Weather in Lima, Peru: The MOST Important Factor

It hit me like a ton of bricks. Near depression while on the road. It didn’t help that the hangovers kept rolling in. I’d wake up around noon feeling horrific – only to find no bright lights to get me out of bed. The weather in Lima, Peru was horrible and the skies were grey all day.

My motivation was at an all-time low.

That Sun!

Sure, the boozing and parties didn’t help. But I’ve done that in dozens of cities. What made it worse in Lima? It was the weather.

See, my first trip to Peru was in August, September, and October. That’s wintertime in Lima, Peru. While the city doesn’t get snow, like many in the US, the weather certainly isn’t optimal.

Sun was so rare in Lima during this time that I remember the few times it did shine.

Hell, my buddy and I went to take pictures and drink protein shakes on the malecon in Miraflores the one sunny day. It was an event!

Why? We hadn’t seen the sun in nearly a month.

Weather in Lima, Peru 101

Fortunately, I learned from my mistake.

I despised the dreary days where it’s damn near impossible to drag my ass out of bed – much less be productive all day long.

I began to hate Lima, Peru and vowed to never go back. But a friend kept saying how much he loved the place.

I was baffled. Normally, we agree on cities. If I like it, he generally does, too. And vice versa. But with Lima, we weren’t seeing eye to eye.

Then the topic of weather in Lima, Peru came up. I began harping about how horrible the weather was. The grey skies, the temperatures, how the city certainly doesn’t have a “tropical” feel to it, etc.

He stopped me, “What months were you in Lima?”

I thought back, ” August through October.”

He laughed, a hearty chuckle to ensure I knew he was mocking me.

Then he went on to explain how I had come to Lima in Wintertime. And winter in Lima meant grey skies and no sun.

Apparently, he would only go in January/February, when there was sun every single day and temperatures in the 70/80s.

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Breaking Down the Weather in Lima, Peru

I made sure to take this advice into account on my second trip to Lima. I wouldn’t be going back in the wintertime.

Before planning my flights, Airbnb, or anything else – I started to research the weather. I got on Google and did my due diligence.

Luckily, that’s pretty easy. Wikipedia has everything you need to know about weather in Lima, Peru:

– Source: Wikipedia

Look at the bottom of that chart. In July, Lima gets less than one hour of sun each day. ONE HOUR!

That means you’re unlikely to see the sun for a whole month – unless you’re literally living outside all day, every day.

It’s truly horrible. Grey, overcast skies every single day.

On the other hand, January offers nearly 180 hours of sunlight. That’s around six hours of sun each day. Not too shabby, and a huge change from dreary July.

Here’s a few other things to consider when thinking about Lima, Peru weather:

  • Rain isn’t an issue. It just doesn’t rain a lot in the city – no matter the month. 
  • Temperatures tend to stay between 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit year around. Temperatures tend to be around 10-15 degrees warmer on average in the summer.  
  • You’ll want a hoodie or coat in Lima during winter. You’ll want some sunscreen in the summer. When the sun is out, it’s strong!
Looking for more Lima, Peru info? This is the best travel guide I’ve found!

Weather in Lima, Peru: The MOST Important Factor

Overall, I’ve grown to love Lima my last trip. If you come during summer, you’ll find a city filled with first-world amenities, friendly people, Pacific Ocean views, and some of the best food in Latin America.

Plus, the weather in Lima, Peru will be ideal during the summer. I’m talking sunny skies and mid-70s every damn day!

Do: Visit or live in Lima from December through April.
Don’t: Come to Lima June through October.

That’s my best advice. Come to Lima during the summer months and enjoy the amazing weather. Avoid this city like the plague during the winter. The dreary skies just aren’t worth it.

P.S: No matter when you come, make sure you learn some Spanish first. Click here to learn how!

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