Mexico Vs. Colombia | A Gringo’s Go-To Guide

Mexico Vs. Colombia.

Two of the absolute best Spanish speaking countries for traveling gringos to check out.

The allure of adventure, low cost of living, unique cultures, and las mujeres draws foreigners from all walks of life to these fascinating countries.


Which one is best for you? What Latin American country is best for digital nomads looking to have a damn good time while getting some work done?

Well, that depends on a variety of factors, including how degenerate of an individual you are and how much time you have to explore.

Luckily, I’m going to cover it all for y’all today.

After spending damn near a full year in Colombia and nearly six months in Mexico over the course of multiple trips, I’ve got a little insight to share with you.

Te lo juro.

I’ve been robbed by banditos in a Mexican trap house at sunset.

I’ve been to Colombian whorehouses where degeneracy beyond my wildest imagination took place.

Oh, and I’ve enjoyed countless sunsets, saw some damn stunning sights, met tons of cool locals, and even dabbled with a little dating in both countries.

Suffice to say, I know more than enough to break it down for my fellow vagabonds.

Today, we’ll take a look at the whole enchilada when comparing Mexico vs. Colombia.

Errr, the whole bandeja paisa.

We’ll compare and contrast these two locales on factors like:

If that’s the type of in-depth info you need to succeed, then stick around, jefe.

And by succeed, I mean find the perfect Latin American country for your next adventures.



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Mexico Vs. Colombia | A Gringo’s Go-To Guide

Enough with all my gringo fluff, it’s time to dive into the details.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know when comparing Mexico Vs. Colombia…


Colombia and Mexico are the two largest Spanish speaking countries in the world.

They’re also two of the biggest countries by population in Latin America. Mexico has the second largest population in Latin America – behind Brazil. Colombia comes in third.

Overall, Mexico has nearly 130 million people, while Colombia comes in at nearly 50 million residents (Source).

Both countries are massive and have population numbers that ensure you’ll never, ever get bored.

  • Winner: Tie


With such large populations, you have more than enough options when looking for places to stay in Mexico or Colombia.

Both countries boost dozens of cities that are suitable for digital nomad living and having a damn good time.

And by suitable for digital nomad living, I mean you can expect a decent Internet connection in your Airbnb apartment and there’s at least one coworking space in the city.

For example, one could comfortably spend a month of two in these cities in Colombia:

  • Bogota
  • Medellin
  • Cali
  • Cartagena
  • Barranquilla
  • Santa Marta
  • Periera
  • Manizales
  • Bucaramanga

That’s a fairly extensive list. You won’t get bored exploring Colombia, especially if you’re working online too.

Mexico is the same way.

Such a vast country filled with so many people, it’s damn near impossible to check it all out.

Here’s just a small list of cities in Mexico that could be worth of stay of a month of more:

  • Mexico City
  • Guadalajara
  • Playa del Carmen
  • Cancun
  • Mazatlan
  • Monterrey
  • Puebla
  • León
  • Puerto Vallarta

…And that’s just scratching the surface of cities in Mexico!

The list could go on and on.

Seriously, there’s probably 20+ cities and beach towns in Mexico that I wouldn’t mind spending a month of two in. Maybe more.

The country is that big.

  • Winner: Mexico

Cost of Living

If you’re coming from the western world, then let me make one thing clear…

Both Mexico and Colombia will be pretty cheap.

Life is just cheaper south of the border.

Ya tu sabes.

That’s just the way things are. As both countries have emerging economies, many things are far cheaper than back home.

Unless you’re really balling out, you can live for cheap in both Mexico and Colombia. By cheap, I mean around $2,000 USD spending per month.

Cost of living in Mexico is fantastic right now. The only cities that come close to being expensive in Mexico are:

  • Mexico City: One of the biggest cities in the Americas. The fancy neighborhoods are world-class, but you’ll pay for all the amenities.
  • The Mayan Rivera: Cancun and Tulum aren’t that cheap anymore. Expect to pay about the same you would back home for many things – especially while on vacation.

