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Ushuaia, Argentina | Gringo’s Travel Guide

Ushuaia, Argentina is one unique place. Hell, it’s unlike anywhere I’ve ever been before. Nestled all the way on the southern tip of South America, Ushuaia has been labeled the “southernmost city in the world” — although that title has been challenged by Puerto Williams, Chile as of late.  Though many still consider Ushuaia to […]


Where To Stay In Posadas, Argentina | The A-Z Guide

Curious where to stay in Posadas, Argentina? Then you’re in the perfect place, chabón. In this in-depth guide, you’ll find everything you ought to know about best neighborhoods, nightlife, and walkable areas in this water-side city. Plus, we’ll take a look at the best hotels in Posadas. For those looking to visit this underrated small […]


El Calafate, Argentina | Gringo’s Travel Guide

El Calafate, Argentina was the third stop on my whirlwind tour of Patagonia. After enjoying lovely lake views in Bariloche and some of the best hiking in the world around El Chalten, I wasn’t sure what to expect from El Calafate. But I knew one thing… I was ready for a little more amenities and […]


Colombia For Digital Nomads | Top 5 Hotspots

Colombia for digital nomads. A country known for Pablo Escobar, salsa dancing, stunning women, and other “cosas” — most believe Colombia isn’t an ideal place to build an online business from. They’d be wrong. The reality? Colombia is one of the premier countries to build and grow an online business from in Latin America. The […]


Medellin, Colombia…Surprisingly Awesome

Location: Parque Lleras in Medellin, Colombia Home to plentiful prepagos, copious amounts of cocaine, and gringos galore. We strolled into the club 8+ dudes deep around 1 a.m. on our first Saturday night in the city — accompanied by a “concierge” that came included with the penthouse we rented on Airbnb. This spot was his […]


Life in Haiti…

Location: Cap-Haïtien, Haiti We are blessed. Te lo juro. No jokes here. 100% serious about them blessings, bruh. If you’re reading this right now, then count your blessings until the cows come home. Every damn day. Here’s why: I’m in Haiti right now. Doing a little traveling. Seeing some sites and exploring places most people […]

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