Video: When Traveling Goes Awry, Part #1 – Jumped in the World’s Most Dangerous City

¿Que Lo Que, Mi Gente?

Today, we’re talking prison-style shanks in San Salvador, El Salvador.

I’m talking when traveling goes wrong…

Aka when shit hits the fan.

And yeah, I know going to one of the world’s most dangerous cities wasn’t the brightest idea I’ve ever had.

But hey, live and learn. Or live and not get stabbed by gang-bangers in El Salvador.

Either or.

What am I talking about? Well…


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Jake D

Travel junkie turned blogger. Location independent. From the Midwest, but often based in Latin America. Big on beaches, rumba, and rum. Addicted to the gym. Committed to showing a different style of travel - one that involves actually interacting with locals and exploring different cultures.

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Zach Martinez - October 6, 2018

Thanks for the share I remember my bus ride from Nica to Guatemala. El Salvador is no joke. I was kidnapped and robbed in Peru and its crazy the emotions that surge in those moments.

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