Airbnb Coupon Code | Get FREE $40 Off Your Booking!

If you’re looking for an Airbnb coupon code, you’re in the perfect place! I detail how to get a damn good deal below. But first, you MUST read this: If you’re looking for an Airbnb discount code, but have already traveled with Airbnb…you MUST log out of your current account right now. If you’re new […]


69 Timeless Travel Tips and Tricks | After 4+ Years On the Road

Oyyeee! Today, we’re talking timeless travel tips and tricks designed to make life on the road so much easier. Hell, just better. After traveling around Latin American for 4+ years, I’ve learned a thing or three about life on the road and living good while abroad. You won’t find any stories here. No tall tales. […]


Nightlife in Latin America | Top 10 Party Cities

Nightlife in Latin America. Mi amor. Mi corazon.  For years, I was an addict. A junkie to your electric rhythms, laidback vibes, and the wide hips of your women. The smooth rum didn’t hurt, either. Just one abject degenerate of a gringo traveling around down south – while living like a functional alcoholic. There’s no […]


Top 8 Digital Nomad Destinations In Latin America

When looking for one of the top digital nomad destinations in Latin America, we’re talking about… Travel experiences + business opportunities. Stunning landscapes, unique cultures, and fast freaking WiFi. Maybe mix in a little party. La Rumba. Ya tu sabes. I’ll never forget my first time playing digital nomad for more than a month or so in a […]

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