Video: Cost of Living in Mazatlan, Mexico – A Gringo’s Guide to Zona Dorada

┬┐Que Onda, Wey?

Been living in Mazatlan, Mexico for a few weeks now and I wanted to show y’all a quick tour of my beachfront apartment in the tourist area of Zona Dorada.

Mazatlan doesn’t get a lot of love on the tourist trail and digital nomad scene. Well, it doesn’t get any. That’s because of the cartels, but with a little Spanish speaking ability and some common sense – it’s been doable so far.

Plus, the beaches here are pretty dope! Well, truly amazing actually. If you like the Pacific Ocean and solid waves, this could be a great spot.

While I’ll have a full cost of living in Mazatlan, Mexico post out soon, this video will have to do for now.

So, check out my cost of living in Mazatlan, Mexico video below:


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