Below you’ll find a list of products I use and approve of. Every product listed has been highly beneficial to me:

Smart Drugs:

Modafinil: The best smart drug on the planet. Your productivity will skyrocket. If you haven’t tried it, you’re already behind the competition.

Online Business & Blogging: 

Bluehost: If you’re starting a blog, I highly recommend buying hosting from Bluehost. They do a great job.

Start Dropshipping Stuff: Quite possibly the easiest way to start making money online quickly. And James is an online business genius. Highly recommended.

Noob Niche Site: The absolute easiest way to start building real assets that make you money online. If you’re looking to make your first $100 on the Internet, just buy this program.

Marketer’s Delight Theme: Nomadic Hustle is run on a theme called Marketer’s Delight. If you like the look of this blog, you’ll love it.


Airbnb: 95% of the time I’m on the road I stay in furnished Airbnb apartments. I highly recommend you do the same.

Tortuga Outbreaker: The best travel backpack on the market. The Tortuga Outbreaker allows you to travel light while still bringing everything you need.

Clothes & Gear:

Woolly Merino Wool Henley T-Shirts: Stylish and ideal for travel, you only need two of these to travel for months.

Woolly Merino Wool Tank Top: Another merino wool shirt. I wear this to the gym four times a week. It never stinks.

Merino Wool Travel Socks: Stop packing so many damn socks! A few pair of merino wool socks is all you need.

Outlier Travel Pants: If wearing the same pair of pants every day appeals to you, then these are for you. They look stylish as hell, too.

Health & Fitness:

Tart Cherry Juice: This is the BEST product to reduce inflammation that you can get without a prescription. Highly recommended.

Beet Elite Pre-Workout: The premier caffeine-free pre-workout on the market. Recommend for staying lean and increased vascularity.

Magnesium Oil: Ideal for improving sleep and offering on-the-spot joint pain relief.

Trigger Point Foam Roller: I’m a huge fan of foam rolling, and this roller is absolutely ideal for bringing on the road.

Manduka eKO Superlite Travel Yoga Mat: If you plan to do a little yoga while traveling, this is the mat for you.