Rocket Spanish Review: Best Language Learning Course or Waste of Money?

This Rocket Spanish review was created by my buddy Dave, who used the course to improve his Spanish while living in Spain. 

“But your Spanish is terrible!”

The words echoed through the classroom. They all stared at me – the teacher. I had been teaching English at this language school in Madrid for 6 months and I had just told the class that my finance was Spanish.

That’s when one female student blurted out her disbelief:

“How could I be engaged to a native speaker but know zero Spanish?”

At first, I didn’t know what to say. I tried keeping my expression neutral but I couldn’t. I turned away, but then everybody on the other side of the room saw the shame and embarrassment on my face.

Spanish people have a refreshing way of saying what’s on their mind – no PC filter. But it still stung.

It stung because I knew it was true. I was living in Spain, engaged to a local, and yet I couldn’t even order a coffee in Spanish.

It pained me, but I had to admit my own laziness. I thought by living in the country I would “pick up” the local language. I thought I didn’t need to study.

Sadly, I was wrong. My lack of Spanish was obvious to everyone – not least my outspoken student.

So, I decided to do something about it. I’d had enough of sitting back and waiting for Spanish to magically install itself into my brain. I wasn’t going to rely on my fiancee to translate for me anymore either.

So I signed up for some classes at a local school. But, I saw that it would get expensive if I wanted to stick with learning Spanish long-term.

Then I started looking online. I read a Rocket Spanish review that was positive and signed up for a free trial.

The rest is history. Well, not quite. In a minute, I’ll tell you about the next time I saw the brutally honest student a few months later.

First, let me give you my straight up, unvarnished review of Rocket Spanish.

What Is Rocket Spanish?

Rocket Spanish is one of the more famous language learning courses around. You must have heard of them – they market all over the internet. Why?

Because they believe in the quality of their products. Rocket Languages believes that you will improve your Spanish if you take their course.

They also offer courses in other languages: French, Italian, Chinese, Arabic, English, etc. But Rocket Spanish is by far the most popular.

There are also tons of reviews of Rocket Spanish all over the web. Before I get to mine, a bit more info about what you get when you sign up.

The course is all online. But you can order the CD’s from the website if you prefer the security of owning the course, holding it in your hands, and knowing nobody can take it away from you.

I mainly used the online access because I liked how easy it was to navigate the members’ area dashboard. But I also downloaded the audio and PDF files to study when I was on the bus or at the gym. That way I turned lost time, commuting or pounding the treadmill at the gym, into Spanish language learning time.

Rocket Languages also offer mobile app versions – both on Android and iOS. I used the Rocket Spanish app every night on my iPad as I drifted off to sleep every night.

Rocket Spanish has three levels, taking you from zero Spanish to advanced. Each level is broken into modules that each tackle parts of the Spanish Language. Below is the structure of every module:

Audio Lessons:

34 sessions, all lasting about 15-20 minutes each. Two native speakers roleplay an everyday conversation in Spanish. While talking, they break down the dialogue and explain what is going one for the listener. They explain the grammar points of Spanish in plain English.

This is the meat & potatoes of the course. Every audio lesson is divided into specific sections:

  • Hear It & Say It – practice your listening comprehension and speaking
  • Write It – improves your written Spanish
  • Know It – Quizzes and tests to see if you can translate from Spanish to English and English to Spanish
  • Flash Cards – “See it” and drill any vocabulary you might have trouble remembering

Language & Culture:

Explaining the mechanics of how Spanish works. Personally, this section was one of the biggest benefits of the Rocket Spanish course for me, which included:

  • Survival Kit – These are the language tools you’ll need when you are on vacation – the 300 most used words in Spanish, words for body parts, etc.
  • My Tools – Any notes you make throughout the course. For example, vocab you need to revise, your own flashcard deck, and a forum where you can ask questions to other Spanish learners or teachers.
  • Active Forum – I asked new questions whenever I had a doubt and I got answers straight away.

Inside the survival kit, you’ll also find helpful tips on mindset, time management, study styles, etc. It’s like having access to a blog of language learning tips.

Motivation & Accountability

Like Duolingo has done, Rocket Spanish have tried to “gamify” the language learning process. As you move through the Rocket Spanish course, you win points, rise up the leaderboard, and get a badge when you complete levels.

I’m not much of a gamer but the “current streak” calendar kept me motivated like crazy. I didn’t want to break my streak so I logged in every day to study a bit – it helped me build the daily habit of studying Spanish.

