Project Peru: Is Lima a Viable City For Digital Expats?

I never planned to go back. I was ready to leave within two weeks of arriving the first go around. The grey skies had me down in the dumps, while there were so many gringos around I barely spoke any Spanish.

Lima, Peru didn’t live up to expectations on my first trip. In fact, my first trip to Lima was a nightmare. I drank too much, partied too hard, did too little work, and spent way too much time on Tinder. I barely left Miraflores and didn’t see much of the city or country.

Plus, the weather was so trash. Grey skies every single day. I think I saw the sun twice in nearly two months in the city. Make no mistake about it – Lima, Peru has horrific weather in the winter months.

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So, Why Go Back?

Why on earth would I go back to a city where I had such an average experience? Well, there’s a few reasons.

First, a trusted friend said Lima is a completely different place in the summer. When the sun is out and it’s warm, Peru offers thousands of miles of Pacific coast beaches and amazing views. Plus, people are always happier and life is just better when the sun is out.

Next, I want to find out if Lima, Peru could be an idea digital expat base for six months out of the year. After being thoroughly convinced of the digital expat lifestyle by Will Freeman, I want to check out the co-working scene, cafes, and more.

Views in Miraflores.

Miraflores is one of the safest neighborhoods in all of Latin America. I imagine it’s a great place to get some work done – if you actually work. Plus, I plan to enjoy inspiring Pacific Ocean views and generally have a good time.

Finally, a few good travel buddies will be in Peru during my trip. It’ll be a great time catching up, enjoying a little rumba, and plotting for the future.

Project Peru: The Reconnaissance Mission

While I wasn’t a fan on my first trip, I cannot wait to do a little reconnaissance over the next few months. So, what will I be doing in Lima, Peru for the next few months?

Is Lima, Peru a Good Spot For Digital Nomads?

First and foremost, I’ll be scouting out Lima as a digital nomad location. This is my priority for the trip. I want to find out if living in Lima, Peru would be productive and fun for six months a year.

I’ll be hitting the cafes around Miraflores. I’ll check out a few co-working spots. Internet speeds will be tested and cost of living will be determined.

I think Lima, Peru could be a great base for digital expats from November through May each year. I’m going down to confirm this suspicion.

Summertime Weather in Lima, Peru

The weather in Lima, Peru is absolutely horrific during the winter months of May through October.

From June through September, Lima averages 1-2 hours of sunshine a day. The rest of the time it’s grey and cloudy. That’s not fun, especially for someone with slight season affective disorder. Fuck Autumn.

In December through May, Lima is privy to 5-7 hours of sunshine every single day. That’s a pretty big improvement. It’s also warmer by 10-15 degrees Fahrenheit each day.

Daily hours of sunshine in Lima, Peru.

What does this mean? You can go to the beach and swim in the Pacific Ocean from December through April in Lima.

I plan to take full advantage of this. A little surfing is on the docket, along with unwinding on the beach and exploring other parts of Peru while the good weather lasts.

Learn more about Lima, Peru weather here.

Speaking of Traveling…

There’s tons to do in Lima. As Peru’s biggest city, the place boosts fantastic neighborhoods like Miraflores and stunning views. I plan to enjoy the city and do a little tourism, including:

  • Surfing the Pacific
  • Paragliding Over the Ocean
  • Eating World-Class Peruvian Food
  • Checking Out Palomino Island
  • Exploring Panchacamac 

I also plan to explore other parts of Peru. Lima makes an ideal base for a few weekend trips to check out other spots in the country. I plan to take advantage of this, hop on a bus, and check out:

  • Punta Hermosa
  • Huacachina
  • Ballestas Islands

Suffice to say, I’m excited to hit the road and explore. Being cooped up with minor health issues for a bit has left me with a thirst to travel around that cannot be ignored.

Huacachina, Peru.

La Rumba…Ya Tu Sabes

Of course, I’ll be doing a little partying, too. While the legendary club Gotica is gone, I’ll still hit the streets on weekends and see if I can find a spot that plays Spanish trap and allows me to get my perreando on.

After figuring out where the hot spots are, I’ll throw together a detailed report on nightlife in:

  • Miraflores
  • Barranco

Spanish Skills

My Spanish is ok right now, but not as good as it was. I’m rusty after being in the U.S. for a bit. So, I’m looking forward to speaking Spanish every single day and getting a little studying in.

As always, I’ll have my copy of Madrigal’s Magic Keys by my side and make an effort to study 15-20 minutes each day.

Cheapest way to learn Spanish.

Stayin’ Swole

I wouldn’t say I’m swole right now. I’m not in the type of shape I’d like to be due to past health issues. Still, I recently started a new program and plan to gym four days every week.

I need to lose 10-15 pounds, too. That means hitting the gym consistently, walking around a lot, and laying low on the booze.

One thing I’m looking forward to? Body weight workouts overlooking the Pacific Ocean. There’s a great park in Miraflores that’s ideal for pull-ups and push-up with a sea breeze.

Lima, Peru – Round Two…

That’s it. My plan to recon Lima, Peru and find out if the city is ideal for digital nomads and expats.

On paper, I believe it is. But, paper doesn’t matter. I’ll gather intel with boots on the ground and report back here. If Lima is an ideal city for nomads, you’ll find the intel on Nomadic Hustle. And if it’s not, I won’t sugarcoat shit.

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Colin - November 11, 2017

Nothing will make you appreciate that Lima winter like the Lima summer. Consider yourself warned.

Right now it’s nice, December is about perfect. January starts to be too hot, and February and March will make you yearn for the clouds to come back.

Pachacamac is the most important archaeological site, but unless you’re into archaeology I’d skip it for the faster, more restored and more conveniently located Huaca Pucllana. And for more recommendations see my top 10 things to do in Lima (of course, the food is in there!).

    NomadicJake - November 11, 2017

    I’m a hot weather guy. 80s is perfectly fine with me. I’m also super sensitive to sunlight and feel a direct correlation between sunlight and my mood.

    That’s a great tip about the Huaca Pucllana. I’ll make sure to check it out. Solid article, too. Will backlink it in a coming article.

Joe Luger ( - November 12, 2017

Good luck brother. As I’ve mentioned, I was a big fan of Bodytech (there’s a handful of them in Lima), and it’s definitely worth the monthly fee if you can get a discount on Groupon like you said.

As everyone knows, Miraflores and Barranco are legit. I’d imagine you’d get a lot of work done in Lima as well, especially if you can get some work done outside. I’d just be tempted to get the fuck out of there once it hits winter.

By the way, don’t worry too much about your Spanish. The “spaced practice” actually helps you with long term retention and mastery at it once you get back into it. You’ll pick it back up stronger than ever. For a detailed reason why, see this article – particularly in section #3.

    NomadicJake - November 13, 2017

    Great insight, Joe. I think I’m going to join SmartFit, as it’s way closer to my apartment than BodyTech.

    And yeah, winter blows pretty much everywhere, and Lima is no different. But I’m happy to report summer is rolling in right now and the sun is shining in Lima today 🙂

    Regarding the last point, let’s hope so. My Spanish was pretty damn good in Colombia, but I haven’t spoken much for a few months.

Theodore Rollin Anderson - December 1, 2017

Check out to improve your Spanish. If you want any tips let me know.

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