Best of Nomadic Hustle – 2017 Edition

With the New Year rolling in, I figured there’s no better time to engage in a little narcissism and pump out a “Best of 2017” list off my own blog.

Blogging, by nature, is a narcissistic endeavor. So, why not?

Plus, after pumping out a whole lot of content last year, I wanted to reflect. I wanted to look back on what was created, think about what I liked, and visualize how I’ll improve in the coming year.

Best of Nomadic Hustle – 2017 Edition

Let’s dive in. Without further ado, here’s the best of Nomadic Hustle from 2017:


Limp Dick Lashings For All Involved

A Gringo’s Guide to Nightlife in Bogota, Colombia

4 Tall Tales I’ve Heard While Traveling in Colombia

So, You Want to Be a Digital Nomad?


5 Problems With Beach Cities Around the World

Colombia Vs. Dominican Republic: A Gringo’s Guide

Is Colombia Dangerous? – 2017/18 Edition

Medellin Vs. Bogota: A Digital Nomad’s Guide to the Biggest Cities in Colombia

Que Chevere! 11 Exciting Things to Do In Zona Cafetera, Colombia

Online Business:

Growing an Audience Vs. Making Money: A Blogger’s Dilemma

How I Fell Into the “Freelancing Trap” & Why I’m Changing Course

How to Grow Your Blog FAST

Smart Drugs:

8 Incredible Adderall Alternatives That Get Results (2018 Edition)

How to Go Out Sober

How to Get Rid of Writer’s Block With Modafinil

How to Buy Modafinil with Bitcoin – 2018 Edition

Modvigil vs. Modalert vs. Waklert vs. Artvigil: A Smart Drug Showdown

Product Reviews:

Afinil Express Review: Best Modafinil Vendor or Scam Site?

Best Travel Shirt I’ve Found: Woolly Clothing Co. Merino Wool Henley Review

Minaal Carry-On Vs. Tortuga Outbreaker: A Travel Backpack Showdown

The 51 Best Gifts For Travelers & Expats – 2018 Edition

What’s 2018 Hold?

Honestly, I have no idea. My plans for the year are still up in the air, but as you can see, they’re big:

Setting the bar high!

Outside of those, I’m confident I’ll be traveling a lot, learning about cryptocurrency, and looking into new online business opportunities around every corner.

Here’s to one hell of a 2018! What’s on your agenda? How are you going to capitalize on opportunity another year presents?

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