Where to Stay in Asuncion, Paraguay | The A-Z Guide

If you’re curious where to stay in Asuncion, Paraguay — then you’ve come to the right place.

After spending three wonderful months living in the capital of this South American country, there’s few more qualified to show you the ropes of where to stay here.

From the bumping nightlife in Carmelitas to the relaxing, residential area of Santa Teresa and even the old-school centro of the city…

I breakdown everything you need to know about nightlife, neighborhoods, and the absolute best hotels in Asuncion.

If you plan to visit this unique, small South American capital city, the information found below will be invaluable to your trip. You’ll find the absolute ideal place to stay without any hassle, hustle, or bustle. Unless that’s what you want, of course 😉

Before we dive too deep, here’s some quick info for individuals looking to find the ideal neighborhood and book a hotel with the quickness:

The Best Neighborhood in Asuncion...

 Villa Morra is the absolute best neighborhood to stay while visiting Asuncion, Paraguay. The area features great coffee shops, bars, nightlife, and shopping -- all in a central location throughout the city. This is the MOST walkable 'barrio' in the country.

Things to Do:

  • Check Out 'El Cafe de Aca' - The absolute best coffee shop/cafe in Asuncion goes by the name of 'El Cafe de Aca' and is located here.
  • Party in 'Paseo Carmelita' - You'll find amazing bars, clubs, and restaurants in 'Paseo Carmelitas' in Villa Morra. One of the best nightlife districts in all of Asuncion.
  • Drink Tereré - You can't visit Paraguay and not try the national drink!

That right there is absolute best location in the city and a great hotel to boot. If you’re heading to Asuncion, Paraguay for the first time, I couldn’t recommend staying in that exact spot enough.

But if you’re looking for a little more information, details, and all that jazz…

Then keep on reading this detailed guide for a deeper overview of Asuncion, Paraguay and where to stay in the city. You’ll find in-depth breakdowns below, including information like:


Where to Stay in Asuncion | Exact Locations + Hotels

This is where you’ll find me city guides differ from the rest. Why many have found them to be the best of the best…

It’s because I’ve actually gone to every city I write about. In person. In the flesh. To figure sh*t out for myself. Then I write about it.

Not before.

With this in mind, I found one single area of Asuncion to be far superior to anywhere and everywhere else. And when I say far, I mean far better.

Where’s that?

Villa Morra, San Blas, and Carmelitas. 

These two neighborhoods are the only areas of the city I recommend staying in if modern conveniences, great restaurants, bars, nightlife, massive shopping malls, and the like are things you enjoy.

These two neighborhoods are the only truly “walkable” and 100% safe areas in the city, at least in my opinion.

Specifically right here:

asuncion, paraguay, villa mora, where to stay in asuncion

The Villa Morra neighborhood is solid.

There’s also a restaurant district and a few malls in San Blas and near the border of the Recoleta area in Asuncion. I find this area exceptionally preferable, as well.

I’m talking right around here:

asuncion, san blas, recoleta, where to stay in asuncion

Stay near the ‘yellow’ areas on the map in San Blas.

If you’re coming to Asuncion, Paraguay for a short trip or an extended stay, I truly believe these areas are by far the best places to stay — especially if you’re looking for an urban, walkable area with great amenities.

With that in mind, this is my #1 HOTEL recommendation in Asuncion, Paraguay:

– Five Hotel –

5 Best Neighborhoods in Asuncion, Paraguay

Asuncion, Paraguay is a smaller city — especially when talking about South American capitals, as some can reach over 10+ million people in the city proper.

So you won’t find dozens upon dozens of great neighborhoods for travelers in a small-ish city like this. In fact, there’s only a few I’d strongly recommend — especially if you’re looking to maximize your experiences and time in Asuncion.

With that in mind, here are the 5 best neighborhoods in Asuncion, Paraguay and exactly what I love about them:

#1. Villa Morra – The Most Walkable Neighborhood w/ Great Nightlife

Villa Morra is my top pick in all of Asuncion, Paraguay.

