A Gringo’s Guide to Bogota Nightlife

I’ve said it many times before. Bogota nightlife  is the best in Latin America.

Nowhere I’ve been comes even close to competing. There’s nothing like Zona T in any other city I’ve been in the region.

Sure, Medellin has Parque Lleras – but that’s a gringo trap and prepago-infested shithole. Not a fan. At all.

Zona Colonial has some fun nightlife in Santo Domingo, but there’s maybe 15% of the people there as there is in Zona T.

Panama City has some fun high-end spots, but they’re all spread out. Lima, Peru nightlife can be a damn good time, but I’d still take Bogota over the Peruvian capital.

While I haven’t been to Brazil, I can’t imagine anywhere else competing.

My Brazilian friend has been giving me the inside scoop and from what he says – Bogota definitely takes the cake from a nightlife point of view.

But enough of me fluff.

Let’s dig in. Everything you need to know about partying in Bogota, Colombia can be found below.

I’m talking:

And so much more, jefe.

Te lo juro.

If any of those specific sections are of interest to ya, then simply click the link above and you’ll be taken there.

For the whole enchilada, err bandeja paisa, simply keep reading.


It’s time to dig into the party scene in Zona T and find out what it’s really like to go out in the capital of Colombia.


What’s So Great About Nightlife in Bogota?

So why is the nightlife in Bogota so fun?

Why should a gringo with a penchant for partying head here for a little rumba?

That’s easy!

P.S: This article only covers nightlife in Zona T. 

Because the best nightlife in Latin America is found right here in Bogota.

Ya tu sabes.

Other than that, here are a few things to know about going out in Zona T before we talk about the top spots:

  • Go Out On Payday

The weekends on or after the 15th and the 31st are always insane here. You’ll find 3X as many people out on these nights compared to others. When Bogotanos have money, they love to party. I schedule my partying around paydays in Bogota.

  • Zona T is Huge

You’d literally need six months to a year to check out every single spot. And you’d only do that if you were a legit alcoholic. Each night I go out I hear about a new place or check one out. It’s almost impossible to run out of different bars and clubs to check out here.

  • Everything Closes at 3 AM

Almost every bar in Zona T closes before 3 AM. That’s the one part about nightlife in Bogota that some people have qualms with. However, there are a few late night spots that are wild. Mint is one of them. Around 330 AM is absolutely crazy in Mint.

  • Covers For Days

Nearly every club in Zona T will have a cover. This is my least favorite part of Nightlife in Bogota. We’ve searched for some free spots, but they’re usually filled with unsavory individuals. You’ll have to pay cover to get into the best clubs here.

  • Western-Style Rumba

While most places in Colombia feature people in big groups, Bogota is a bit different. Many people go out in Zona T with a friend or two and look to mingle around. As the area is considered safer, people feel like they can go out in smaller groups instead of with a half dozen or more friends.

  • Every Type of Music

Bogota, Colombia is one of the biggest cities in Latin America (Source).

Reggaeton. Pop. Salsa. Electronic. Champeta. Hip-hop. Bachata. Vallenato. Rock.

You can find any and every type of music in Zona T. No matter your tastes, you can find it here. On average, most places play offer “crossover” music – with a mix of reggaeton, salsa, pop, and electronic.

  • Spanish Needed?

You’ll definitely meet people who speak English while out at night in Bogota. However, a little Spanish is pretty important while here. You’ll have a much better time enjoying Bogota nightlife with the ability to speak some Spanish.

Looking to learn Spanish? This is a great place to start!

Costs of Bogota Nightlife

While Bogota nightlife is a great time, it’s not “that” cheap. At least compared to South America backpacker standards.

Here’s a quick breakdown of prices:

  • Cover charge: $4-12 USD
  • Beer: $2-5 USD
  • Drink: $5-10 USD 
  • Bottle of wine: $20-50 USD
  • Bottle of booze at club: $40-200 USD

You could easily go out to “Gringo Tuesday” and only spend $25 bucks.

