Best Greens Supplements Vs. “Real” Green Juices: Can a Powder Compare?

Looking for the best greens supplement? Curious if a greens powder can compare to a freshly prepared green juice?

I’ve been juicing for around three years now. Not steroids. Just fruits and vegetables. Mainly the green stuff with some beets thrown in. But it got tiring spending 20 minutes prepping, preparing, and cleaning the juicer each day.

I wanted to get the great benefits of green juices without the tedious process of preparing them. Now, I could have just found a juice bar and bought them. But spending $7-8 USD for a 20 ounces juice just seems a bit much.

So I didn’t have many options left – until I looked into the best greens supplements. I was digging around the fridge at my parent’s house while recovering from PRP injections in my shoulder and I saw a container that peaked my interest.

*This is the greens powder I use. Highly recommended. Click the photo to buy on Amazon.

I grabbed it. A greens powder? What on earth was this? I quickly investigated by yelling upstairs at my little sister. She screeched back that it was hers and I couldn’t have any.

Yeah, right. I opened that little contained and sniffed this weird powder in front of me before putting two scoops into my blender bottle.

Why People Like Greens Powders?

If you’re like me, it’s tough to get enough vegetables (and fruits) in your diet. Eight or more servings of vegetables is a whole lot of food, especially when you try to keep things as “green” as possible.

As such, many individuals focused on their health have started juicing. Yet, juicing can be tedious. It takes at least 15 minutes, if not 20, to make a juice. The process is almost intensive:

  • Take the fruits and veggies out of the fridge.
  • Prep them (clean and cut).
  • Set up the juicer.
  • Juice your fruits and veggies.
  • Clean juicer. Clean counter.
  • Put juicer away.

Only after all that jazz is done do you get to enjoy your nutritious greens juice. Sure, it’s pretty healthy, but juicing adds an extra 20 minutes to your food prep every single day. If you’re busy, that can be tough.

Some juice lovers try to save their juices. They make a big batch and then store them for later. I tried that. Just. Don’t. Do. It. The juices mix together to form a weird smell, and I’m fairly confident you lose a lot of the nutritional value if you don’t drink the juice quickly.

So what’s left? How can you get a lot of green goodness on the go? Enter the best greens powders.

People love greens powders because of the perceived health benefits without any hassle. Instead of spending 20 minutes juicing every day, you can just shake up a powder and down it. 30 seconds max.

Instead of eating a couple salads each day or some broccoli every meal, just mix some water with a greens supplement and receive the same benefits.

In theory, greens powders are absolutely incredible. However, if you’re like me, you’re probably wondering – how do these supplements work in practice?

What Are the Best Greens Supplements Made Of?

There are a number of greens powders on the market. Some cost a lot more than others. However, most of them feature similar ingredients. Usually, the best greens supplements feature ingredients like:

  • Chlorella
  • Spirulina
  • Beets
  • Wheatgrass
  • Ashwagandha
  • Turmeric

…And more!

Whether you pay $2.00 USD per serving or 50 cents, you’ll typically find these products to be similar. They all feature green plants and “super foods” known to be beneficial to your health.

Benefits of Greens Powders

Interested in greens powders? Then here are a few of the incredible benefits of such products:

  • Convenience

Just like we all supplement with protein powder to ensure we get more protein in our diets, a greens powder is an easy way to get more vegetables into your system. These products are incredibly convenient. No more juicing. No blending. No chopping. No eating salads all day, every day. Just a scoop of greens powder in your blender bottle and you’re good to go.

  • Price

Juicing real fruits and vegetables is not cheap. My recipe at home cost around $4 to make each day, which produced enough juice for two people. $120 a month isn’t a huge expense when getting huge health benefits from the juice. However, greens powders are way cheaper.

Some of the best greens powders on the market only cost around $0.50 per serving. That’s a whole lot cheaper than juicing real vegetables.

  • More “Vegetables”

If you’re like me, you may be skeptical here. A powder cannot equal real vegetables. And you’re right. You shouldn’t use greens supplements to replace real foods. That’s just not healthy.

Some of the best greens supplements do contain vegetables. Many even claim up to 8 servings per glass, but that’s a little much. The “science” behind these claims can be a little iffy. However, it’s reasonable to believe that one glass of these juices contains 2-3 servings of green vegetables.

  • Definitely Healthy

Overall, these powders and supplement do offer a benefit to your health. These products are definitely healthy and will benefit your healthy. Just don’t expect miracles like with real juicing.

  • Alkalinity

One of the greatest benefits of green supplements is their ability to help the body maintain homeostasis. The best greens supplements are alkaline, or basic. As such, they’ll help your body return to a proper acid-base balance.

Cons of Greens Supplements

While there aren’t many cons of greens products, there is one major one:

  • Just Not the Same

While there are definitely benefits of greens powders, the fact remains – these products just aren’t the same as “real” vegetables and fruits. They just cannot compete with juicing real foods and consuming them while they’re fresh.

Benefits of Fresh Green Juices

Now, there have been whole articles written on the benefits of juicing. The practice is popular and incredibly healthy. Instead of rehash these pieces, below you’ll find a quick rundown:

  • Floods the body with nutrients and micronutrients
  • Improved energy levels
  • Great for joint health
  • Great for gut bacteria
  • Lowers high cholesterol
  • Improved athletic performance

P.S: Many of these benefits can be found in the best greens powders, too – although typically on a smaller scale.

Cons of “Real” Juices

While there are little negatives to juicing from a health standpoint, there are other costs. For example, juicing:

  • Takes a lot of time. Most people spend at least 20 minutes a day when they juice.
  • Can be messy. Cleaning a juicer can be a pain in the ass, especially without a garbage disposal.
  • Costs more money. It’s nearly impossible to get kale, beets, and other greens on the cheap. Expect to spend a minimum of $3-4 USD per juice.

Can the Best Greens Supplements Compete?

After juicing for years and taking a great greens powder for the last few months, I wanted to compare both. However, there really isn’t much of a comparison. Both have distinct benefits while lacking in another area.

If all you care about is health benefits, then buy a juicer and start making fresh concoctions from your home. Or hit the juice bar and pony up $7 USD a pop for a fire juice.

The health benefits of juicing kale, beets, carrots, and more is tough to compete with. You can literally feel your energy levels improve. After juicing for a few weeks, I always feel way healthier than before. It’s noticeable. If you have time and a few extra bucks, this is one of the best ways to improve your health.

Even if you buy one of the best greens supplements on the market, it still cannot compare to fresh juiced fruits and vegetables. It. Just. Can’t. While I did notice some health benefits from my greens powder, it wasn’t on the same level as juicing.

That being said – the convenience of these powders and supplements is incredibly impressive. Greens products are often pretty cheap (if you order on Amazon) and are crazy easy to prepare. Just a scoop here and you’re done.

If you’re looking for a convenient way to improve your overall health, add vegetables to your diet, and balance acid-base levels in your body – then these greens products can be a godsend.

P.S: This is the greens supplement I use. It’s a high-quality product and quite cheap if your order on Amazon. Highly recommended.

One Fantastic Recipe

If you’re going to buy one of the best greens supplements, then you might as well get the most health benefits possible from the product.

As such, I developed a quick recipe sure to taste great and improve your health a little bit. Here it is:

Blend it all up together and you have a tasty drink that’s great for you. I’d often use this drink as a meal replacement when trying to cut a few pounds after an injury.

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