A Gringo’s Guide to El Quelite, Mexico

¿Qué Onda, Güey?

Today, we’re talking El Quelite, Mexico. Aka one of the best day trips for gringos on vacation or living in Mazatlan.

Maybe you need a little time away from the strong sun at the beach. Maybe a little time in the country is required for rest and relaxation. Whatever it is, El Quelite is a solid place to check out when in Sinaloa.

But enough of the fluff, let’s dig in and learn a little more about this unique Pueblo Magico just outside Mazatlan, Mexico.

P.S: Speaking a little Spanish goes a long way in El Quelite. Start learning here!

How to Get to El Quelite, Mexico

El Quelite is easy to get to. The small town is situated about an hour outside of Mazatlan, Mexico – only 23 miles away from the world-famous beach town.

When talking about how to get to El Quelite, the easiest way is to hop in an Uber and head to El Quelite.

Uber allows Mazatlan drivers to go all the way to El Quelite, although you may have one or two drivers who cancel the ride before you find one willing to take you.

The Uber ride cost my buddy and me around $375 Mexican Pesos the way out there. Then we negotiated to pay the driver the same amount in cash for the ride back – if he waited three hours as we explored the city. He happily agreed.

There’s also a few other ways to get to El Quelite:

  • Drive your own car
  • Take a bus
  • Book a tour

Tours tend to cost $25-50 USD per person and include transportation, among other things.

As for the bus, there’s a rumor it leaves each morning from the old Wal-Mart parking lot in Mazatlan. I couldn’t find enough information to confirm or deny this.

Overall, I’d say hire an Uber to take you out to El Quelite and back. It’s easier and far more pleasant. Plus, the trip only costs about $30 USD roundtrip. Ida y Vuelta. 

Things to Do in El Quelite, Mexico

Now, I’m sure there are more things to do in El Quelite, Mexico than I know of. Hell, I was only in the city for a couple hours of exploring.

But, the place certainly has its charms. Well worth a visit.

So, here’s a few things to do in El Quelite and why the small town is well worth a visit:

  • Utterly Relaxing: El Quelite, Mexico may be one of the most relaxing places I’ve ever been. It’s like stepping back into time. There’s cobblestone streets, horses trot by at a melancholy pace, and everyone just seems relaxed. If you’re looking to unwind, this is the spot.
  • Colonial Charms: The whole city looks like a damn postcard. A postcard from a charming, laid-back colonial town in rural Mexico. The vast gardens and lush vegetation found throughout the city just add to the appeal.
  • Incredible Food: The food at El Meson De Los Laureanos is some of the best I’ve had in Mexico, a country renowned for its cuisine. Seriously. This restaurant alone makes the short trip to El Quelite worth it. Highly recommended.
  • Check Out the Mirador: Well, I’m not even sure what they call this place in El Quelite. But there’s a nice lookout point with solid views over the whole area. It’s a short little hike through some chicken coups and crooked steps. Well worth it for the great view of this small town.
  • Ride a Horse Around Town: Horse rides seem to be popular in El Quelite. I didn’t hop on one, but I saw many tourists taking a guided ride around town. It’s probably pretty cheap to ride a horse around El Quelite, too.
  • Watch Some Ulama: This pre-colonial game is stilled played in El Quelite, one of the few cities in Mexico play the ball game. Games tend to take place on the weekend. I’m no expert on the festivities, but you can learn more here.

El Quelite, Mexico in Photos

Sure, there are some cool things to do in El Quelite, but the main draw is the charm. And what a better way to illustrate how relaxing this city is, than with a few photos.


Here’s El Quelite, Mexico in photos:

Lush vegetation in El Quelite.

Church in El Quelite.

Horses everywhere!

You pass the Tropic of Cancer on the way there.

A Gringo’s Guide to El Quelite, Mexico

And that’s all I got about El Quelite, Mexico.

If you’re in Mazatlan or around Sinaloa, then it’s well worth it to take a trip out to this small town for some rest and relaxation.

Just make sure you eat at El Meson De Los Laureanos – and your trip will be complete 😉

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Nancy Mackeen - May 3, 2019

Going to be spending a month in mazatlan next year , nice to know of a couple of quaint places to visit. Thanks

    Jake Nomada - May 5, 2019

    Definitely worth a quick couple hour visit on a weekend. The restaurant is fantastic. Enjoy Mazatlan!

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