How to Get High On Music

How to get high on music? Kind of an odd post. I know. Some of you may find this article a bit autistic in nature. Others will dig it. Honestly, that’s fine. Just be yourself. Do what you do. Because I’m gonna make it do what it do, baby.

If you want to increase productivity levels – stick with me.

When getting high is the topic, most minds start to focus on the negatives. Pre-teens smoking pot in their parent’s basement. Or a junkie shooting China white in a back alley. Cocaine bumps off keys in a nightclub bathroom. Wait, what’s wrong with that last one?! Kidding. I think. Yeah.

Don’t Hate the Player, Hate the Game

See, drugs get a bad rap in mainstream media. Parents don’t want their kids smoking pot, rolling on molly, or snorting anything. This makes sense. Drugs can really fuck someone up, especially when you start using at such a young age. People die. Lives destroyed. (P.S.: There are new drugs out there that enhance can improve your life.)

But what if you could get “high” without the drugs? What if you could alter your state without consuming anything? After a few years working from my computer, I’ve found a way to do just that. I’ve figured out how to get high without any drugs. And it’s marvelous when trying to increase your productivity levels. Once I learned how to get high on music, I started making more money and getting more things done. The results were almost instant.

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High on life.

While I refer to this hack as getting “high” on music, many others have other names for it:

  • In the Zone
  • Hypnotized
  • Flow State

How to Get High On Music

So how do you get high on music? First, let’s define high. According to some stoner forum, it means:

“…to be free-minded, to see things as they are meant to be seen. It gives me an incredible ability to think and feel naturally and fully, without overlooking anything and enjoying every minute of it.”

And while this definition certainly isn’t scientific, we can work with it. If we loosely define getting high as something similar to the above, then it’s entirely possible to get high on music. Really, really high. Here’s how you can do just that with just one of your favorite jams:

  • Select a Song

Pick just one. But not just any song. No. The song you choose must be high energy and positive. When you play this one song, you should feel a rush of energy throughout your body. The song you pick should immediately boost your state. You have to FEEL this song. The song you select should immediately give you energy and put you in a positive mood.

I try to avoid anything with lyrics I can easily memorize. If you start repeating the lyrics in your head, you’ll lose a little focus. You lose a little of your high. That’s not what we want. We want to be fully engulfed in our work. We want to feel in the moment and completely into our work. We want to get high on the music.

Some of my favorite songs when I want to get high on the music or hypnotize myself include:

I like a little EDM/House/Trap (whatever you want to call it), reggaeton, and a little hip-hop. If you prefer something else, then give it a go. Just like drug consumption is personal, getting high on the music is all about you – and how you feel while listening.

  • Play It Over & Over

Turn your one song on and continually play it. Seriously, just keep playing your one song. Don’t stop. Put your headphones in and play that one song the whole day. Maybe you need 3-4 hours to do your homework. Maybe you need 7-8 hours to finish all your freelance work for the day. Maybe you need to sit in front of your computer screen for hours on end until you finish coding a new site. It doesn’t matter what you’re doing; you can increase your productivity with just one song. Just play it all day.

If you have it saved on your computer, you’ll be able to put it on repeat. I usually just use The site has always worked well for me, and I like to be able to see how many times I listened to my song at the end of the day.

One day at the office.

One day at the office.

When Should You Use the Music?

Now that you know how to get high on music, you may be curious when you should use this life hack to boost productivity. Honestly, you can use this trick anytime you want to increase productivity or creativity. Some of the best times to do so include:

  • Homework
  • Freelance work
  • Coding
  • Creating a new product
  • Writing a killer blog post

Anytime you need to be productive, you can use the music. I’ve found this hack works amazingly well when you need high levels of thinking and creativity, but it also works well when you need to complete mindless, tedious tasks. As you’ll be “high” on the music, the mindless tasks you usually dread will be more enjoyable.

2 Quick Tips

Learning how to get high on the music is great on its own. You can amplify the “high” by using a few of these quick tips while continually replaying your one song:

  • Coffee is Key: Who doesn’t like coffee? On its own, coffee will help increase focus and improve your productivity. Still, it’s easy to get distracted when the caffeine wears off. And drinking coffee never makes mindless tasks more enjoyable. Combined strong coffee with your one song and I promise you’ll hit your flow state faster than you ever thought possible. I like to down a few cups of this coffee while using the music.
  • Be Around Others: This could be personal, but I’ve found being around others is another way to increase energy and productivity. Go to the coffee shop. Go to the library. Go to the co-working space. Being in the presence of others gives you energy to feed off of. Combine that energy with your one song and some strong coffee to ensure flow state hits you faster than ever before.

How to Get High On Music – Overall 

This post about how to get high on music may seem odd – until you try it. Just try getting “high” in the music once. Go to the coffee shop, order your favorite drink, put in your headphones, and play one song for the whole day. I promise your productivity and creativity will improve.

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