Modafinil Vs. Red Focus: Can Over-the-Counter Smart Drugs Compete?

I’ve been a fan of Modafinil for years now. While I have no intention of switching my preferred nootropic, I’m always on the lookout for ways to switch it up.

So when Red Focus by Red Supplements came out, I was intrigued. I quickly grabbed a bottle and awaited arrival. While I certainly didn’t expect the smart drug to compete with Modafinil, I planned to test it out on my off days.

And that’s what I did. I try to limit my smart drug usage due to side effects and lifestyle. Modafinil is a 1-3 times a week nootropic for me. So I decided to try Red Focus once a week.

P.S: I’m certainly not a doctor and this is certainly not medical advice. Always consult with a medical professional before consuming any pharmaceutical drugs or supplements. 

Modafinil Vs. Red Focus: Can Over-the-Counter Smart Drugs Compete?

Overall, I’m glad I gave Red Focus a try. It’s a wonderful, 100% legal change of pace from Modafinil. The nootropic does some great things, but it’s no Modafinil – as I believe Modafinil is still the best nootropic out there.

So let’s dive in and compare Modafinil vs. Red Focus:

Benefits of Red Focus

Improved Cognition, Focus, & Energy

For an over-the-counter smart drug, Red Focus is tough to beat. Combining the smart drug with a cup of Red Coffee produces Modafinil-like effects.

I felt more focused, my mind was in superdrive, and I felt energized after taking the nootropic. To say the least, I was impressed how potent the over-the-counter nootropic was.

If you’re new to the world of smart drugs and looking to get started with something you will definitely “feel’ – Red Focus is a great beginners nootropic.

100% Legal

Buying Modafinil and consuming it without a prescription is technically illegal. Now, the government has much bigger fish to fry – so it’s not a huge deal. You won’t be going to jail for buying a little Modafinil from India and personally consuming it.

But the fact remains that Modafinil is illegal. Red Focus is 100% legal and over-the-counter. You can buy the smart drug in the United States without any issues.

If the legalities of Modafinil have scared you away, then Red Focus will offer you an amazing Modafinil alternative.

No “Come Down” Effect

Make no mistake about it – Modafinil is a pharmaceutical grade drug that is quite powerful. The Modafinil hangover is real, especially with repeated use. To put it simply, coming down from Modafinil can be difficult. Just getting to sleep can be tough, and you don’t wake up feeling like a million bucks often after using Provigil.

Red Focus is a much smoother, or even softer smart drug. There’s no “hangover” effect after using the nootropic. You can take Red Focus in the morning and have no issues getting to sleep at night. Then you wake up feeling amazing the next day.

More Than a Cup of Coffee

If you’re like me, taking Modafinil every day isn’t an option. I love the nootropic, but it’s strong. My mind needs to rest a bit. But…I still want to be productive every day.

There are days when just a cup of coffee or two will do. Other days I want a little more than coffee, but a little less than Modafinil. That’s where Red Focus really shines!

This over-the-counter smart drug is the perfect mix of more than a cup of coffee, but less than a pharmaceutical drug. If you need improved cognition and focus for 5-8 hours, Red Focus is ideal.

Downside of Red Focus

Not as Powerful

If you’re looking for as much brain power as you can handle, Modafinil is what you want. It’s really powerful. Red Focus just isn’t as powerful as Modafinil.

I wouldn’t recommend Red Focus when you want to work for 10-12 hours straight at high levels. It’s more of a 5-8 hour half-life kind of smart drug.

Not Cheap

Red Focus isn’t overly expensive, but it’s not cheap, either. You’ll pay a little over $2 per serving of the smart drug. For the value and chance of pace the nootropic offers, the price is worthwhile for me. However, there are cheaper smart drugs on the market.

Benefits of Modafinil

Huge Cognition Boost

Modafinil is the premier smart drug on the market for one reason: it works really well. If you respond to Modafinil, you’ll end up with 10-12 hours of pure focus and improved cognition when you take this “Limitless” pill.

Put simply, the only drug that competes with Modafinil is Adderal. And the side effects of Adderall are just not worth it.

For most, Modafinil is the absolute best nootropic on the market. You’ll see increased focus, cognition, and productivity any and every day you take it.

Great For All-Nighters & Hangovers

It’s damn near impossible to sleep when taking Modafinil. As such, the smart drug is ideal for pulling all-nighters or recovering from a hangover. In both situations, the nootropic will allow you to stay focus – even when your mind is tired, and you need to sleep.

In certain situations, like above, Modafinil simply cannot be beaten. There’s no better way to stay productive when hungover than popping 200 mg of Modafinil.

Improved Mood

Often, I enjoy taking Modafinil on days when I have a lot of busy work. While Modafinil isn’t ideal for creative endeavors, it’s amazing when you need to bust out 6,000 words on iPhone repair for a client.

You’ll actually enjoy doing mundane tasks while using the smart drug, as there’s a slightly elevated mood that stems from Modafinil usage.

Downsides of Modafinil

It’s Illegal

Modafinil is a pharmaceutical drug used to combat narcolepsy, shift sleep disorder, and sleep apnea. If you don’t have a prescription for the smart drug, it’s technically illegal to use.

However, in practice, no one gets in trouble for consuming Modafinil as a smart drug.

Side Effects

I didn’t notice any side effects with Red Focus. There are a few small side effects with Modafinil, especially if you’re using the nootropic on a consistent basis.

For most, the side effects of Modafinil are marginal. If you plan to test out the smart drug, take note of any side effects. Most users find the huge cognitive benefits outweigh the small side effects.

Modafinil Vs. Red Focus: The Verdict

I’m a huge fan of Modafinil and Red Focus has quickly grown on me. Along with Alpha Brain, it’s my favorite Modafinil alternative. Luckily, you don’t have to choose Modafinil or Red Focus. You can use both!

I recommend using Modafinil as your horsepower. When you need to crush 12 hours of work, Modafinil is the only choice. When you need a little more than a cup of coffee but still want to sleep before midnight – use Red Focus.

Ideally, one could take Modafinil 1-2 times a week and Red Focus 1-2 times a week.

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