Update #2: The Two Articles Per Day Challenge

Focus. It’s easy to achieve your goals when you have focus. When you don’t, it all goes to shit. Well, some of it.

My health is my priority right now. I’m working hard to pump out content on content on content. But other things take time, too.

Going in for X-rays and MRIs takes time. Calling doctors. Scheduling appointments. Swiping credit cards. It all adds up. And quickly.

I could be back in the game in less than a month. It could take the rest of the year. The fear of the unknown is strong right now.

But I can’t let the unknown lead to inaction. I must keep producing. It’s not an option.

The Struggle Bus

I hit the struggle bus a little bit last week. I didn’t produce the type of content I should have on this website. I didn’t keep up with my freelance work. I didn’t stay organized.

One bad day often leads to another. And then another. They add up quickly. And next thing you know – you’re in a little funk.

F*ck the funk. Just gotta put your head to the grindstone and keep going. So that’s the plan.

Push through. Focus on the positive. Focus on achieving my cash flow goals while I continue to chip away at getting healthy.

Pain is temporary. Being lazy can lead to a wasted life. And that’s not an option these days.

Week Two Results

While I’m beating myself up a little for missing a few posts, it wasn’t all bad. Week two of the challenge still saw blog growth.

I still put out a total (including this article) of 11 articles in the last week. While that’s three short of my weekly goal, it’s still pretty good.

We gonna get to 700! So again, not all bad. Just not good enough.

Top Posts

Over the second week of my challenge, a few articles were popular. Not as popular as my “best…” series including others, but still well received. A few of these pieces include:

Keep On Keeping On

I’ve got multiple doctor visits over the next week or so, and I’m headed to California for a little workcation and beach time. But I’m pushing to keep posting two times every day.

What are you doing this week to push towards achieving your goals? Sound off in the comments. 

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