If you don’t know anything or anyone in the city, you won’t find a better place to enjoy all that Asuncion has to offer. This is the best neighborhood in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Here’s why:

In this area, you’ll find the best bar and nightlife district in all of Paraguay — Paseo Carmelitas. The spot is lively and hip. You’ll also find dozens of solid restaurants, some nice shopping, great walkability, and the kicker…

El Cafe de Aca

This cafe is a coffee shop, restaurant, ice cream parlor, and bar all in one. They offer Paraguayan specialties on top of all the typical coffee shop fare.

I loved the place so much I wouldn’t want to live anywhere in Asuncion that’s too far from the place. I want to be able to walk there every single day.

And in this area, there’s not just one amazing coffee shop. There’s tons of great walkable spots. It’s also one of the safest areas in the city. You won’t have any issues walking around here, even if you’re not exactly sober.

There’s also a few nice parks within walking distance, which is a huge plus in Asuncion, Paraguay.

Best Hotel in Villa Morra: Five Hotel

Small, but stylish hotel in the ideal Villa Morra location. You’ll find everything you need within walking distance of this place. Plus, Five Hotel offers ideal amenities — like a stunning rooftop pool that overlooks the neighborhood. There’s also a bar on premise and a restaurant/coffee shop that serves a great breakfast. You won’t find a better spot for a reasonable price in Asuncion, Paraguay.

#2. San Blas/Recoleta – Best Restaurants, Solid Walkability

If Villa Morra is the number one spot in all of Asuncion, Paraguay — then the San Blas and Recoleta neighborhoods are a close second.

Here’s why:

My favorite restaurant district in all of Paraguay was in Recoleta, on the border of San Blas. Not only that, San Blas is also on the border of Villa Morra. There’s a few shopping malls here and you’ll find ample bars, cafes, and more. The area is small but walkable.

You’ll have easy access to some great restaurants and bars, while still being close to the best malls and great nightlife in Carmelitas. Location, location, location.

Plus, this is a very central area in Asuncion. When talking where to stay in Asuncion, this spot makes it easy to get almost anywhere in the city with just a quick hop, skip, and jump. Or an Uber ride.

Best Hotel in San Blas/Recoleta: Hotel Hub

With an uber modern design, ideal location, and stunning rooftop terrace with a pool — there’s a ton to love about Hotel Hub. Breakfast comes included, there’s a wonderful bar inside the hotel, and the location is perfect for those looking to walk to dozens of restaurants close by. But my favorite part about Hotel Hub in Asuncion is just how stunning the design is. You won’t find a more modern hotel in Paraguay for this price.

#3. Centro – Downtown vibes, historical landmarks, and bumping nightlife 

The “Centro” of Asuncion, Paraguay is a unique spot. You’ll find a budding metropolis with many unique historical landmarks and interesting views.

Many travelers find the spot more than charming and 100% authentic. Centro is also safer than it looks, especially compared to other downtown areas in South American capitals.

Plus, there’s bumping nightlife around every corner. 

It’s not my favorite spot in Asuncion, but many find they prefer the action around centro more than other areas of the city — many of which can be rather sleepy outside weekend nights.

Centro tends to be pretty walkable during the day and you’ll find everything you ever want. From coffee shops to restaurants to gyms and bars — along with a few cool sites to see.

Overall, I find the area decent.

If you’re in Asuncion, Paraguay for only a few days, it might be the best area in the city to stay. For stays of at least a week, I’d look elsewhere.

Best Hotel in Centro Asuncion: Palmaroga Hotel

For lavish decor, world-class amenities, and the premier centro Asuncion location — look no further than the Palmaroga Hotel. This bad boy features a rooftop swimming pool with stunning views,  full fitness center, and breakfast included. Highly, highly recommended for short stays in Asuncion, as the best of the downtown is all close by from here.

#4. Santa Teresa – Residential, relaxing, and safe

I lived for nearly three months in the Santa Teresa area of Asuncion.

It’s a solid spot, although I prefer other areas of the city after doing my “boots on the ground” research. Here’s why:

Santa Teresa is residential.

There’s a few restaurants, coffee shops, and gyms around. But outside of that, you’re walking 10-12 minutes to the couple malls nearby if you don’t have a car.

