The Future of Content Creation

“Back in my day…” You know the old heads’ about to bust out some bullsh*t when you hear that phrase muttered from his crusty mouth. It’s damn near a guarantee. But things we’re different back in “my day” – when I started working online. Just a few short years back. Back then, blogging was the […]


Is Freelance Writing a Good Way to Fund Your Travels?

Damn near everybody and they mama talking about online business lately. Hell, most of them have even been harping on a similar idea too. What’s that? Build one skill. One measly skill set. That’s all you need to succeed in this day and age. Well… I’ve had that for years. Writing. Content writing. Copywriting. SEO. […]


Do you actually hate your day job?

The hype surrounding online business is more than taking off these days. Make no mistake about it. Even at the wedding I was attended a few weekends, somebody was running an Amazon FBA business and just starting to turn a profit. But… Why? Why are so many people turning to the Internet to make money? […]


How to Repurpose Content For Fun and Profit

If you’re curious how to repurpose content for fun and profit, well, you’re in the right spot. I talk about repurposing content often… Why? Because it’s essential for content creators to do just that. Sure, ideas are infinite. And we should never, ever run out of them. However, in any given moment, we only have […]

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