Do you actually hate your day job?

The hype surrounding online business is more than taking off these days.

Make no mistake about it.

Even at the wedding I was attended a few weekends, somebody was running an Amazon FBA business and just starting to turn a profit.



Why are so many people turning to the Internet to make money?

Well, the lure of making cold hard cash online and living a life of pure freedom is too much for many.

But there’s more to it than that. There’s more to it than money, travel, and living a life of choice.

There’s the hatred.

How do I know?

Well, let’s rewind a bit.

Some of you may have heard this one before, but bear with me…

Back in the day, around 5+ years ago, I quit my soul sucking day job with nothing but a few Fiverr gigs under my belt.

I wasn’t really making money online yet, but I did have a little bit of savings.

So I said “F*ck it!” and quit.

Hell, it was an easy decision for me. I didn’t even think twice about it.

Once I realized I could legitimately quit my day job, I did it.

Nothing held me back.

Because I absolutely hated my job – even though the people I worked with were cool and I didn’t mind chilling in the cubicles with them.

I hated selling $15-30K glorified printers.

Being a 22/23 year old copier salesman wasn’t something I gave a damn about.

I generally came close to hitting quota, collected my decent check every couple weeks, and tried to avoid working as much as possible.

Usually would go to the gym for an hour on my lunch break and then eat lunch for an hour too.

As long as I got a couple sales a month, my boss didn’t give a damn. I was still relatively new and moving a few machines. He was happy as a clam.

But I wasn’t.

Which is why I quit as soon as I had the opportunity to.

A few months later, I was traveling Central America with a one-way ticket and a few websites up and running.

I wasn’t making much, but I sure as sh*t was happier than I was working a desk job back home.

My hatred of that desk job fueled my desire to work online.

I knew I had to make it happen. To turn a profit. To avoid selling copiers to school superintendents and old ladies running print shops.

Which brings me back to you…

Do you actually hate your day job?

Does the sound of that alarm clock going off every morning signal the start of another day in personal purgatory for you?

Because that’s exactly what it felt like for me.

I wasn’t in hell, but I was far from happiness.

Quitting was a no-brainer for me.

If you absolutely hate your job, there’s millions of ways to make cash online.

These days you have all the opportunity in the world to earn money from your computer – without a job or boss.

But this blog isn’t about telling you to quit.


It’s about making sure you know what you’re doing before pulling that trigger.

Unless you absolutely hate your day job, you’re far better off building scalable online businesses part-time – while you continue collecting your paycheck.

Then once you’ve damn near replaced your paycheck from online profits, you can decide to quit or keep going.

This is the “smart” way to do things. To start building your online empire.

But it’s not the only way…

For me, quitting was the best damn thing I’ve ever done.

I knew I was far more interested in traveling to Cuba than screwing around with settings on a glorified printer.

I made the right choice.

Will you?


P.S: If you’re just starting to build a business online, this stuff helps. Te lo juro.

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