How to Make Memories in the Coming Year

I’m a junkie.

An addict.

Legit can’t get enough of life on the road.

As unproductive as it is, I need the adventure.

The energy that comes from continual movement.

From exploring the unknown.

From seeing places, people, and things I’ve never witnessed before.

Hell, I’d even take a misaligned adventure over monotony.

Like this one time in Bogota…

We’d bought bottles the night before.


Way too many.

The idea of mating weighing heavy on our minds as morning rolled in and the reggaeton blared.

You’d be surprised how easily an augmented arse with a pretty smile gets you to keep opening ye wallet.

Actually, it’s not surprising at all.

But lady luck wasn’t on me side that evening.

I woke up the next morning feeling like someone slapped my upside the head with a two-by-four.

A hangover from hell welcomed me.

And the whole mating thing…no dice.

But plans had been made the night before, so I rolled my ass out of bed.

Met my buddies for lunch.

Grabbed an Uber to check out a lake and nature reserve two hours to the north.

The ride was far from pleasant.

Three highly hungover bros crammed in an Uber for hours on end.

But eventually we made it to the reserve.

Only to be tolled the spot was closed to the public past two in the afternoon on Sundays.

Fookin’ great!

I dragged my ass out of bed for this. For a four-hour roundtrip Uber ride.

Alas, luck wasn’t on our side.

But the best was to be made.

We found a rogue goat and messed around with it.

Took some photos of the countryside.

We frolicked around like idiots on this patch of farmland and enjoyed ourselves.

Hungover as hell.

Pissed that we couldn’t go to the lake.

But cracking jokes and talking shit while attempting to get an Insta-worthy photo.

And surprisingly, we ended up having a damn good time.

It sure as shit beat laying in my bed watching Netflix all damn day.

Nursing a hangover while waiting for the Rappi driver to bring me food and anti-inflammatories.

Misadventure beats, monotony, y’all.

It’s always better to make some memories than nah.

Te lo juro. 

How to Embrace Adventure in the Coming Year

Now the above isn’t that exciting of a tale.

I get that.

It’s not like the time I got robbed in Mexico.

But the point still stands…

Always better to be in motion than standing still.

Always better to embrace adventure than sit on the sidelines.

With that in mind, let’s talk the coming year.

Let’s talk about you.

What are your plans?

What do you plan to do?

Is the coming year the time you’ll finally make some memories that’ll last a lifetime?

You should.

Because I know one thing.

I sure as shit plan to make a few of my own.

For example…

In February, I’m doing something I’ve never done before.

I going to be in five different countries over the course of one week.

Mexico. USA. Bahamas. Haiti. Jamaica.

It’s going to be a whirlwind.

Truly a crazy trip.

Shit might just pop off.

But it’ll also be on hell of a time too.

Then I’m headed down to Patagonia with a buddy to hike for a couple months.

Get away from the city and embrace nature for two full months.

Breathe that fresh air and eat Argentinian steaks after hiking all damn day.

I can’t wait.

It’s going to be one hell of an adventure.

Oh, and planning something special for my Dad for Christmas.

There’s one country he always talks about wanting to visit.

About wanting to buy property in.

About how if shit ever hits the fan in the USA…that’s where he wants to move.

So me and my moms booked him a trip there.

Will be interesting to see how the old man takes to International travel outside of the Mayan Rivera.

It’s looking like we’ll hit up Easter Island together – which should be insane.

Make Some Memories, Y’all

This is going to sound corny as hell.

But life is short.

You’re going to die, bruh.

Don’t waste all your time nursing hangovers while sitting in a fookin’ cubicle all week.

Get out of your comfort zone and live ya best life.

Make some memories with friends and family.

Do something.


Hell, tell me about it too.

Sound off in the comments and let me know what’s up with you in the coming year.

What plans you have.

How you plan to make some got damn memories.

Let me know.

Oh, and last but not least…

I’ll leave ya with this to marinate on:

“How many men stand on a balcony and wonder what happened? He wanted adventure, and he got two weeks’ vacation. He wanted a mission, and he got a lawn that needs mowing. He wanted purpose, and he got a cubicle. He wanted a mighty steed, and he got a minivan. He wanted a castle, and he got a mortgage. He wanted a battle to fight, and he got televised sports. He wanted wisdom, and he got talking heads on TV. He wanted treasure, and he got endless debt. He wanted every part of his life to be wonderful, and here he is… standing on a balcony, in bleak, ruminating hesitation.”

– Zan Perrion

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