One Simple Travel Tip to Improve Your Life Each Day

You’ll find travel tips of all shapes and sizes online. From how to book apartments to why you shouldn’t book anything to packing tips – if you want advice about long-term traveling, you can find it online. There’s a bevy of information on any topic you can think of.

Some of the tips are basic. Pack as light as possible. Or stay in this neighborhood. Other tips can be in-depth and occasionally confusing. Most of the advice I see online never covers one of the most important aspects of traveling, visiting new cities, enjoying new experiences, and meeting new people. They miss this one simple travel tip every time.

Improve Your Life With One Travel Tip

My simple travel tip is so basic you’ll never guess. If it were a snake, it’d bite you. See, my tip involves something every single one of us does on a daily basis. Ready for it?

Walk more.

Yeah, that’s it. That’s my one simple travel tip to improve your life each and every day. Groundbreaking, right? Before you roll your eyes and exit out of this browser, hear me out.

Walking more for communism.

Walking more for communism.

Walking around is the absolute best way to absorb a new city. And every time we take a taxi or the bus, we give up a chance to experience more of the new locale we find ourself in.

When I find myself in a new city, there’s a good chance I’ll walk 2-4 miles per day for the first couple weeks. I want to learn more about the city. I want to explore. I want to find the nooks and crannies that aren’t in any guidebooks. I want to find my own personal adventure in the city.

P.S.: Make sure to take safety into account. Many cities have areas that are not safe to walk around, especially at night. 

Why Walk More?

Walking around a city has immense benefits. I remember when I suggested we taxi to a different bar while in Santo Domingo with my friend. He laughed, “What? It’s only 20 minutes, and I’m from London. That’s not taxi distance.” I reluctantly agreed to a night of walking instead of taxis. We trekked all over the city that night, and while I was wasted, I woke up without a hangover.

Outside of eliminating hangovers, a few of the benefits of walking more include:

  • Great Exercise: You’ll find it’s easy to lose weight or stay lean when walking a lot. I rarely have to do cardio while traveling because I walk so much. Walking is great for the body and mind. By walking more, you’ll improve your health and physique.
  • Unique Experiences: By walking more, you’re sure to find cool gyms, coffee shops, restaurants, and bars you would have never known about had you caught a cab or bus. Instead of having the cookie-cutter experience your guidebook lays out, you’ll get to know a city on a deeper level and have a unique experience.
  • Meet More People: Walking around all the time also gives you the chance to play the “dumb tourist card” often. You’ll have more opportunities to interact with locals the more you walk around. This often adds to the unique nature of your travel experience in a city.

How to Walk More

While it’s easy to walk a lot when you’re brand new in a city, you’ll eventually find yourself in a routine, especially if you work online. Routines are great, but they often lead to travelers staying in one small nook of a city.

Walking more led me to bae.

Walking more led me to bae.

So I found a way to enjoy the productivity benefits found from routine while still walking a lot. Typically, I’ll find an apartment that’s within a few minutes walking of a coffee shop and a gym. The convenience of walking a minute or two to hit the gym or get some work done is nice. But I don’t walk much when I have this type of set up.

Often, I’ll find my days spent within a small radius, and I struggle to get out. Instead, don’t optimize things as stringently. Join the gym that’s a kilometer or two away from your apartment instead of a few blocks away. This ensures you’ll get out of your little neighborhood and have the opportunity to walk more.

Go to new coffee shops that take a few extra minutes to reach. Make a concerted effort to walk a couple of miles every day by tweaking your routine and spreading out a bit.

Walking More & Your Travel Experience

Walking around more while you’re traveling is the one surefire way to ensure you have a unique time in a city. By building a couple of miles of walking into your daily routine, your life on the road will be better. I guarantee it.

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