My Experience with Rocket Spanish Language Learning Course

When I started studying the Rocket Spanish Course, I flew through the first few modules. I had already been living in Spain so I knew stuff like greetings, how to say my name, and so on.

But then the difficulty picked up and I had to start paying attention. I went from knowing how to say my name and nothing else to having intermediate conversations, no philosophy or politics, in less than 6 months after starting the course.


I was never once bored learning with Rocket Spanish. The conversations in the audio section I can see myself having in real life. And the lessons are short enough to engage my short attention span.

Once I finished all three levels of Rocket Spanish, I had a strong base. After that, I decided to carry on learning by taking private lessons.

But for the eight months I used Rocket Spanish, the course gave me a structure, and a plan to follow every day.

Most importantly, Rocket Spanish taught me how to use the language in my day-to-day life, not just from as a student.

Rocket Spanish Review: Amazing Way to Learn or Scam?

I was so impressed with the course, I decided to sit down to write a straight-from-the-gut Rocket Spanish review. Let’s dive in:

Pros Of Rocket Spanish

The course caters to all learning styles: audio, visual, etc. Of course, no language learning program can be tailored to individuals. But Rocket Languages do their best to cover your favorite way of learning.

I’m an audio learner. So I like the fact that I can jump in and become the second person in the conversation, rather than being a passive listener of the audio,

We all know that the best way to learn a language is to practice with real people. But if you’re not ready to jump into the deep end just yet, role-playing by joining in the conversations in the audio section of Rocket Spanish is the closest thing to it.

I love the fact that the course is all online. That means I don’t have to download any software to my computer. All I do is go the Rocket Languages website, log in with my username and password. Once in, I get to my personal dashboard with all my progress and notes saved from my last visit.

When you compare how much content and learning you get for the price, the Rocket Spanish course is outstanding value for money.

Most of all, I liked that I only had to pay once. I hate being locked into any monthly payments. Once you’ve paid, the course is yours for life. And believe me, Rocket Spanish has enough material to keep you busy studying for years.

The life access proved useful for me when I moved to Mexico three years after I left Spain. By then I had forgotten a lot of my Spanish. So I logged back into my Rocket Spanish online portal and got back up to speed before I landed in Mexico City.

Cons of Rocket Spanish

No review of Rocket Spanish would be complete without some ideas for improvements, so here are a few of mine:

The Rocket Record software. This is when you record your pronunciation of a word and the software reviews your pronunciation. It then gives you a score and suggests improvement if you need it.

I like the idea: learning a language solo, you never know how good your accent is. You need feedback. No, you need feedback from a real human being. The Rocket record software graded all my pronunciation as perfect. Yet I know that my Spanish accent is far from perfect.

One other minor drawback to the course is that they only teach Latin American Spanish. Spanish speakers from all around the world will understand each other and all accents are mutually intelligible.

But my Latin American Spanish accent did cause a few problems for me in Spain when I used words they don’t use in Castilian Spanish.

Rocket Spanish could address this by pointing out, at intervals, the different words that are used in Latin America and in Spain.

Rocket Spanish Review: Best Language Learning Course or Waste of Money?

If you’re thinking of investing in your learning after reading this Rocket Spanish review, rest assured – the course is comprehensive. You don’t just get a few PDF’s and an ebook – you get a full course with all types of multimedia.

And if you’re considering other popular Spanish learning courses…

You’ll find the vocabulary in Rocket Spanish much more relevant than Rosetta Stone’s “immersion” method, for example.

If after buying, you feel that the Rocket Spanish course isn’t for you, you’ve got 60 days to tear it apart before you ask for your money back.

They make it easy to get a refund, too. Just look how many ways there are to contact them on the site.

If you’re still on the fence, sign up for Rocket Languages’ free trial and test drive the course for a few days. Then you’ll know if they have something for you. You won’t have lost anything, and you’ll know a few more Spanish words.

That’s my review of Rocket Spanish. But before I go, I have to tell you about the next time I saw the student who said my Spanish sucked.

Well, eight months after I was called out for my poor Spanish, I saw the brutally honest student on her graduation day. I said hi, congratulated her on her grades, and asked what she was going to do next in her life…

All in perfect Spanish. She was gobsmacked. Baffled. Hell, she was impressed.

That’s it. My full, in-depth Rocket Spanish review. Buena suerte y adios!

P.S: Click here to get your free Rocket Spanish trail today! No strings attached.

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