Best Nightlife in Peru: Top 9 Places to Party in the Country!

The nightlife in Peru is something I’ll never forget. I remember my first trip to Lima like it was yesterday. I went to Gotica Club in Larcomar every weekend for months on end. The place was truly legendary.

On Fridays and Saturdays, the giant club overlooking the Pacific Ocean would fill up with gringos and Peruvians looking to have a good time. The music ranged from reggaeton to salsa to electronic. Hell, sometimes they even played a little hip-hop.

I became a regular. Well, more like an alcoholic. But that’s beside the point.

Gotica was one of the best clubs in Latin America. It may have been one of the favorite clubs I’ve ever been to.

Now, it’s closed. I was damn depressed to hear Gotica had shutdown upon arriving in Lima for my second trip.

I had no idea where I’d party in Miraflores any longer. While Lima nightlife certainly has a variety of options, I couldn’t imagine anywhere being as fun as Gotica.

Luckily, I found some of the best nightlife in Peru during my second trip. I’m talking places that even rival my beloved Gotica.

Cusco nightlife!

Understanding Peru Nightlife

Before we dive into the absolute best places to party in Peru, let’s dig a little deeper. Here’s what you can expect when enjoying the nightlife in Peru:

  • International Vibe

Nearly all of the four million tourists that visit Peru each year end up in Lima and Cusco. That means many a business in both cities caters to tourists and gringos.

As such, there’s a distinct international vibe throughout the bars and clubs in Miraflores, Cusco, and even Arequipa.

The bars and clubs in Peru tend to be Western-style if you stay in the upscale, tourist areas. This means more open spaces, more mingling, and people engaging with each other around the bar.

This isn’t small town Colombia where all the clubs are filled to the brims with tables and big groups of co-workers.

  • Types of Music

As the international vibe is strong throughout Peru, you’ll find a variety of music. It’s not like Cali, Colombia where all you’ve got is salsa and more salsa music. Lima and Cusco have everything.

Typically, I found reggaeton and electronic hits were the most common types of music played here. A little hip-hop and rock are played at certain spots, while you can find salsa and Bachata in others.

  • Safety in Peru

Is Peru dangerous? Personally, I’ve never had any safety issues in Peru. If you stay in tourist areas like Miraflores in Lima or Cusco, you shouldn’t have any problems. Places that make money off tourism tend to focus on keeping travelers safe.

Common sense should keep you safe while partying, too. There’s no culture of drugging unsuspecting tourists in Peru – like there is in Colombia.

  • Is Spanish Important?

You’ll find a number of Peruvians that speak good English while partying in Miraflores, Barranco, and Cusco. Peruvians that work in tourism make more money when they speak decent English.

Once you get outside the most touristic areas of Peru, you’ll find English levels are abysmal. While speaking Spanish isn’t a requirement for partying in Peru, it definitely helps.

It’s incredibly frustrating to try and have a conversation with that cute local while at the bar – only for things to fizzle out because you can’t speak a little Spanish. Instead, learn a little Spanish before you go to Peru!

This is the best place I’ve found to start learning Spanish from scratch. 

Best Nightlife in Peru: Top 9 Places to Party in the Country!

Enough with all that jazz, let’s get to the good stuff. If you’re about to head to Peru, you want to know the absolute best place to enjoy a little rumba while on vacations. I get that!

So, here are the best places to enjoy a little nightlife in Peru:


  • Bizarro: This Miraflores club is a classic. If you want to party on Wednesday or Saturday, then Bizarro is the spot. I’ve been here over a half dozen times and the place never disappoints. While it’s not my absolute favorite club in Lima, it’s damn close. No matter what, come here on Wednesdays!
  • Lima Bar: If I could only choose one place to party in Lima, Peru on a Saturday night, it might be Lima Bar. This place is located where Gotica used to be in Miraflores. While it’s not quite as reckless, there’s still a lot of fun to be had at Lima Bar. This is an upscale club, so dress appropriately.
  • Help Disco: For many gringos, Help Disco is their favorite club in Lima. The rock club is located in Barranco and can get pretty rowdy on certain nights. The best night to visit Help is on Thursdays, where the club is host to the best Thursday night party in all of Lima.
  • Ayahuasca Bar: This might be the coolest bar I’ve been to in all of Peru. The vibe at Ayahuasca Bar is just perfect. It’s relaxed and bohemian – yet still upscale. If you want to unwind with a few cocktails or bring a date somewhere nice, this is the ideal spot in Lima.

Lima nightlife picks up once the sun goes down!


  • Mama Africa: I’m not sure there’s a more icon club in all of Peru. Mama Africa is the popping nightclub in Cusco. The place has been around forever and many a gringo has popped their Peru nightlife cherry here. I’ll never forget my first night in Mama Africa – but that’s not a story for this article 😉
  • Wild Rover Hostel Bar: This large hostel bar holds nightly theme parties almost every day. If you’re looking for a great place to start off a night of partying in Cusco, look no further. Many a wild night has started at Wild Rover Hostel Bar. Typically, the party starts here and then rolls over to Mama Africa once it gets later in the evening.

P.S: When I was enjoying Cusco nightlife, Temple Club was still open. It’s closed now, but there’s no doubt the club was one of the best places to party in Peru!


  • Deja Vu: If you’re a gringo who goes to Arequipa, there’s a damn good chance you’ll end up in Deja Vu. This club is the spot for gringos and Peruvians to party in complete harmony in Arequipa. It’s a staple of the nightlife diet in Peru’s second biggest city. If you’re looking to party in Arequipa, I recommend starting here.


  • Loki Hostel Bar: Honestly, if I had to pick only one place to party ever again in Peru, it would be at the Loki Hostel in Mancora. The pool, the beaches, and the hostel party here is amazing. To say this spot is legendary would be an understatement! Just come here in high season and see what I mean. Don’t plan to get a ton of sleep, though.


  • Noa Iquitos: I’ve never been here, but a buddy told me he had a couple crazy nights at Noa in Iquitos. Hell, he hyped it up so much that I’m planning to book a trip to Iquitos the next time I’m in Peru. Noa Iquitos is the biggest club in all the city and filled with Peruvians and some traveling gringos.

Everything You Need to Know About Peruvian Nightlife

That’s about it. The top places to party in all of Peru. If you wanted to know where to enjoy the nightlife in Peru, I hope this guide helps.

Peru is a fantastic place to party because the locals are friendly and the nightlife caters to tourists. You’re never far from a good party in this country. Trust me!

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