In Colombia, things can get even cheaper. Surprisingly.

However, there are still a few cities in Colombia where costs can add up quick:

  • Bogota: The capital of Colombia is still cheap, but expect to spend $2,500-3,000 USD a month here to live in a safe area and enjoy the nightlife.
  • Cartagena:  A beach city built on tourism, the whole town is focused on ripping off gringos. Nothing is as cheap as it should be in Cartagena.

Outside of these four cities, every place I’ve been to in Colombia and Mexico are insanely cheap.

Like luxury living in a high-rise apartment in the city center for pennies on the dollar cheap.

But comparing costs…

Mexico vs. Colombia?

Too close to call, as you can live insanely cheap in either country.

  • Winner: Tie

Colombian morals 😉

Language Barrier

This is a bit of a tough one, as you can find educated English speakers in both countries.

However, I found Mexico had more people who speak English for a few reasons.

First, Mexico is far closer to the United States. The country also receives more foreign tourists than just about anywhere else in Latin America.

As such, learning English is a valuable skill in Mexico.

In Colombia, learning English can certainly pay dividends – especially if working for an international company or trying to get a job in tourism.

But for most Colombians, learning English isn’t a huge deal.

So you can get by without speaking decent Spanish in Mexico just a little easier.

That being said…

I wouldn’t head anywhere outside the tourist areas of the Mayan Rivera or Mexico City without speaking some Spanish.

Just like I wouldn’t recommend heading to Medellin or Bogota without learning a little of the love language.


Because you’ll have such a better experience if you speak a little Spanish in both Mexico and Colombia.

By learning a little of the language, you’ll be able to interact with locals and develop better relationships.

It’s a far better experience when you know a little of the language.

Luckily, it’s easier than ever before to learn Spanish before you hit the road.

To begin learning Spanish, just click here.

Oh, and if it wasn’t clear enough…

Mexico wins here.

You can get by without much Spanish in Mexico, as a gringo who speaks no Spanish is pretty common throughout the country.

In Colombia, that’ll be a little tougher.

  • Winner: Mexico

Ease of Travel

When I’m talking about ease of travel, I’m talking both getting to the country and traveling around.

If you’re coming from the western world, it’s insanely easy to get to Mexico City.

Flying into CDMX is more than easy.

In fact, you’ll find direct flights from dozens of cities throughout the United States. And the flights are cheap!

Hell, I can get from MCI to CDMX in 5+ hours with just a single layover.

That’s not possible when going to Colombia.

Generally, it’s a lot harder to get to Colombia from the United States, Canada, or Europe.

A handful of cities have direct flights to Medellin, Bogota, or Cartagena.

But it’s not like flying to CDMX or Cancun. It’s not that easy.

Now, once you’re actually in the country…

It’s simple to get from city to city in both Mexico and Colombia. Both countries offer low-cost airlines that seem to do a decent job.

In Colombia, you have airlines like:

  • Viva Colombia
  • Wingo

Both these airlines do a decent job getting you from one city to the next cheaply.

In Mexico, you have airlines like:

  • Aeromexico
  • Interjet
  • Volaris
  • Viva Aerobus

You can fly around Mexico with these carriers for $100-200 USD round-trips. Pretty much everywhere.

Buses are also readily available in both Mexico and Colombia. Although I don’t recommend bus travel in either country.

In Mexico, there’s a bit too much narco activity for my liking once you get outside the main cities and tourist areas. That means overland bus travel is a bit sketchy.

In Colombia, the terrain is too highly once you get away from the coast. I always get a stomach ache when busing around the coffee region, Medellin, and Cali.

The winner here?

Well, it’s gotta be Mexico – as it’s so much easier to fly internationally to Mexico than it is to Colombia.

  • Winner: Mexico


This one is tough to call.

I’d say Mexico has better overall infrastructure.

But then half the tourist areas in Mexico have banned modern conveniences like Uber in an asinine attempt to rip off tourists.

