The 23 Best Business Blogs For Young Hustlers To Learn From

If you work online, you know how hard it can be to find great information about hustling. People don’t like giving away their secrets to making more dough. Major business blogs or sites like Forbes or Business Insider typically don’t cover topics like building your personal brand, A/B testing, and the like.

Thus, you’re left to scour the web looking for information to your online business problems. So I decided to do the homework for you. I’ve researched a list of the best business blogs for young hustlers to learn from. As always, this list isn’t extensive. I’m sure I’ve missed many great online business blogs. These are just some of my favorites.

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The 23 Best Business Blogs For Young Hustlers

So here are the 23 best business blogs for young hustlers to learn from (in no particular order):

30 Days to X

Rob puts out some of the best advice available for young people working online. Being that he’s young and successful, every single tip he gives come from firsthand experience. If you follow only one business blog about working online, 30 Days to X should be it. The site is that good. You won’t find better information about writing on the web anywhere.

Must Read Articles From 30 Days to X:

Sean Ogle

Sean Ogle is a true online business guru – and certainly more than your average online business blog. The man has created content and a community that have helped thousands of people make a lot of money online. If you’re looking for step-by-step blueprints and actionable online business advice, his site is worth studying.

Must Read Posts From Sean Ogle:

Danger & Play

Mike has been writing on the web for over a decade now. The man has created numerous successful website, a highly-rated podcast, a best-selling book, and much more. To say he knows what he’s doing would be an understatement. While Danger & Play has evolved into a political machine as of late, some of Mike’s best work still includes his brand building and mindset stuff.

Must Read Posts From Danger & Play:

straight cash 1

Revolutionary Lifestyle Design

Revolutionary Lifestyle Design is the brainchild of Will Freeman. If you’re looking for practical knowledge from a success online entrepreneur, look no further. Some of the absolute best online business advice I’ve ever read comes from this site. You could just browse his “Money” section and be further ahead in the game than 90% of people out there. Highly recommended, especially if you’ve read some of the autistic mainstream shit out there.

Must Read Pieces From Revolutionary Lifestyle Design:

Red Pill Reviews

James went from starting a niche site about supplements to managing a full-scale authority site and creating products in under one year. And this is one of the few business blogs ran by someone who isn’t even 20 yet! His networking skills are next level and his business acumen through the roof. If you want to learn how to grow your online business rapidly from day one, then start learning from Red Pill Reviews.

Must Read Articles From Red Pill Reviews:

Johnny FD

I wrote about Johnny FD a little bit in a post the other day. Not only does Johnny run an incredibly successful business while traveling, he gives you all the details you need to do the same. If you want to see a transformation from broke guy to ballin’ out entrepreneur, then Johnny’s site should provide you all the information you’ve ever needed.

Must Read Posts From Johnny FD:

Maverick Traveler

James is another entrepreneur and blogger I wrote about in my travel post. While his travel content and cultural commentary are next level, his business posts are quite alright, as well. Maverick Traveler has some of the best articles about what types of online businesses to build and how to utilize third-world countries to grow your operations.

Must Read Articles From Maverick Traveler: 

Wall Street Playboys

They don’t produce much, but I read Wall Street Playboys on a consistent basis for one reason. The site is like that coach who keeps telling you that you suck ass. That you’re worthless. Then one day you wake up, and a full-ride scholarship offer is on its way to your mailbox. Your goals are absolutely nothing, a cakewalk to these guys, but the motivation provided from their business blog is endless. I’m not afraid to say some of their stuff is still over my head, but I do hope they put out a book soon.

Must Read Posts From Wall Street Playboys:

Jamie McSloy

If you’re looking for more information on copywriting and creating online income streams, Jamie McSloy produces some of the best information available. Personally, I’ve found his information about writing while tired to be invaluable. As far as business blogs go, Jamie produces more content than most, too.

Must Read Articles From Jamie McSloy:

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Bold & Determined

Victor Pride has been producing heat about making cash online for ages. He’s one of the original blog artists and provides some of the best motivational content for entrepreneurs available online. If you’re just starting out, Victor’s advice and writing is a must. Read it. Devour the information. Then act.

