How to Make Friends While Traveling As An Introvert

Curious how to make friends while traveling as an introvert? You probably opened up Google and typed in something about traveling alone and making friends. The results came up, and I’d be willing to bet good money they all talked about hostels and CouchSurfing. Not exactly what an introvert needs. See, I love socializing, but the […]


An Ode to the Road: Photo Essay

Life isn’t what it once was. I’m cooped up. And I absolutely hate it. Recovering from a surgery that’s taking longer than I ever expected. Frustration engulfs my mind every day as I try to find a rehabilitation protocol that makes my body feel good. It takes a lot of effort not to slide into […]


What is Geoarbitrage? A Beginner’s Guide

What is geoarbitrage? I’ve tried to explain it to family and friends. Things just don’t work out. For some reason, I struggle to explain the concept properly. Probably because you can’t explain something to people who don’t want to understand. It’s just not worth it. Life too damn short. Short of handing them a copy […]

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