For this reason, I found the location to not be nearly as central as other areas of Asuncion — areas that offer numerous restaurants and bars within a few minutes walk.

However, I did want to include Santa Teresa because the area is peaceful and relaxing. Plus, you’ll find some of the nicer hotels and apartment buildings around here. It’s an upper-class area.

Best Hotel in Santa Teresa: Hotel Los Alpes

Hotel Los Alpes in Santa Teresa is a decent hotel. You’re located next to one of the better coffee shops in the city and the absolute best steak house in Asuncion. The hotel offers modern decor and a solid swimming pool, fitness center, and includes breakfast. There’s even a kid’s play area for those visiting Asuncion with a family. You’re about 10-12 minutes walking from the biggest malls in the city.

#5. Santo Domingo – Parks, proximity, and low prices

Santo Domingo is a small-ish neighborhood next to many of the best areas of the city. Here you’ll find close proximity to some of the best nightlife, malls, and restaurants in the whole city.

However, most of the best spots are not walkable from Santo Domingo and the area isn’t as visibly appealing as some of the other spots in the city.

Luckily, you’ll also find one of the absolute best parks in the city here — Parque de la Salud.

And it’s walkable from many areas in the Santo Domingo neighborhood, which I find to be the biggest benefit to staying here.

This area is also a happy medium between the Villa Morra area and the centro of Asuncion. You’re not too far from either area when staying here.

Overall, a decent option while in Asuncion and generally a bit cheaper than other neighborhoods listed here.

Best Hotel in Santo Domingo: Posada Shalom

Featuring a decent, central location in Asuncion, Paraguay – Posada Shalom is an option for budget travelers. Rooms here are cheap and many of them feature AC, a mini-fridge, flat screen TVs, and more. There’s a nice little pool at this posada too. Fresh breakfast comes included.

Top 3 Budget Hotels in Asuncion, Paraguay

Most of the hotels mentioned above are far from budget options. There some of the nicer hotels located in the absolute best areas of Asuncion.

However, I know some of you are looking for a little bit better deal when coming to Asuncion.

So I wanted to dive deep into budget hotels in Asuncion, Paraguay and show you the type of value this South American capital city offers.

Here’s my top 3 budget hotels in Asuncion:

This is the absolute best hotel in Asuncion, Paraguay for under $50 USD a night. If you’re curious where to stay in Asuncion, but on a budget…

I can’t recommend Posada del Cielo enough.

Here you’ll find modern decor, a nice swimming pool, a modern fitness center, and more. Breakfast is included too. Plus, this hotel is located in the heart of Villa Morra — the best area in Asuncion. You’ll be in walking distance to cafes, bars, restaurants, and shopping malls.

Highly recommended.

This old-school hotel is located about five minutes walking from some of the main shopping malls in all of Asuncion. Located on the border of Santa Teresa and Villa Morra, you won’t be far from all the action here. However, the area is fairly chill and 100% safe.

The prices are cheap, there’s a swimming pool, and the rooms are acceptable. Although, I wouldn’t call the decor modern here. Breakfast is included here too.

Overall, a decent budget option when thinking about where to stay in Asuncion.

If you’re looking for a decent budget hotel in the centro of Asuncion, you’ll love Hotel Chaco.

This hotel features a stunning rooftop swimming pool overlooking the river in downtown, along with a solid fitness center and free included breakfast.

The rooms are decent here and the location is ideal if you want to stay downtown. You’ll be close to a number of sites and attractions in the city.

With prices around $40 bucks a night, you can’t go wrong with Hotel Chaco.

Apartments in Asuncion, Paraguay

Hotels in Asuncion, Paraguay obviously aren’t the only lodging options in the city. As with any large South American capital city, you’re sure to find many apartment booking options, as well.

Personally, I found hotel options in Asuncion to be ideal for any stays under 2-3 weeks. Why? Because the apartment and Airbnb market is not as developed as other cities in the region. The level of service simply isn’t great yet.

However, there’s still a few solid options in Asuncion…if you’re adamant about staying in an apartment.

