Modafinil For Depression: From Smart Drug to Wonder Treatment?

Personally, I have never used Modafinil for depression. I am not suffering from crippling depression or anxiety. As such, I’m more of a traditional nootropic user.

I use Modafinil when I’m looking for cognitive benefits like:

  • Heightened Focus
  • Increased Productivity
  • 12-14 Hours of Concentration
  • Increased Overall Cognition

If I want to work 12+ hours in a single day while increasing my hourly output, I’ll take 200 mg of Modalert and get down to work. In my opinion, Modafinil is the world’s best smart drug.

Others have found the pharmaceutical drug to offer a wide variety of benefits. Some have used Modafinil for weight loss. Others have found the drug ideal when battling jet lag.

Some prefer to use Modafinil for depression. What does this mean? Modafinil has been found to be an effective additional treatment when suffering from depression and/or anxiety.

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P.S: I am not a doctor or lawyer. This is not legal or medical advice. This article is for entertainment. Always consult a medical professional before you consume any pharmaceutical drug or smart drug. 

The Science Behind Modafinil and Depression

Now, I’m not the expert on Modafinil and depression. I won’t claim to be. As I’ve said, I use Modafinil as a smart drug or study drug.

However, many others use Modafinil as a treatment for depression. Why? Because it apparently works.

Plus, I’m not talking straight anecdotal evidence, either. There’s been mounting scientific evidence that the smart drug offers anti-depressant type benefits in certain situations.

For example, the University of Cambridge conducted a study in 2013 to determine if Modafinil offered benefits to those suffering from depression when taken in-conjunction with antidepressants.

The results were surprising, to say the least. One of the lead researchers, Professor Barbara Sahakian, found that (Source):

“Modafinil has actions on a number of neurotransmitter systems. This may explain why adding it to traditional anti-depressants, such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors, has beneficial effects on the symptoms experienced by depressed patients.”

And that’s not all. Furthermore, another researcher from a local college, Professor Cynthia Fu, concluded that (Source):

“This is good news for individuals struggling to fight depression. Depression affects all aspects of life, leading to occupational and social disability at varying levels. It is particularly important that people receive effective treatment as the residual symptoms — e.g. fatigue, lack of concentration etc. — can persist and have a negative impact in people’s lives.”

Now, I had to dumb down all the “science talk” a bit myself. But once I did, the general idea was this…

When someone is suffering from depression and traditional antidepressants aren’t doing their jobs, adding Modafinil to the mix can offer significant benefits to them and help battle the depression.

One reason Modafinil for depression may be so beneficial revolves around the cognitive symptoms of depression. For example, many suffering from depression have trouble:

  • Remembering things
  • Staying focused
  • Making quick decisions
  • Processing things quickly

Generally, depression can impair cognitive function and make those suffering feel like they’re mentally sluggish (Source).

With Modafinil, these type issues go away. Why? Because Modafinil offers a plethora of cognitive benefits. Modafinil helps your mind stay sharp, even when depression creeps in.

Finally, Modafinil is not a stimulant and is non-addictive. Thus, adding the pharmaceutical drug to an antidepressant is fairly low-risk, too.

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What Others Are Saying? 

Now that we’ve gone over the science, let’s dive into the anecdotal evidence and see what others around the Internet are saying. With a quick Google search, it’s easy to see that many have benefited from taking Modafinil for depression.

For example, one Reddit user exclaims (Source):

As a person with depression, Modafinil has been an absolute God-send.This drug completely over rides the fatigue caused by depression. Basic daily tasks no longer feel like running a marathon! A mild stimulant with no potential for abuse is what I’ve been looking for my entire life.

Another Reddit user offered similar sentiments about Modafinil’s off-label uses (Source):

I got a prescription for it for depression. It’s an off-label use but not entirely unheard of. It’s fantastic, energy & mood lightening effects without all the shitty brain-numbing side effects other antidepressants gave me. It doesn’t make me feel like a zombie or like my brain is swimming in syrup. And I don’t have to addict myself to it then slowly taper off it over two months if I want to stop it. And if I lose my insurance or can’t afford the co-pay on time, I don’t get crippling, brain melting withdrawal for missing a dose. Modafinil is the only drug that has done me any good at all.

And these are just two examples of individuals using Modafinil for depression. There’s dozens more plastered all over the Internet. Suffice to say, Modafinil may have another off-label use – treating depression

Now, before you do anything, please do note that I’m not a doctor. While I’ve already said it, I want to reiterate. This is not medical advice. Always consult with your medical professional before you begin any type of treatment for depression.

Modafinil For Depression: From Smart Drug to Wonder Treatment?

Can taking Modafinil for depression be considered a wonder treatment? Is this Modafinil’s best off-label use?

Well, the only thing you can do is try it out and see if taking Modafinil to treat depression helps your symptoms. For many people, the cognitive problems and fatigue of depression go away when they take Modafinil.

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