So they’re kind of shooting themselves in the foot there.


I don’t use public transport much, so that’s kind of a mute point for me.

Internet is faster and more reliable in Mexico.

The apartments tend to be newer and made just a little bit better in Mexico.

While Colombia isn’t far behind here and certainly catching up quickly, I’d say Mexico is still ahead.

  • Winner: Mexico

Parque Tayrona.

Things to Do

¡Dios Mio!

This one is almost silly to even talk about, as there’s a plethora of things to do in both countries.

There’s a reason tourists are flocking to both Mexico and Colombia these days…

You should never be bored in either place!

In Colombia, many have found love for Medellin – as the city is a digital nomad hotspot.

But there’s so much more to do in Colombia than explore Medellin.

I’m talking checking out places like:

  • Parque Tayrona
  • Castillo San Felipe
  • Valle de Cocora
  • Guatape
  • Punta Gallinas

On top of that, the mountainous terrain of Colombia is absolutely spectacular for hiking and the views are world-class.

But don’t discount Mexico.

The country is filled with world-famous tourist attractions for good reason.

You’ll find enticing activities and tourism in Mexico, like:

  • Teotihuacán
  • Chichen Itza
  • Iztaccihuatl Volcano
  • Copper Canyon

Surprisingly, when you take out the culinary experiences and amazing beaches that Mexico has to offer…

There’s more to do in Colombia.

Better hiking. Unique landscapes. Spanish colonial cities.

Mexico does have the Aztec and Mayan Ruins, which are amazing. But that’s about it.

  • Winner: Colombia

Beach Life

This section will be short.

As someone who absolutely adores la playa, this category is a no-brainer.

Mexico has better beaches.

Te lo juro.

Colombia has Parque Tayrona, Cartagena, and Santa Marta. The beaches are amazing in Parque Tayrona and just ok in the other places.

Hell, you can even throw San Andres in the mix too.

But these spots don’t come close to competing with the beaches in Mexico.

Mexico is filled with beach cities, towns, and more.

Places like:

  • Cancun
  • Playa del Carmen
  • Tulum
  • Mazatlan
  • Puerto Vallarta
  • Acupulco
  • Puerto Escondido
  • Cabo San Lucas

That’s just the tip of the iceberg, too.

If beach life is a priority, Mexico is the place to go. The Caribbean coast of Colombia simply can’t compete and the Pacific coast is way too underdeveloped.

  • Winner: Mexico


La rumba.

I’m no stranger to a little fun once the sun goes down, especially in Latin America.

Shit, I’ve written about my partying in Latin America before.

So I’ll try to break this one down to the best of my abilities.

The nightlife in Mexico is amazing. It’s no slouch. You can have a great time partying in many a Mexican locale.

The people are friendly, the booze is generally cheap, and the women are cute.

But it’s not Colombia.

The nightlife in Bogota is almost second to none in my opinion. It’s wild, crazy, and even a bit dangerous.

If you really want to party, then Bogota is damn near impossible to beat.

This one was a close one. Almost too close for comfort, but I’d take partying in Colombia over la rumba in Mexico any day of the week.

There’s no doubt some will disagree.

  • Winner: Colombia

Mi cara cuando una mujer me llama, “Papiii!”


What you’ve all probably been waiting for…

Dating in Latin America.

Which country is best for those looking for some amor on the road.

Now, I’m a straight male.

So I won’t be able to help you here ladies. But for the fellas, I’ll do my best to break it down.

Mexican girls are attractive.

They tend to be more relationship oriented than other Latinas. They’re generally easy to get along with – as culturally, Mexico has adopted many of the traits of the west.

Mexicanas also aren’t nearly as interested in a man’s financial situation as some Colombianas.


Colombia wins here.

Any man who has spent time in both countries will whole-heartedly agree. It’s not even a question.

If dating is your main motivation for travel, then make a beeline to Colombia.

Las Colombianas will treat you more than well if you’ve got your shit together.

