Limp Dick Lashings For All Involved

Colombia generally attracts complete and utter degenerates. A cheap country full of stunning women and strong narcotics doesn’t attract too many of the “holier than thou” crowd. I remember my first time in Cali, Colombia. Chilling with my Australian neighbor who’d been visiting the country for the past 15 years, I asked him what it […]


21 Amazing Things to Do in Colombia

You’ll never run out of things to do in Colombia these days! I spent more time than planned in this wonderful nation, and I plan to spend way more. Sure, I spent a lot of time enjoying the crazy nightlife in Bogota, but I did manage to find the time to do a few touristy […]


Santa Marta Travel Guide For Digital Nomads

After my second trip to the city, I decided to create this Santa Marta travel guide for digital nomads. If you’re looking for beach life in Colombia without the confusion and hassle, this Caribbean city may be the perfect place for you. On one had the city is overrun with tourists, but Santa Marta certainly […]