Should You Write Product Reviews On Your Blog?

Many a new blogger frowns at the thought of using their platform to write product reviews.

You see it all over. People legitimately believe that writing a well thought out review for a product they’ve used or read is below them. People talk about it on Twitter every now and then.

They want to write about personal experiences. They want to talk about adventure. They want to inspire. They want to dive deep into the political sphere. Whatever it is, they don’t want to review products.

Writing a product review with the intention to make cash? They’re too good for that. No, only digital nomads making $1,200 a month would need to steep so low to write product reviews.

It Happened to Me, Too

I’m the same damn way. When I first started this site, I didn’t plan to do a ton of product reviews. I wanted to talk about travel and adventure. I wanted to share stories and make cool videos. Hell, I still do.

I genuinely believed writing reviews was below me. My passive income was under $200 USD a month at one point, yet I was “too good” to waste my time and platform on a review.

My ego as a writer and blogger wouldn’t allow me to make that straight cash, homie. I’ve purposely tried to not post too many reviews here at Nomadic Hustle.

Now, I see the faulty logic behind such ideals. Until you’re making more than $30,000 USD a year in passive income minimum, you should ignore the hell out of your blogging ego.

I plan to become a review writing slut in the next few months. I’ve already begun the process:

Combined with the travel and lifestyle content I actually enjoy producing, I’m positive my income will skyrocket.

But who gives a damn about me? If you’re a blogger, you need to decide if you’ll publish product reviews or not. Will your ego allow you to make money?

Have the “Pros” Done It?

Before I made the decision to consistently review products with the idea to make money from them, I wanted to know if world-famous bloggers had written reviews when they were coming up in the game.

So I did my research. I dug into the archives of famous bloggers from around the web and looked through the first things they produced.

And guess what? Nearly every single blogger that makes a full-time income online also reviewed products. They write product reviews just like you and me. Don’t believe me? Let’s take a look at a few examples:

Victor Pride of has many reviews on his site, including:

Mike Cernovich of is known for his political reporting these days, but he started out blogging about different topics and writing product reviews, including:

Johnny of has made a killing online in a variety of ventures. He also has written some affiliate marketing reviews, including:

One Ideal Example

The pros have done it. Everyone has written a product review here and there. It’s one of the best ways to make money online. If you’re a blogger, you should, too.

Hell, some people have even made a full-time income just writing product reviews on a variety of websites. James, from, is one such individual.

The dude is in high school and makes more than the average college graduate in the United States with a salaried job just by publishing product review online.

Just check out some of his content here and here for an ideal example of a well-written product review.

Better yet – you can find out how he does it by clicking here.

Another Way to Make Money Online

Now, product reviews certainly aren’t the only way to make money from your blog. In fact, I get why many people frown upon the idea. It does feel like you’re whoring out a bit. But whores make money.

My friend Kyle, from, likes to limit his whoring. He’s written nearly 1,000 articles on his main site and I’d venture only 3-5% are product reviews. If that!

Kyle makes most of his completely passive online income from niche sites and creating informational products that help people.

But creating products is a completely different business model that takes a significant amount of time to build up. Kyle’s been doing this for 3-4 years.

For bloggers just starting out, you won’t have the audience needed to make a solid profit off creating products. You’d need a hefty ad spend to begin making money from any product before you’re getting nearly 1,000 page views a day.

Should You Write Product Reviews On Your New Blog?

While there are other ways to make money with a blog, your best bet starting off is to whore yourself out there and write product reviews until the cows come home.

Be ethical about it. Be an ethical whore. Only write about products you use and love. If you can swallow your blogging ego and write product reviews fro a year or so, you’ll soon have enough passive income to live a nice lifestyle in many a third-world country.

And at that point, you can focus on creating whatever type of content your heart desires. Once the passive income is created, you can live how you want and do what you want with your platform. Until then, start writing those reviews.

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Calm and Collected - June 20, 2017

Good point about having a blogging ego. I’ve fallen into that same boat several times. I may just have to let out my inner review slut for a few weeks.

    NomadicJake - June 21, 2017

    There’s nothing wrong with that, man!

Peter - - June 26, 2017

Awesome post Jake!

How wrong this sounds out of context but I can’t wait to whore myself out…
The nitty gritty needs done before you can fully embrace the lifestyle we all want to lead.
New guys starting out definitely need to read this!

    NomadicJake - June 27, 2017


    Thanks for reading and I’m glad you dig the article. Nothing wrong with product reviews whatsoever. We all got bills to pay!

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