A Gringo’s Guide to Teacapan, Mexico

¿Qué Onda, Güey?

After a quick day trip to Teacapan, Mexico with a few buddies, I wanted to share my experiences with y’all.

See, you never know what’s in store when you do a little off-the-beaten-path traveling.

Sometimes it works out fine and dandy. You catch the biggest fish of your life and then eat that bad boy right then and there.

Other days, you end up snapping a few pictures of an old church before hopping on a bus and heading back to your village by the sea.

Luckily, my time in Teacapan was far more of the former than the later.


I caught some damn big fish with my buddies, had a waitress fry em’ up for us, and feasted after a long, hard day on the water.

If you’re looking for some rest, relaxation, and fine fishing – then Teacapan, Mexico might be the best day trip available to gringos and travelers in Mazatlan.

But enough of my long-winded fluff, let’s dive into Teacapan, Mexico and find out if this small fishing village in the south of Sinaloa is worth a visit for ya.

If you’re always up for an adventure, I have a feeling you’ll dig Teacapan, Mexico.

P.S: A little Spanish goes a long way in the south of Sinaloa. Start learning the love language here!

How to Get to Teacapan, Mexico

Well, that’s a little more difficult than I imagined…

Initially, I figured Teacapan was about an hour or so south of Mazatlan. That turned out to be wholly inaccurate.

I drove down with a few buddies and it took around two and a half hours to get to Teacapan, Mexico from Zona Dorada in Mazatlan.

Which would be your fastest option, too. Rent a car or hire a driver for the day, as I don’t believe Uber goes all the way to Teacapan.

Teacapan is just a small fishing village of around 4,000 people about 130 km south of Mazatlan (Source).

There’s not even a direct bus from Mazatlan to Teacapan. Well, that I could find.

If you want to visit via bus, you’ll have to take one from Mazatlan to a city near Teacapan called Escuinapa. This ride should take around two hours.

Then you’ll take another bus from Escuinapa to Teacapan – which is another 30 minutes or so.

Mazatlan to Teacapan.

Things to Do in Teacapan, Mexico

Now, I can’t give you a complete guide on things to do in Teacapan, Mexico.

Why? Because I was only in the town for one hell of a day.

What I can tell you is there’s really only one reason to make the full trek from Mazatlan to Teacapan in my mind.

And that’s for the amazing eco-tourism and fine bottoms fishing.

If you’re looking for things to do in Teacapan, Mexico – then this should certainly be where you start:

~ Bottoms Fishing Eco-Tour

Highly recommended. I went fishing with an eco-tour company called “VM Eco-Tours” that was based on the Malecon area in Teacapan.

Our guide’s name was Sergio and he was incredible. Friendly as could be and he spoke a little English.

Plus, he knew exactly how to ensure you catch fish while in Teacapan. He even offered a guarantee:

“You catch fish or you no pay.”

Exact quote.

The man was confident in his ability to ensure you caught some fish while on his boat.

And catch fish we did! Over the course of a couple hours, my buddies and I caught eight fish in total.

A damn good haul if you ask me. Just check out a few of the lil’ fishies we caught and ate for dinner:

Now, the fishing is certainly my favorite part of this little village by the sea. But here are a few other things to do in Teacapan, Mexico:

  • Visit Bird Island: Home to a rare species of bird, the Pink Heron.
  • Relax Under Lush Palm Trees: I’ve never seen so many damn palm trees in my life. It was a stunning sight to behold. If a little “R & R” is right up your alley, Teacapan delivers.
  • Virgin Beaches: With over 30 km of undeveloped beaches, you’ll have a spot in the sand all to yourself here.
  • Mangrove Estuaries: Many enjoy taking a cruise through the estuaries on a guided to tour to enjoy the unique wildlife and animals all around.


Teacapan, Sinaloa in Photos

The open ocean. The soothing sound. The ideal village by the sea to unwind and relax a little.

Teacapan, in Sinaloa, Mexico isn’t for everyone. That’s for sure. But nature lover’s looking to catch their keep for the day will have one hell of a time.

Just check out a few more of my pictures:

Ceviche in Teacapan.

With our tour guides.

A Gringo’s Guide to Teacapan, Mexico

And with that, I’m about out of things to tell you about good ole’ Teacapan, Mexico.

Overall, the small little village by the sea makes for quite the adventure – especially for a city dweller like you or me.

For gringos hanging around Mazatlan, Mexico – I couldn’t recommend the small town enough. Teacapan is an eco-tourism destination for a reason.

Oh, and for other day trips in Sinaloa, make sure to check out a few of my other guides:

If you’ve got more than a week in Mazatlan, then checking out Teacapan is well worth it.

For pure tourism, it’s one of my favorite spots in Mexico.

Que te vaya bien

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Terri - October 27, 2018

Will be staying in Teacapan Feb 6th to Mar 6th Cannot wait. Are there local markets for fresh produce, daily or weekly?

    Jake Nomada - October 27, 2018

    I didn’t stay long enough to look into fresh produce, but I’d imagine you’ll find something.

    It’s quite a small place though, so you may have to travel to another bigger town to find everything you need.

    For fresh seafood, you’ll be in heaven.

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