Does CBD Oil Work? An Honest Breakdown

Does CBD oil work? Well, that depends on who you ask.

I’m no doctor, but…

I like to experiment.

Try new things.

Test stuff out.

Curiosity often gets the best of this cat.

It’s one of the reasons I love traveling around Latin America so much.

The constant search for new experience, memories, and new places.

Just living life as one big experiment.

And I’d be willing to bet…

You’re somewhat similar.

There’s probably an underlying reason you’re interested in learning more about the benefits of CBD oil and what this miracle substance can do for you.

You’re curious, too.

You’re always looking to improve and optimize.

To learn and to experiment.

If that sounds like you, then keep on reading. I’ll break things down. Does CBD oil work?

Plus, a whole hell of a lot more.

If not, no worries.

But before we dive too deep in the CBD oil ocean, I’ve gotta lay on thing on you. What’s that?

My disclaimer:

Not surprising whatsoever, but I’m not a doctor. Certainly not a lawyer. This is not medical or legal advice. This article on “does CBD oil work” is purely for entertainment purposes. Always consult a medical professional before consuming any type of supplement. Oh, and read my disclaimer.

The best CBD oil I’ve found.

What is CBD Oil? A Beginner’s Guide

Before we dive too deep into whether CBD oil works or not, we need to know a little bit about what the supplement is and why people take it.

So, let’s start with the basics…

CBD stands for cannabidiol – a naturally-occurring part of an industrial hemp palnt.

Hemp plants are also known as cannabis sativa. These plants contain 104 different chemical compounds.

Cannabidiol, aka CBD, is simply on of the compounds found throughout a hemp plany (Source).

While CBD is one of 104 chemicals found in hemp, it’s certainly not just “one of the guys” – CBD offers vast healing abilities.

Not only that, CBD is the most abundant non-psychoactive cannabinoid that’s found in hemp.

Aka this is the most abundant chemical that won’t get you high.

But why do people rave about CBD oil so much?

Well, that’s due to all the beneficial effects CBD offers the human body.

The benefits of CBD for individuals seeking a natural sleep aid or anxiety relief or even pain relief without pharmaceuticals.

The supplement offers numerous benefits without any of the side effects of prescription drugs or the mind-altering effects of marijuana.

Now that we’ve talked a little about what CBD is, let’s take a look at the oil side of things.

For most high-quality CBD oil products, the chemical is extracted from a cannabis plant and then diluted with an oil.

Popular CBD oil bases include coconut oil or hemp seed oil.

Inside holistic healing and wellness circles, CBD oil has been popular for years. Now, multiple studies are starting to show the vast benefits of taking CBD oil for numerous problems, including things like (Source):

  • Insomnia
  • Withdraw Symptoms
  • Depression
  • Acne
  • Chronic Pain
  • Anxiety

Does CBD Oil Work?

Now that we know exactly what CBD oil, let’s get back to the question at hand.

Does CBD oil work? Like for real?


I’ve been testing out this CBD oil.

I legit knew nothing about the product a little more than a few months ago, but was convinced to give the stuff a shot.

And I’m glad I did.


Because the stuff works.

In more ways than one.

In fact, CBD oil has well exceeded my wildest expectations.

No hype.

The stuff has dramatically improved my sleep.

I fall asleep faster.

Stay asleep longer.

Wake up feeling energized and recharged.

Seriously, I’ve never gotten this good of sleep in my entire life. CBD oil has been a game changer.

If improving sleep quality is something you’re interested in, I couldn’t recommend CBD oil enough.

But the supplement offers far more benefits than just sleep. CBD can treat a wide range of ailments.

The stuff offers many other benefits, like:

  • Reduced Chronic Aches and Pains:

Due to years in the gym and playing way too much basketball as a young buck, I’ve got a few aches and pains throughout the ole’ body. Chronic ones.

I take a few supplements to help with them, but CBD oil has changed the game for me when it comes to pain management. Two droppers at night and I wake up virtually painless the following morning. A welcome change.

  • Mental Relaxation:

I’m a “Type-A” kind of guy. If you hadn’t noticed. As such, a little stress and anxiety isn’t uncommon. Nothing I can’t handle, but my mind sometimes can’t stop “thinking” and relax.

With CBD oil, these minor stressors and anxiety go away. The mind is calm, cool, and collected. Focused on tasks at hand and not worried about what might happen.


Those are the three main benefits of CBD oil for me personally.

  • Great sleep.
  • Pain reduction.
  • Relaxing. No anxiety.

Benefits that I’ve found exceptionally valuable over the last few months.

Benefits that have made recovering from knee surgery as quick and painless as humanly possible.

Suffice to say, I’ve been impressed.

Does CBD oil work?

For me personally…

The answer is a resounding:


How Long Does It Take For CBD Oil to Work?

There’s no exact answer to this question.

How long it takes for CBD oil to “work” depends on things like:

  • Your condition
  • The symptoms you’re treating
  • The oil you’re using
  • How long you’ve been suffering
  • You definition of “working”

For example, if you’ve had chronic back pain for 2+ years…

Then it could take a month or two to feel the pain relieving effects of CBD oil.

Although, some may notice instant relief after a few days.

It all depends on the condition, symptoms, and you. There’s no right or wrong answer here.

CBD oil works for many people, but it’s not an end all, be all for some.

When talking about things like chronic pain, CBD oil will help eliminate symptoms. It’s still an individuals job to find what’s been causing the pain.

CBD oil can only mask the pain. You still have to find ways to further heal the body.

I’m a huge fan of CBD oil and have found the supplement incredibly useful, but it’s no magic potion.

To get a little more specific, CBD oil should improve sleep quality within 0-3 days. Those effects should be damn near instant.

CBD oil should offer a mentally calming effect almost instantly.

However, for healing injuries and completely eliminating chronic pain, you’ll need to use CBD oil for weeks or months to notice a huge difference.

For minor aches, the relief should be seen within the first week of taking CBD oil

Does CBD Oil Work? An Honest Breakdown

Welp, that about does it.

My honest-to-God take on the question…

Does CBD oil work?

For this strappingly handsome vagabond, the answer is a resounding – YES!

I’ve found great benefits taking CBD oil.

You might too.

If you’re looking to try out CBD oil, this is my favorite brand!

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