Here’s my favorite apartment option in Asuncion, Paraguay:

This is the best apartment options I’ve found in Asuncion, Paraguay.

START Villa Morra offers the absolute best location in the city — combined with modern decor, full kitchens, spacious layouts, and balcony views.

You’ll also find a small fitness center, a business center, and more here. While there’s no pool at START Villa Morra as of writing, the place offers so much in terms of location and stylings that I’m a huge fan.

Highly recommended.


You’ll also find numerous apartments on Airbnb in Asuncion.

While there are many great options for finding an ideal Airbnb rental in the city, I’d start with hotels when looking for where to stay in Asuncion.

This is especially true when staying for less than a few weeks.


Because I found hotels to be absolutely ideal in Asuncion on shorter trips, as the accommodation and service industry for foreigners to be just a little bit undeveloped — especially with regard to short term apartment rentals.

If you’re for sure looking to stay at an Airbnb apartment though…

– You can save $40 off your first trip by clicking here! –

Quick Trip vs. Living Full-Time?

While there’s a big difference when living in a city versus visiting for the first-time, I found there to be little difference while checking out Asuncion, Paraguay.

If you’re coming to Asuncion for a short trip, it’s absolutely ideal to stay as close to Villa Morra as possible. You could try out the centro if you’re only in town for a few days, but I still prefer the Villa Morra area.

This doesn’t change when living in the city, either.

As Villa Morra is the premier area when living in or expat’ing to Asuncion, Paraguay. The area is the most developed, cleanest, and offers the highest concentration of restaurants, bars, clubs, and shopping malls.

It doesn’t matter whether you plan to live in or just visit Asuncion…

Stay in Villa Morra!

Top 3 Things to Do in Asuncion, Paraguay

You should know exactly where to stay in Asuncion, Paraguay at this point in the game. There’s only so much a guy can talk about in that regard.

But before I let you go, I wanted to drop three great things to do in Asuncion, Paraguay.

The city is a bit off the tourist path and you may not know exactly what to do when you’re here, so I wanted to help my fellow vagabonds out.

Here’s a few things to do in Asuncion, Paraguay:

  • Visit the Parks – There’s a lot of great parks found inside the city here. There’s Parque de la Salud mentioned a bit above and many others, but one stands out from the rest. Which one? Parque Guasu. This park is absolutely massive and you’ll find nearly every activity under the sun here. There’s a massive walking trail, outdoor gym areas, soccer fields, basketball courts, volleyball, juice vendors, and so much more. This is my favorite place to spend a Saturday afternoon in Asuncion.
  • Check Out ‘El Cafe de Aca’ – The absolute best coffee shop or cafe in Asuncion goes by the name of El Cafe de Aca. You’ll find literally everything you’d need to spend days at this coffee shop. Great coffee, good food, local favorites like tereré, delicious desserts, and even wine. The place is spacious, well-designed, and in the best neighborhood in Asuncion. But the main reason to go here is to…
  • Drink Tereré – Yep, you can drink tereré at the cafe listed above. Or you can meet a friendly local Paraguayan, easy to do in this country, and ask them to try out some tereré. The stuff is delicious and insanely refreshing. It’s similar to mate in Argentina, except this stuff is cold — where mate is hot. It’s the “national” drink in Paraguay and super unique. You CANNOT come to Asuncion, Paraguay and not try the tereré.

Where to Stay in Asuncion, Paraguay| Final Thoughts

¡Dios mio!

That’s a lot of information on exactly where to stay in Asuncion, Paraguay and why.

Here’s the thing though…

Asuncion, Paraguay is one unique spot in South America. Underrated and unexplored. While there’s not a ton of tourism here, I found my time in the city to be quite the cultural experience.

And can’t recommend visiting this off-the-beaten path spot enough.

Just make sure you follow the tips and tricks above when deciding what area of the city to stay and what Asuncion hotel is the best for you.

While there’s a number of decent options, I definitely recommend Five Hotel in Asuncion, Paraguay as my number one choice for a damn good reason.

Que te vaya bien

P.S: Paraguay is a Spanish speaking country in the “South” of South America. You’ll want to brush up on your Spanish before arriving. Click here to do just that!

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