Controlled Labs Orange Triad Review: Best Men’s Multivitamin Available?

It was noticeable. The effects. Hell, it’s why I’m writing this Controlled Labs Orange Triad review.

See, I’d been in Colombia for nearly three months and my couple bottles of Orange Triad were gone. My joints were feeling solid, but I had two weeks to go before I headed back to the States and stocked up on vitamins.

The first week wasn’t too shabby. I was able to make some progress in the gym without worrying too much about joint pain, but the second week was a different story.

It was leg day and I wanted to hit leg press. High reps, decent weight. Nothing crazy. Two sets into the workout I felt a tweak.

Not correlated. 

The pain wasn’t sharp, but the muscle going down the outside of my right calf was tighter than ever before. The workout was over before it even really began. I don’t fight tweaks these days. I rest and recover.

The slight pain continued the rest of the week. I took some time off training legs and went back home.

My Orange Triad Multivitamins were waiting for me when I arrived. Thanks, Amazon Prime! I immediately began taking three with every single meal.

About a week later, my tweak was gone. I was back doing leg press, running stairs, and hitting box jumps. No issues whatsoever.

Why? Because Controlled Labs Orange Triad Multivitamin is absolutely amazing for joint pain and healing!

Controlled Labs Orange Triad Review: Analysis

Now, I’m not a technical writer or a scientist. I’m just a dude who finds great benefit taking this multivitamin. Still, I want to breakdown the ingredients for you and give you an idea of what you’ll get with this product.

Here’s the ingredients in Controlled Labs Orange Triad Multivitamin:

That’s a lot of ingredients! I’m not going to cover them all, but we’ll look at some of the most important ones and see if there are any studies that support including them in a multivitamin.

So, let’s dive in:

  • Vitamin B: With over 10,000% of the daily recommended Vitamin B per serving, this multivitamin features more Vitamin B than almost any other on the market. Why? Well, the vitamin offers numerous benefits, including increasing energy levels by making it easier to convert proteins and sugars into energy (Source).
  • Vitamin C: 1,000% daily value per serving of Vitamin C offers athletes improved muscle growth and overall tissue repair. If your Vitamin C levels are suboptimal, you could have a weakened immune system and slower recovery times (Source).
  • Vitamin D: This is one of the most important vitamins and minerals for weight lifters and active individuals. There is a near direct correlation between adequate Vitamin D levels and optimally functioning muscles (Source). Orange Triad contains 500% of the suggested daily value of Vitamin D per serving.
  • Joint Complex: Now we’re getting to the good stuff. Lifting weights and playing sports can take a toll on your joints over the years. Orange Triad Multivitamin addresses this with a potent “Joint Complex” that features Glucosamine Sulfate and Chondroitin Sulfate. These supplements have been shown to offer numerous benefits to the joints (Source).
  • Flex Complex: Another huge benefit for those taking this multivitamin is the “Flex Complex” that’s included. The complex contains ingredients that have been proven to lower inflammation, like Bromelain (Source), and improve joint health, like Hyaluronic Acid (Source).
  • Boron: Many males are deficient in Boron these days. Modern diets simply don’t contain enough of this trace mineral. Orange Triad Multivitamin strives to solve this issue by including Boron, which plays a huge role in testosterone production (Source).
  • Iodine: Another mineral the modern diet is often lacking is Iodine. While too much Iodine can cause issue, many suffer from thyroid issues due to a lack of the Iodine (Source). Orange Triad Multivitamin offers 100% of the recommend daily value of Iodine.

Benefits of Controlled Labs Orange Triad Multivitamin

Now, the multivitamin contains so much more than the ingredients listed above. Those are just a few I found that most athletes, especially males, can benefit from.

Personally, I saw noticeable benefits in a few ways after taking this supplement. Here are the benefits I got from this multivitamin:

~ Amazing For Joint Pain

Honestly, if you’re a weight lifter or athlete looking to get rid of nagging injuries and reduce joint pain, there’s not a better multivitamin on the market.

Controlled Labs Orange Triad Multivitamin was specifically designed to eliminate joint pain and help the body heal. If you want to improve recovery times and lower inflammation, this is the multivitamin for you.

I had amazing success getting rid of joint pain with this product. To my surprise, my body feels noticeably better when I take Orange Triad for a few weeks – compared to when I cycle off for a week or two.

  • The Reason to Buy: If there’s one reason to buy Orange Triad Multivitamin, it’s this! Your body, joints, and muscles will feel better when taking this supplement.

~ Improved Energy Levels

I used to get exhausted after lunch every single day. I’d almost have to take a nap. There was nothing I could do about it.

Then I went and got my vitamin and mineral levels tested. It turned out I was deficient in Vitamin B, which plays a huge role in energy levels. I started supplementing with Vitamin B for awhile. My energy levels, especially in the afternoon, skyrocketed.

Once I started taking Orange Triad Multivitamin, I found my energy levels even higher than when I was supplementing with just Vitamin B. If you’re looking to increase energy throughout the day, I’m confident this multivitamin will help you do just that, and more.

~ Improved Immune System

I just don’t get sick much any longer. I was never prone to illness, but after taking this multivitamin, I found my immune system was stronger than ever before.

With supplements like Vitamin D, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K in strong supply, Orange Triad keeps your immune system in check and helps you fight off minor illnesses. A nice added benefit!

~ Optimal Digestion

I, personally, have not noticed improved digestion simply from taking this multivitamin. With that being said, I’ve never had digestion issues and that would be something that’s harder to notice than reducing joint pain.

Orange Triad Multivitamin offers digestion support in the form of a plethora of digestion aids, including Ginger Root Extract and R-Alpha Lipoic Acid.

The Good Stuff!

Any Downsides?

In my opinion, no product is perfect – especially a nutritional supplement making bold claims. Controlled Labs Orange Triad Multivitamin is no different.

While I’m a huge fan of this product, I did noticed a few downsides. Here they are:

  • Large Pills: I take a lot of supplements, so I didn’t think these pills were too big. They’ve actually gotten a little smaller from a few years back. However, others have referred to this multivitamin as “Horse Pills” after trying them out. They’re not that big, but if you struggle taking pills then this may not be the best product for you.
  • Not the Cheapest: You can get 45 daily servings of Orange Triad for less than $1/day on Amazon. That’s a pretty good deal to me. However, you can get a six-month supply of cheaper multivitamins for this exact same price. So, they’re certainly not the cheapest on the market.

My Ideal Orange Triad Dosage 

You’ll have to tweak your Orange Triad dosage to find what’s ideal for you. While nutritional labels present daily values as a one size fits all type of things, they’re not!

For example, a 130 lb. female yoga instructor probably doesn’t have the same Vitamin D needs as a 250 lb. linebacker.

The suggested Orange Triad dosage is six pills a day. You take three pills with breakfast and another three with dinner. That’s one serving. A bottle of Orange Triad has 270 pills in it, or 45 days.

I’m 5’11” and weigh 205 lb. I eat two meals a day following an intermittent fasting protocol. I take three Orange Triad capsules with each meal.

If I recently tweaked something in the gym, I bump my Orange Triad dosage to four pills with each meal.

Controlled Labs Orange Triad Review: Best Men’s Multivitamin Available?

I wouldn’t waste time writing this Controlled Labs Orange Triad review if I didn’t think this was one of the best men’s multivitamin supplement available.

In fact, this is one of my favorite supplements of all time. If you’re a natural athlete and weight lifter, do your joints and body a favor. Grab a bottle of Orange Triad Multivitamins and reduce inflammation like never before!

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