Cartagena Nightlife | The 11 Best Bars and Clubs in 2022

Cartagena nightlife is well known for a damn good reason… There’s a lot to love about the rumba in this Caribbean beach city. Famed for its enchanting colonial-era edifices, beautiful palm-fringed beaches, and marvelous world-class museums, Cartegena’s is the jewel of Colombia’s tourism tiara. Case in point: The buzzing Caribbean destination reels in 3 million […]


Colombia For Digital Nomads | Top 5 Hotspots

Colombia for digital nomads. A country known for Pablo Escobar, salsa dancing, stunning women, and other “cosas” — most believe Colombia isn’t an ideal place to build an online business from. They’d be wrong. The reality? Colombia is one of the premier countries to build and grow an online business from in Latin America. The […]


Medellin, Colombia…Surprisingly Awesome

Location: Parque Lleras in Medellin, Colombia Home to plentiful prepagos, copious amounts of cocaine, and gringos galore. We strolled into the club 8+ dudes deep around 1 a.m. on our first Saturday night in the city — accompanied by a “concierge” that came included with the penthouse we rented on Airbnb. This spot was his […]


Crashing Cars on the Caribbean Coast of Colombia

Ever since I first hit the road, I’ve had a thing for shitholes — aka small, undeveloped towns in the middle of some developing Latin American country. But when I say “shithole” here, I say it as a term of endearment. I love these type of places, cities, towns. Why? Because small shithole towns are […]


Medellin Nightlife | 11 Best Bars and Clubs in 2022

Interested in a little Medellin nightlife? You’re in the right spot, jefe. If you’ve found yourself in the “City of Eternal Spring” currently… ¡Bienvenidos! In your first day or two, you’ll suss out the city sights, cruise up and down the cable car, and join one of those cheesy Pablo Escobar tours. So what else […]

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