  • Winner: Colombia


These are Latin cultures.

People are warm and friendly. There’s energy in the air when you walk through the streets. Passion.

It’s hard to compare Mexico vs. Colombia when talking about friendliness.

But I’ll do my damn best to try.

On the surface, I find Colombians to be more open and friendly about meeting foreigners.

The people are easy going and want you to enjoy their country.

But I never developed any real friendships while in the country – once you throw dating and mating away from the table.

In Mexico, the people are slightly less friendly from the jump but much easier to get along with and develop friendships once you get to know them.

Again, this is because Mexico is a little closer to the United States and the cultures are somewhat similar.

Personally, I just vibe better with people from Mexico, the Dominican Republic, and Brazil…

When compared to the relationships I’ve made in Colombia, Peru, and Ecuador.

  • Winner: Mexico


Not even a question here…

Colombia has decent food. You’re not going to starve in the country.

But outside of the bandeja paisa, my taste buds weren’t too inspired when eating out in Colombia.

In Mexico, the cuisine is truly world-class.

Mexico food fookin’ rocks.

I can’t get enough of it. From the traditional stuff like tacos al pastor to the seafood found on the pacific coast…

Mexico is a foodies’ wet dream.

  • Winner: Mexico

Ceviche in Teacapan.

Safety and Danger

Even though I’ve had my fair share of incidents traveling around Latin America, I’m of the opinion that the region tends to get a bad rap.

Colombia is dangerous.

You have to take extra precautions when using electronics in public, taking money out of the ATM, and more.

There’s lots of thieves in Colombia.

Lots of petty theft.

Murders? Not nearly as many as you’d think, especially against tourists.

Unless you resist a robbery in Colombia or don’t pay for certain sketchy services, you shouldn’t get murdered as a tourist.

Stay away from hookers and drugs, young bucks.

But in the nice areas of major cities and the tourist areas, Colombia isn’t that much different from places back home.

I can walk around Zona T in Bogota without a care in the world during the day. Same thing goes while on the beaches of Bocagrande in Cartagena.

It’s just not that dangerous in Colombia any more. Colombia is getting better.

On the other hand, Mexico has been getting worse.

The murder rate in Mexico has skyrocketed in recent years.

Cartel violence is through the roof.

Once Chapo got captured, the power struggle between cartels have take off. And it’s been a bloody one.

Still, Mexico is a massive country.

Much of the narco violence is only in certain areas. And most of the time, the cartels want nothing to do with tourists.

Hell, the cartels owned half the hotels in Mazatlan. They want more tourists coming. Not fewer.

So I’m of the opinion that Mexico isn’t that dangerous.

Overall, here’s how I’ll break it down.

You’re more likely to get robbed in Colombia, but worse shit happens more often in Mexico.

  • Winner: Tie

The Verdict?

Alright, that was excessive.

My bad.

I’m a wordy f*cker from time to time. Así es la vida.

But where did we end up? Well, let’s take a look:

  • Population: Tie
  • Cities: Mexico
  • Cost of Living: Tie
  • Language Barrier: Mexico
  • Ease of Travel: Mexico
  • Infrastructure: Mexico
  • Things to Do: Colombia
  • Beach Life: Mexico
  • Nightlife: Colombia
  • Dating: Colombia
  • Friendliness: Mexico
  • Food: Mexico
  • Safety and Danger: Tie


Mexico won seven categories. Colombia won three categories.

There were three categories that tied.

Overall, about what I expect.

The winner is Mexico!

Mexico is better for the vast majority of tourist. the country simply has a whole hell of a lot to offer the average digital nomad.

There’s a damn good reason more gringos go to Mexico than anywhere else in Latin America.

That being said…

There’s still good reason to go to Colombia.

Many of them.

If nightlife, off-the-beaten path adventure, and dating are your primary motivation for traveling…

Colombia is tough to top.

Teacapan, Mexico.

4.3/5 (3 Reviews)
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