Economical: Often, you can find great deals on Airbnb – if you’re flexible. Sure, you’ll almost always pay more than a local on a 12-month lease. However, you can often find private apartments in major cities for under $20 USD a day – if you’re staying for a month or longer. Try finding a decent hotel for under $20 USD a day. It’s damn near impossible in most cities.
  • Treated Like an Adult: Hostels have crazy rules in many countries. You can’t do this or that tends to be common in most hostels these days. I’m not 14 any longer. I expect to be treated like an adult. I expect to be able to live my life how I choose, not by the rules of some power hungry hostel volunteer. While Airbnb apartments tend to ban drugs, prostitutes, and wild parties (as they should), you’ll pretty much be able to live how you like in the majority of them.
  • Amenities Galore: One thing I love about renting private apartments is the amenities that usually accompany them. Many times these Airbnb apartments come with a pool, jacuzzi, gym, or large balcony with a view. After a day filled with work and tourism, an evening relaxing by the pool or jacuzzi is often lovely. And if you’re traveling quickly, a gym at your apartment is essential – as weekly gym passes are never cheap.

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  • Simplified: Airbnb is simple. You rent the spot and show up. The host is waiting with the keys. You drop your luggage off. And now you’re free to explore the city. It’s that simple. All Airbnb apartments are furnished. You won’t need to go to the store for anything, but groceries upon arrival.
  • Better Experience: Overall, renting Airbnb apartments offers a better travel experience than most of the alternatives. While some young travelers enjoy hostels, most graduate to Airbnb rentals. Hotel travel can be preferable, but most find the value on Airbnb to always be a better deal.

Renting Airbnb Apartments – Overall

If you’re a traveler, and you’ve haven’t tried out Airbnb – what are you waiting for?! If you’re thinking about taking a trip, I highly recommend Airbnb for lodging. Make sure to look for hosts with reviews and find an ideal location. If you do just that, I’m confident everything else will work out well.

P.S.: If you haven’t tried renting Airbnb apartments yet, you canĀ get $30 USD off your first rental by clicking here!

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