Woolly Clothing Merino Tank Top Review: Men’s Travel Clothes For the Gym

Staying in shape on the road is essential, but it’s hard to find quality men’s travel clothes for the gym.

Gym clothes stink. Most are made out of cotton or “Dri-Fit” material that attracts bacteria and odors like the plague.

Luckily, I found the solution in merino activewear. So let’s dive into this Woolly Clothing Merino Tank Top review.

Think About It…

If you’re like me, you go to the gym 4-5 days a week while living abroad. You might wear activewear to the pool, beach, or on a hike once or twice a week, too.

If you have cotton or Dri-Fit clothing, you’re going to need a lot of it. Cotton stinks after just one wear. When I traveled with regular gym clothes, I barely had any space left in my luggage.

I used to travel with a ton of sportswear, including:

  • 4 pair of basketball shorts
  • 1 pair of board shorts
  • 5 cotton or Dri-Fit tank tops
  • 3 pair compression shorts
  • 5 pair athletic socks
  • 1 pair gym shoes

That’s almost a whole carry-on filled just with gym and swim clothes. It’s damn near impossible to pack light when you have to pack a ton of cotton clothing for the gym. The fabric stinks after one use.

I needed a better solution. I needed tailor-made men’s travel clothes for the gym. So I began looking around.

Then I found Woolly Clothing Merino Wool Tank Tops. And travel socks. Plus, I stopped traveling with basketball shorts, as they take up too much space.

Now, I only travel with a little sportswear:

In total, I know travel with 10 clothing items for the gym. That’s down from 19 in the past, a significant space saving while packing.

P.S: Don’t forget about merino t-shirts for day-to-day use.

Woolly Clothing Merino Tank Top Review

One of the biggest reasons I was able to eliminate some of my men’s travel clothes for the gym was the Woolly Clothing Merino Tank Top.

A classic gym tank top, this piece of merino wool sportswear allowed me to eliminate five Nike Dri-Fit shirts from my luggage. That’s a ton of extra space.

But space saving isn’t the only thing I love about this merino wool top. Here are five things I love about the Woolly Clothing Merino Tank Top:

  • No Stink: Merino wool activewear is awesome. The fabric doesn’t stink, even after you hit the gym for an hour and drench the fabric in sweat. All you have to do is hang the shirt up and it’ll be dry within a few hours. Plus, they’ll be no smell. It’s amazing. Imagine being able to wear the same shirt to the gym day after day without any smells coming from it! 
  • More Than Once: Because the Woolly Merino Tank Top doesn’t hold odors, I’m able to wear the shirt to the gym three straight days before it needs a wash. Three consecutive days of dripping sweat before I even think about washing this piece of merino wool activewear. That’s impressive.
  • Space Saving: I only need two of these merino tanks to travel around the world full-time with. There’s no need to bring more. You could go to the gym for a full week without smelling only wearing these two tops, as each merino shirt is good for 3-4 gym sessions before you need to wash it. As I only need two gym shirts now, I save a ton of space in my luggage.
  • Looks Great: I used to think merino wool shirts were ideal for travel, but they looked like shit. Then I found Woolly Clothing. This merino wool tank top looks amazing. It’s cut just like a Nike Dri-Fit tank to show off the guns. You’ll look swole and stylish while rocking this bad boy in the gym.
  • Solid Price: Nike Dri-Fit tanks tend to run $30-40 USD for one. The Woolly Merino Tank Top only costs $39.99. Instead of spending $150-200 on gym tank tops for travel with Nike, you’ll only need to drop $80 when buying merino wool products. That’s a solid saving.

Any Downsides?

No product is perfect. While I’m a huge fan of the Woolly Clothing Merino Tank Top, there are a few minor issues. Here are a few downsides:

  • Wash Inside Out: You have to wash merino wool gently. Cold water. Hang dry. Wash the shirt inside out. If you forget to do these things or dry this shirt in the dryer, you’ll find the product doesn’t last that long.

P.S: But there’s good news. You won’t have to worry about longevity as long as you wash the product inside out in cold water. I’ve been wearing my Woolly Merino Tank Top for four months now. It looks as good as new because I always wash it inside out. 

  • Color Variety: You can only buy this piece of merino activewear in black and gray. Not exactly exciting colors. I’d like to see more colorways come out, but at least black and gray match with a lot of different colors.

My Recommendations For Travelers

If you plan to head to the gym, on hikes, or the beach while traveling – then I recommend picking up one or two of these men’s travel shirts.

This is truly the best merino wool tank top on the market. You’ll look great in the gym while rocking this shirt.

For full-time travelers, I recommend getting two of them. For people going on short trips, you may be able to get by just rocking one to the gym 3-4 days a week.

Personally, I own two gray Woolly Clothing Merino Wool Tank Tops and I live on the road.

Woolly Clothing Merino Tank Top Review: Men’s Travel Clothes For the Gym

Sick of stinky gym clothes while traveling? Tired of having to pack your dirty gym clothes in plastic bags when heading to a new city?

If so, I can’t recommend the Woolly Clothing Merino Tank Top enough. You won’t find better men’s travel clothes for the gym.

Get your merino tank top. Avoid smelling awful. Look stylish in the gym. Save space in your luggage.

Click here to buy your travel tank top today!

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