Must Read Posts From Bold & Determined:

Calm and Collected 

Dylan is fresh on the scene, and a young hustler in his own right. He’s still working and churning out content – on his way to success. Personally, I dig Dylan’s writing on Calm and Collected because he’s authentic and details his struggles and successes. As one of the online business blogs that seems to be taking off, I expect a lot more great content from Dylan.

Must Read Posts From Calm and Collected:

Dare & Conquer

The information found on Dare & Conquer is some of the best you’ll find on the web. For a young hustler, he’s already found his path and paved his way. His writing is refined and in-depth. If you didn’t know Damian’s age, you’d speculate he’d been working online for a decade or so. If you’re already making cash online, Damian’s post could help you make a lot more.

Must Read Posts From Dare & Conquer:

Good Looking Loser

Chris from Good Looking Loser has been producing the some of the best content on the web for years now. And it’s not just about business. Most of the content from Good Looking Loser has nothing to do with making money online. However, the business blogs Chris has created are absolute gold. So I included him on this list.

Must Read Pieces From Good Looking Loser:


Tropical MBA

Fun fact: the first time I ever heard about anyone making money online was on the Tropical MBA Podcast. I was baffled that people were living in Southeast Asia and building insanely profitable companies. Dan and the Tropical MBA crew haven’t slowed down over the years. Tropical MBA is still producing the award-winning podcast and strong blog content.

Must Read From Tropical MBA:

Smart Passive Income

I’ll admit I don’t follow Pat Flynn as much as I should, but the motivation from his online business success is hard to deny. Anyone who cranks nearly $150K a month in passive income knows exactly what he’s talking about. You’ll find information on almost every type of online business on Smart Passive Income. 

Must Read Posts From Pat Flynn:

Seth Rose Life

Seth Rose is another young hustler that’s starting to build great businesses online. He’s found success building niche sites and freelancing. I dig that almost all of the business blogs on Seth’s site offer actionable advice that will help you add dollars to your income.

Must Read Pieces From Seth Rose Life:

Inertia Will Hurt Ya

When I first saw Alex’s site, I thought it was just a general content site filled with shit advice about online business and other topics. Then I dug a little deeper. And I was impressed. Really impressed. Inertia Will Hurt Ya produces some of the best content for guys looking to make a buck on the Internet. If you’re a young hustler, highly recommended.

Must Read Posts From Inertia Will Hurt Ya:

Cody McKibben

Cody was big on lifestyle design before it was even cool. Thrilling Heroics has been discussing travel and making cash online for years now. You’ll find some great information about creating an online business and living a life of travel from Cody.

Must Read Blogs From Thrilling Heroics: 

This Is Trouble

While This Is Trouble’s main focus isn’t always making money, Kyle has put out some killer information on making cash online. Plus, I know the dude is working hard each and every day to develop numerous income streams. You can expect more hustling information from him coming soon.

Must Read Posts From This Is Trouble:


Alex Mangini

Any young hustler that creates and sells his WordPress themes and plugins is someone to keep an eye out. Alex Mangini does just that and more. One of his themes, Marketers Delight, looks pretty solid, and I may have to give it a try shortly. You can learn more about his business at Kolakube. 

Must Read From Alex Mangini:

James Altucher

World-famous author and one heck of a blogger, James Altucher produces some of the best content on the planet. It doesn’t matter where you are in life, you can find immense value in his writing. Whether you work online or off, check Altucher’s stuff out.

Must Read Posts From James Altucher:

Gabe Johansson

I really dig Gabe’s content. He lays everything on the table and tells you exactly what worked for him, and what didn’t. His commitment to vlogging every day is damn near insane, but he did it. And even though it didn’t get him the results he wanted, the lessons are sure to help him find success in the future.

Must Read Pieces From Gabe Johansson:

Grant Cardone

I typically don’t like the big-timers in the make money arena online, especially in the sales niche. I find most of the advice too general, and motivation isn’t one of my issues. Grant Cardone is different. If you need one sales guru to follow, this dude is legit. His sales advice will ensure you make more cash.

Must Reads From Grant Cardone:

The 23 Best Business Blogs For Young Hustlers

Whether you’re looking for detailed online business blogs or good ole’ fashion money making tips, you’ll find the websites above sure to help you. And this list isn’t exhaustive by any means. I’m sure I missed a few. If you know of any other online business blogs to follow, sound off in the comments. If they’re good, I’ll add them to the list.

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