Routine Writing: The WordPress Plugin For Professional Bloggers

I’d never paid for a WordPress plugin before Routine Writing. Sure, I’ve bought themes and such. Never a plugin, though. Honestly, I didn’t even know there was such a thing. Most plugins are free. But like everything in life – you get what you pay for. 

Routine Writing is the only WordPress plugin professional bloggers will ever need to buy to:

  • Develop daily writing habits
  • Boost productivity
  • Increase word count
  • Stay focused & motivated

…and ultimately – make more money from your blog!

How to Gamify Writing

Writing isn’t easy. Don’t let anyone fool you. The guise of working from your laptop around the world isn’t what it seems. You see pictures of laptops on the beach. The reality is most people work from their kitchen table in a crummy apartment writing for hours on end.

routine writing logoIn order to produce 2,000-8,000 words every single day, you need to find a few “hacks” here and there. No normal human can produce over 30,000 words in a week, especially when focusing on quality. It’s just not feasible for most of us. If you can easily crank out 5,000 or more words every single day, then color me impressed.

For the rest of us, we need to find ways to boost productivity. We need to find ways to increase the number of words we pump out. We need to find ways to make more money online. This is where Routine Writing comes into play. This WordPress plugin for writers effectively “hacks” into your daily writing goal.

Routine Writing gamifies your writing. The WordPress plugin helps turn you into the Pavlov’s dog of writers. Inside the plugin, you’re able to:

  • Set a daily writing goal.
  • Monitor your progress every day.
  • Analyze your daily, weekly, and monthly stats.
  • Hit your goals and keep the streak alive.

Each and every day you hit your goal, you’ll receive a “star” notification in your WordPress dashboard. You’ll instantly see how many days in a row you’ve hit your writing goal. With each day you reach your goal, the incentive to continue pumping out content and hitting your goal will grow. Soon you’ll be licking your chops to get producing every day.

Competition fuels all of our fires, and there’s nothing like competing with yourself every day to reach your blogging goals.

Not Just a Grind

There’s nothing wrong with putting your head to the grindstone and pumping out content. All serious bloggers have to do just that at some point. However, that’s not a sustainable strategy.

routine writing preview

You need to develop successful habits that ensure your blog grows. Habits not only allow you to consistently grow your site, but they let the professional blogger focus more on creating great content – than worrying about what needs to get done.

Personally, I’ve spent too much time planning things out in the past. Instead of just focusing my mental energy on creating. With Routine Writing, I’ve gotten back to focusing on the creative process of writing and less on overthinking my plans. This WordPress plugin is a “set it and forget it” type of thing for professional bloggers, and an incredibly useful one at that!

Routine Writing: The WordPress Plugin For Professional Bloggers

If you’re a professional blogger, then there’s no reason not to grab this WordPress plugin. Your creativity will skyrocket. Your production will go through the roof. And your blog will grow faster than ever before. What do you have to lose?

Take things to the next level. Get your copy of Routine Writing here. 

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