• Pure gold:

    “Don’t let your blogging ego get in the way of building a profitable brand. Focus on building your brand and your income at the same time. It’s possible with a proper content strategy and consistent work.”

    To answer your questions: At the moment I’m writing a book while putting out more content to build up traffic. Once you have a solution it is your duty to give it to the people.

    • NomadicJake

      Thanks, brother! Those book pre-sales are pure gold, too. Keep hustling. I can’t wait to check out the masterpiece.

      • I’m planning on dropping it officially in August. Can’t wait to put Think and Go Hustle out either.

        • NomadicJake

          Give the people what they want!

  • I agree with Dylan below, pure gold.

    The level of honesty here is admirable and I hope readers see that as a sign of trust with them.

    I am new on the blogging scene and loving it so far. I would like to achieve what you seek as well – to be growing an audience while making money doing it. This line of thinking is the best of both worlds I believe.

    This is something a lot more bloggers need to read in order to get them in the right state of mind. I shall be sharing it to spread the word.

    • NomadicJake

      Appreciate the sharing, broski! I think you hit things spot on with building trust. That’s a huge factor while blogging.

      Best of luck growing your site and making cash. I’ll be staying up to date with your site and progress.

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