Cafes and Coworking in Lima, Peru – Miraflores Edition

The Internet in my Airbnb “apartment” was horrific here in Miraflores. The connection was ok – when it worked. The problem was the signal faded in and out a few times every hour.

So, I was forced to find some cafes and coworking spaces with solid Wi-Fi here in Lima, Peru.

Luckily, Miraflores is fairly developed. I was able to find a great cafe to work from. I also checked out coworking in Lima, Peru and was able to find a space near my apartment. So, I signed up for a few weeks.

It was my first time joining a coworking space, but it certainly won’t be my last. Below I detail my experience, along with a few tips for nomads looking to get a little work done while in Lima.

My First Coworking Experience

I joined Residencia Coworking for a few weeks this December. The space is located between Miraflores and Barranco, but firmly planted on the Miraflores side. For those familiar with Lima, it’s about a 15-minute walk from Parque Kennedy.

I had two huge client projects to finish up and needed to work 8+ hours a day for a few weeks. I wanted a place where I could work, eat, and relax at for a few weeks while finishing the projects.

Residencia Coworking was ideal for this.

The space is huge, with around 50 desks indoors and multiple conference rooms. The decor is super laid back and modern. The few people I spoke with were quite friendly, but people here don’t mess around much. Most people are completely engaged with their work and keep headphones in for most of the day.

Overall, the environment is ideal for getting work done in a relaxing, yet highly productive space.

What I loved about Residencia Coworking in Lima, Peru:

  • Great environment
  • Modern decor
  • Fast, secure Wi-Fi
  • Coffee, filtered water, food available, etc.
  • Open 24 hours a day & weekends
  • Everything you need to finish up a project
  • They even have a slide!

The only downside is Residencia Coworking is pretty damn pricey. If I didn’t have a couple big projects to complete, I probably wouldn’t have forked over the cash. But I’m glad I did.

My experience at Residencia has been so good I’ll probably check out coworking spots in every city I travel to from here on. Highly recommended to anyone visiting Lima!

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The Best Cafe in Miraflores

If throwing down some dollars for a coworking space in Lima, Peru isn’t in your budget, you’re not out of luck. I also found an amazing cafe to work from.

The funny part? I wasn’t the only location independent worker camping out at Kulcafe. During the three weeks I worked from the coffee shop, there were two other guys pecking away at their keyboards every single day.

Suffice to say, many a digital nomad has found Kulcafe in Miraflores and loved it. The place is ideal for getting 4-6 hours of hard work in. There’s low foot traffic, as the cafe is tucked away on a side street.

You can relax and focus on work here without people walking in every 30 seconds. Plus, you can get up and have a stretch or hit the restroom without worry. The staff is cool and has no problem keeping an eye on your things if you’re in the washroom.

What I loved about Kulcafe in Miraflores:

  • Fast Wi-Fi
  • Low foot traffic
  • Friendly staff
  • Relaxing environment
  • Best cafe to camp out at in Miraflores

There’s really no downside here. If you want to work 4-6 hours a day, Kulcafe is absolutely ideal. Just buy a cup of coffee and sit down. Highly recommended.

Laid back environment.

Avoid Starbucks Like the Plague in Miraflores

I tried working out of a few Starbucks in Miraflores. It blew. The foot traffic in every Starbucks I visited was through the roof. I’d say at least 50 people would walk in each hour and buy some coffee.

I wish I could say that wasn’t distracting and I was fully engaged with my work. That’d be a lie. There was simply way too much movement around to really focus.

I’d get 20 minutes into working before something would catch my eye and I’d get distracted.

Outside of the foot traffic, I didn’t feel comfortable leaving my computer to go to the bathroom at any of the Starbucks in Lima. None of the locations I visited had a solid setup for quick bathroom breaks – which is essential when spending 6+ hours in a coffee shop.

Overall, I’d recommend working from home or checking out Kulcafe before giving Starbucks a go in Lima, Peru.

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Cafes and Coworking in Lima, Peru – Miraflores Edition

Overall, Miraflores is one of the safest, most developed neighborhoods in all of Latin America.

You can feel confident walking around with your laptops and cameras here. There are a variety of great places to camp out and get some work done, too.

Two of my favorites, Kulcafe and Residencia Coworking, are listed above. If you’re new to Miraflores and looking to get some work done, I highly recommend checking out these spots. Coworking in Lima was a great experience!

Or just get a better Airbnb rental than I did and work from home 😉
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