Is Freelance Writing a Good Way to Fund Your Travels?

Damn near everybody and they mama talking about online business lately.

Hell, most of them have even been harping on a similar idea too.

What’s that?

Build one skill.

One measly skill set.

That’s all you need to succeed in this day and age.


I’ve had that for years.


Content writing. Copywriting. SEO.

World-class? Probably not.

But I’ve been “professionally” writing for nearly four years now.

Getting paid for the words I type on a screen day in and day out.

Yet even though I had a skillset, I didn’t have any money.

Broke as a joke.

Making a few thousand a month while frolicking around Latin America like a functioning alcoholic with a Tinder addiction.

The worst part was I loved it.

I craved not working.

I’d get my work done as quick as possible each week.

Often, I’d pop a Modafinil on a Monday morning and work 12+ hours straight.

Then not work the next 4-5 days.

Hell, there were times when I didn’t even open my computer for 72+ hours.

I just wanted to hit the gym, down some booze, date, and mate.

Take a few pictures for Instagram while enjoying a little tourism.

Then do it all over again.

Crumbling Havana, Cuba.

Is Freelance Writing a Good Way to Fund Your Travels?

For many looking to make money online, traveling might be their main motivation behind building a business.

I know it was for me.

I didn’t have much interest in building online assets a few years back.

But I had an interest in traveling around Latin America and maximizing my life experiences.

You might be in a similar place.

Stuck in a job you hate.

Looking to make some money on the Internet and live abroad for a few years.

Just looking to get a taste of the good life.

There’s nothing wrong with that – especially when you’re in the 18-28 years old age bracket.


Is freelance writing ideal for you?

Is it worth investing a few months into becoming a content writer?

Learning how to write web copy?

In my honest opinion, yes.

If you have no online skills and want to make real money ASAP while building a true skill, then freelance writing is one hell of a way to do it.

But you have to do it the right way.

Aka don’t do what I did.

No way, Jose!

If you’re going to build a freelance writing business, you need to do a few things from the jump.

You need to understand how the game works and how to position yourself.

6 Freelance Writing Tips to Make More Cash

If you’re ready to hit the road and need to make money writing, here’s a few tips that will make your life much easier.

And your bank account much fatter.

Things like…

  • Build Your Skill Set

Before you leave, start building your skill set.

Head over to and print out dozens of old-school sales letters.

Hand-write these letters 30-minutes per day for two months.

This is paramount to becoming a better writer.

A better copywriter.

Aka someone who charges damn good rates for their words.

  • Write More

What else is paramount to becoming a better writer?

Writing more.

Once you start getting clients, you’ll be writing more than you ever thought possible.

But until then, you’ll have to sharpen your skills in other ways.

Personally, I recommend starting a blog or niche site.

Write 500-words every damn day on this site.

Create reviews, write about things you know, talk about your experiences, look into SEO, work on formatting, etc.

Nearly everyone I’ve met who has made real money online once wrote every single day.

  • Sales is Life

Copywriting is sales.

And sales is life.

Understanding sales is paramount to finding great freelance clients.

Writing professional proposals, sending proper samples, prompt replies, and more all play a role in the sales process of a freelancer.

There’s a lot more to it, but I’ll say this…

Don’t be afraid to pitch your services on social media.

Don’t be afraid to pick up the phone and call small businesses.

If you’re just sending proposals on Upwork, you’re in for a world of hurt.

By hurt, I mean price gauging by third-world drones willing to do horrific things for a few measly dollars.

  • Come Prepared

Before you start sending proposals and making sales calls, you need to come prepared.

You need professionally written, edited, and formatted samples in a variety of niches.

Anyone and everyone willing to hire you will want to see your samples before sending you work.

So come prepared.

Spend a week writing 5-10 great sample articles and sales letters.

Then start selling your services.

  • Always Raise Your Rates

This was my biggest mistake as a freelance writer.

Probably why I became obsessed with creating purely passive income.

I’d write for the same client for years.

They’d send me work week after week, but I’d never raise my rates.

I was charging the same prices I did 18 months ago – even though my writing had vastly improved.


Unless one client is paying all of your bills, aka you’re making a full-time income from them…

Never be afraid to raise your rates.

If they stop sending you work, so be it.

There’s millions of companies that need writers these days.

And finding a good one is like pulling teeth.


Content writing should be $0.06-0.20 per word.

If you’re not getting paid those levels, it’s time to raise your rates.

Copywriting is a whole different ballgame.

Good copywriters command $500-5,000 per sales letter.

  • Be Professional

Finally, just be professional.

Writers tend to be an unprofessional bunch.

Missed deadlines.

Forgetting to edit their copy while trying to make a deadline.

You get the picture.

If you can offer professionalism as a traveling writer, you’ll be so far ahead of the pack.

Trust me, I’ve been hiring writers for the past three months and have not been impressed with most of them.

Views in Vinales, Cuba.

Freelance Writing and Travel

While freelancing gets sh*t on from time to time around this corner of the web, it’s a great way to start making money online.

Especially if you want to travel.

If you want to live that digital nomad lifestyle and taste a little freedom.

But do things right.

Build a real skill set.

Raise your rates.

Offer a modicum of professionalism.

If you can do those things, freelance writing is one hell of a way to generate income from your computer.

Que te vaya bien,
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Great read my man. Definitely motivated me to keep writing everyday.

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