How to Repurpose Content For Fun and Profit

If you’re curious how to repurpose content for fun and profit, well, you’re in the right spot.

I talk about repurposing content often…


Because it’s essential for content creators to do just that.

Sure, ideas are infinite.

And we should never, ever run out of them.

However, in any given moment, we only have a finite number of ideas.

We may find new ones every damn day.

But in a certain moment, a period of time, we may only have so many ideas to share with the world.

Ideas that offer value.

Learning and living take time. These things don’t just happen.

As such, it’s common to occasionally run out of things to say. Nearly every creator has to step back and take a break every once in a while.

That’s simply human nature.

But, as someone who makes a living sharing idea after idea online, not sharing and creating can stall growth.

And growth often equates to money.

So, how do we continually grow even when we run out of things to say temporarily?

Well, that’s simple.

How to Repurpose Content For Fun and Profit

Let’s look at an example…

I’m at the beach here in Mexico.

I’m enjoying much needed time with family after traveling around Mexico for four straight months.

My days are filled with relaxing on the beach and snorkeling in the Caribbean.

Life is good.

And I’m not taxing my brain too hard here.

I’m not working day in and day out. This is a vacation.

I’m not creating at my normal pace.

Luckily, it’s not a big deal. Money is still coming in day after day.


Well, passive income.

Plus, I’m still creating a little bit each day.

I’m still putting content out there – even if that content is repurposed ideas I’ve talked about before.

For example, today I posted a blog article called:

–> How to Make Passive Income Online with One Simple, Straightforward Step

The info in that article came from two emails I sent out last week.

If you’ve been on my list, you probably know which ones I’m talking about…

  • How to Take the First Step Towards Generating Passive Income
  • How to Make Money Online By Writing Words That Sell

I took these two emails and combined them into a blog article.

Then I did a little keyword research.

And Bam!

A long-form blog article popped out.

Took me about 30 minutes in total to reformat, add photos, and do SEO.

If the article hits with the search engines, it’ll get around 1,000 views a month and probably generate $250+ USD each and every month for a year or two.

If not, I only spent half an hour publishing it.

Oh, and the article you’re reading right now…

This bad boy was originally a tweet that I turned into an email.

And finally, the blog post you’re reading right now.

Why Content Creators Should Repurpose Content

If you’re a content creator, you MUST repackage and repurpose content these days.

Your audience wants to hear from you.

They want that cold, hard content delivered straight to their inbox, Twitter feed, or wherever. Every damn day. Or week.

Whenever. Whatever.

No matter how you slice it, you need to stay on their radar.

You’ve gotta give the people what they want!

Whether that be…

–> Tweets into Emails

–> Emails into Blog Posts

–> Blog Posts into YouTube Tutorials

The list could go on and on.

I’m confident you get my point.

Repurpose content = Passive income = Palm trees

A Beginner’s Guide to Repurposing Content

Now, this topic is exceptionally simple.

If you create content, repurposing content should be part of your business model.

It’s a no-brainer these days. Seriously. Plus, it’s easy.

Here’s how you do it:

  • Create a List of Ideas: Type out a list of your best 20+ ideas, articles, videos, etc. What are you an expert on? How can you help people?
  • Select Platforms: Now, look at the platforms you’d like to grow on. Blogs, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Email List – so on and so forth.
  • The Execution: Now, we’ll combine your list of ideas with the platforms you want to grow. Each one of your ideas from the list above can be used on each platform.
  • An Example: So, let’s say you want to teach people about the importance of building a website. So, you put out a Twitter thread on the topic. You detail a dozen reasons why people need a website. Then you turn that thread into an email for your list. The email gets turned into a blog post after you do a little search engine optimization. Then you turn the content into a YouTube video where you use screen-shares to build a website in real-time.

Pretty simple, right?

Well, then…

Let’s Get Started

But what if you’re not a creator?

What if you don’t have anything to repurpose right now?


What the hell are you waiting on?

Do you need someone’s permission to create? To add value to the world?

If you’ve got functioning fingers and a cup of coffee or three – you can create shit on the ole’ interwebs.

Something that will make you money. The opportunities are endless…

But no matter what you’re going to do.

No matter how you’re going to make money online.

No matter how you’re going to create.

You need to do one thing…

Not harping on it. Just stating facts.

You need a website.

And, I’ve got some great news.

Today is still the best time EVER to start building income generating assets on the Internet.

~ Just click here to start building an asset that makes you real money on the interwebs ~

While there are no guarantees in this world, I promise you one thing…

You won’t regret building a website that makes you money.

Passive income is wonderful, y’all.

And learning how to repurpose content for fun and profit makes it easier than ever before.

Until next time,
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