Gringo Lingo Podcast, Episode #06: General Latin America Musings and Mazatlan, Mexico First Impressions


If you’ve been living in Latin America for a while, you’ve probably heard about some crazy stuff going on lately.

Hell, you’ve probably witnessed enough of it yourself during your time down south.

When shit hits the proverbial fan in Latin America, it’s not a pretty sight. Lives change. Some end.

Why do we visit? Or choose to live down here?

The region offers sex appeal like no other. From stunning beaches to sultry women and insane adventure – but that sometimes comes at a cost.

In this podcast, I break down when going gringo goes wrong. I’m talking times when travels take a turn for the worst.

Then I break down where I’m currently living – Mazatlan, Mexico. A beach city that’s dubbed one of the most dangerous cities in the world.

Check yourself or wreck yourself right here:


…And that’s all she wrote. Well, all I said. If you’re a Latin America fan, you might dig it. If not, no worries. Just be yourself. Make it do what it do.

Until next time,

Nomadic Jake

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