You could also spend millions of Colombian pesos on a big night out in Zona T on the weekend.

Buying bottles and tables can add up quickly.

Best Bars and Clubs in Bogota, Colombia

So after going out way too much for the last six weeks here in Bogota and getting my fair share of hangovers, I have a decent grasp of the nightlife in Zona T.

While I may not be the expert, I know enough to give first-timers a solid guide to the rumba here.

So here’s a few spots every gringo should consider when going out in Bogota, Colombia: 

  • Hotel V: The best club I’ve seen in Bogota. It’s big and features two-stories of crossover-style music. The vibe is definitely international, but the majority of people here will be Colombian. The place is a bit pricey, but definitely recommended. You’ll want to get a bottle here.

  • La Villa: The host of Gringo Tuesday’s is a known hot-spot in Zona T. The place is almost always packed on Tuesdays, Fridays, and Saturdays. If you’re just looking to drink a few beers, dance, and party without buying a bottle – this is the place to check out.

P.S: La Villa no longer hosts “Gringo Tuesday” these days. As the event out grew the venue.

  • Vintrash: The new home of “Gringo Tuesday” is said to be bigger and better than the old one. If you want to go out on a Tuesday night, then this is your spot. Te lo juro.
  • Mint: The late-night spot in Zona T. If you like to stay out past 3 AM, this is your Bogota nightlife spot. People flock here once everything else closes and it’s definitely a wild party. Lots of reggaeton and pop music here.
  • Presea Rooftop: I’m a big fan of this place. It’s a rooftop bar that plays straight reggaeton. There’s a stripper pole in the middle and dancers on platforms to the side. The crowd is a bit younger, but it’s definitely a good time.
  • Armando Records: A Bogota nightlife classic here, Armando is packed Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. While the music is often a bit too electronic for my tastes, many people absolutely rave about this spot.
  • Black Sheep: Another fun place in the heart of Zona T, Black Sheep can be good on the weekends. However, it’s a bit of a younger crowd with their friends. Expect a lot of drunk 18-22-year-olds here.
  • Marquez: High-end club in one of the casinos in Zona T. If you’ve got a group, this can be a good spot to go. Crossover-style music. A bit pricey. You’ll want to buy a bottle here.
  • Colombian Pub: Laid-back pub filled with people drinking and dancing. The cover isn’t much here and the beers are cheap. This is a good spot to bring a date on the weekend.
  • El Campanario: If you like champeta music, then El Campanario is the best spot in Zona T. They have live champeta two hours a night on the weekends and the dancing here is a lot of fun. Don’t come if you’re not ready to dance champeta.
  • Dembow Dancehall: A big club on top of a grocery store, this place fills up, but I’m not a huge fan. There are lots of groups here and people don’t mingle as much as other places in Zona T. If you like to dance salsa and bachata, then this is a great place to start.

Bogota nights.

Bogota Nightlife | A Gringo’s Guide

As Zona T has so many spots, it’s almost impossible to cover them all. There’s still dozens of places here I haven’t checked out.

The guide above is sure to offer gringo’s enough info to have a good night out in Bogota.

The best thing to do?

Use the guide above as an intro into Bogota nightlife.

Then ask around. Ask people you meet. See what else is popping. There’s always going to be new spots popping up in a city of nearly 10 million people.

But there’s one thing I’m confident will never change…

Nightlife in Bogota is always going to be a damn good time. If you love a little rumba, then make sure to check out the capital of Colombia.

Oh, and if you have any questions or comments about nightlife in Bogota, make sure to sound off in the comments.

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disqus_7NahPYNI6l - January 16, 2018

Hi! What to do on a sunday or monday night in Bogota during easter week??

    NomadicJake - January 16, 2018

    Lol man, that might be the absolute worst time to try and party in Bogota. There won’t be anything going on.

Carl Jackson - October 6, 2018

Coming from cincy ohio!! Ill be there alone on March 7 through the 12! No idea what im getting into or where to party but i can be a bit of an animal!! Thanks for the ideas. Are there any places you would reccomend that has a good amount of people yet still a bar scene thats not too pushy. I want a good place to relaX, drink and “fish” without standing there looking dumb for hours. Somewhere where the girls no the gringos hang out on say a Thursday

Jessica Johnson - October 6, 2018

We will be in Bogota for 3 days, but unfortunately our free night is on a Monday. Is there anything even open? We are staying near Zona T and are looking for dinner + drinks. Thanks!

Alicia K. Tjahjadi - October 6, 2018

any recommends for a thursday night?

Bernadette Kreh - October 6, 2018

In bogota tonight, i’d Like to have some fun before my flight leaves in the morning. Favorite reggaeton place on a Saturday?

Shyam - October 6, 2018

Any recommendations for bars/clubs to visit whilst in Bogota on Sunday 25th, Monday 26th and Tuesday 27th March?

Dav Cor - October 6, 2018

Going there for a one night only with 6 gals. Would you reocmmend going to Andres Carne de res in CHIA? or to Andres DC?
We will be there only on thursday night from 22:30.

sick mick - November 17, 2018

you yank prick! ever been to bs as?,rio?san pablo? thought not. typical know all but know nothing greeny. nothing worse on a night out than sharing space with a bunch of yanks. thanks for telling me the places to avoid.

    Jake D - November 17, 2018

    You sound like a miserable cunt.

    But cheers for the comment!

Rizzo - November 27, 2018

Have an open ended trip landing In Bogotá from Canada this Wednesday and am going to want to get fucked up! What are my options?

    Jake D - November 27, 2018

    Zona T is your best bet.

    Maybe the Irish pub or BBC in Zona T.

    Langauge exchange in La Candelaria.

    Or if you’re feeling like an abject degenerate, go to Santa Fe.

Erick - December 12, 2018

Lol bro. Don’t be soo fast. Brazils off the chain and the nightlife is better than Colombia. Your Brazilian friend is just a brazil hating dork. São Paulo is the best nightlife in the world, and don’t even get me started on florianopolis and the clubs in the south. Some of the too rated clubs in the world are in the south of Brazil

    Jake D - December 12, 2018

    Hah he’s a dork, ehh??

    Have you been to Bogota though??

Harman - January 25, 2019

Hey man, thanks for the guide!

Any way you can tell us any hot spots for specific days of the week? Lweds to Sunday?

We love reggaeton and hip hop! Thanks mate

    Jake D - January 25, 2019

    Gringo Tuesday for Tuesday clearly.

    Weekends pretty much anything works.

    Wednesday and Thursday I’d check Armando first. Then maybe Irish Pub.

    Sunday/Monday…just go to Santa Fe LOL

Michael - January 30, 2019

Single guy travelling on his own who speaks no Spanish… Where would you recommend?

    Jake D - January 31, 2019

    Lots of English speakers in Zona T area. I wouldn’t venture too far out of that zone without Spanish.

    Gringo Tuesday will have English speakers for sure.

Inka - March 26, 2019

Anything you can recommend on Friday and Sat on Easter weekend? I understand that it’ll be very quiet, but is there anywhere we should at least try?

    Jake D - March 26, 2019

    Bogota may very well be dead that weekend, as Cartagena and Santa Marta will be amazing. I’d recommend starting off with anything on the list above around Zona T.

    If something will be good during Easter weekend in Bogota, it’ll be around there.

    Or just book a flight to the coast 😉

Dmartin - August 9, 2019

Why do you use word gringo’you wouldn’t use the word spik it’s such a racist term

    Jake D - August 9, 2019

    I’m 110% gringo and I find no issues with the term.

    If you do, that’s on you…and you may want to stick to hostel bars and such, as real latin american culture doesn’t give a damn about PC culture

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