Mazatlan Nightlife | The 13 Best Bars and Clubs in 2022

Today we’re talking nightlife in Mazatlan, Mexico.

A little rumba on la playa.

Luckily, I’ve got some good news for you intrepid travelers looking to enjoy some fun once the sun goes down. Mazatlan nightlife is damn good, especially for such a small city.

For a city of only 500,000+ people in a “dangerous” part of Mexico, you’ll find going out in Mazatlan a whole hell of a lot of fun. There’s great nightclubs, good music, friendly people, and the girls certainly aren’t ugly, either.

On top of all that, many of the clubs and bars are practically on the beach. I dunno about you, but drinking and dancing the night away with an ocean view is never a bad time.

But enough with all my fluff, let’s dive into the ‘rice and beans’ of this bad boy.

Below you’ll find everything you need to know about nightlife in Mazatlan, Mexico…including:


mazatlan nightlife

What’s So Great About Mazatlan Nightlife?

Well, it’s good, but it’s not that it’s great. Nightlife in Mazatlan cannot compete with the likes of Mexico City or Bogota, Colombia.

It’s just that la rumba in Mazatlan is far better than one would expect in a city of 500,000+ people. If you’re looking to party in a city by the beach that hasn’t been destroyed by foreign tourism, then Mazatlan might be the top spot in all of Mexico.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Big Clubs

There aren’t a ton of clubs in Mazatlan. But there are certainly some big ones. Hell, even bigger than what you’ll find in CDMX. You’ll find places like Joe’s Oyster Bar are massive and get filled to the brim damn near every weekend. Unexpected for a small city by the beach.

  • Lots of Tourists

You won’t find many foreigners partying hard in Mazatlan. But you will find tons of people from the towns and cities around Mazatlan. This beach city is a favorite for people living in Durango and Culiacan. They come down to the beach to let loose.

  • Low Costs

It’s cheap as hell to party in Mazatlan. Unless you’re going to Prive, I found costs low throughout the city. Beers for $20 pesos, mixed drinks for a few bucks, and club entrance for under $5 USD. You could have a big night out here for under $1,000 pesos. Or you could keep things cheap and not even spend $20 bucks.

  • Easy to Get Around

All the biggest clubs in Mazatlan are in Zona Dorada and La Marina areas. You’re never more than a 5-6 minute Uber ride from any of the major nightlife spots when here. This makes it more than easy to bar and club hop in Mazatlan.

  • Only on the Weekends

I never found a decent spot to go out in Mazatlan during the week. Stick to Friday and Saturday if you’re hoping to find decent crowds here. This is a working city when the tourists aren’t around.

  • Late Nights

The clubs stay open late in Mazatlan.

Joe’s Oyster Bar stays open until 4 AM every day and night. Prive is open until 4 AM on the weekends. If you’re looking to stay up until the sun comes up over the Pacific Ocean, you can do it in Mazatlan.

  • By the Beach

Many of the popular clubs and bars are right by the beach. Hell, some of them are even on the beach and allow you to walk through the sand to enter.

Mazatlan at night.

Costs of Nightlife in Mazatlan, Mexico

If you’re looking to party here, it doesn’t have to break the bank. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a cheap place to booze.

Outside of buying bottles in a place like Prive or Classico, you shouldn’t have an issue with costs while partying here.

Here’s a quick breakdown of prices at bars and clubs in Mazatlan:

  • Cover charge: $0-10 USD
  • Beer: $1-4 USD
  • Drink: $2-9 USD
  • Bottle of booze at a club: $30-100 USD
  • Bottle of wine at a bar: $18-50 USD

You could easily go out to Joe’s Oyster Bar for a big night out and not even spend $25 bucks the whole night. Or you could buy a few bottles at Prive and drop $100’s. It all depends on how you want to party.

But overall…

Mazatlan nightlife is pretty damn cheap. Te lo juro.

Mazatlan sunsets.

Where to Stay In Mazatlan?

Although Mazatlan is a fairly small city, it pays to think long and hard about where you want to stay.

What do they say again? Location, location, location.

Anyway, it goes without saying you want to be right near the beach. That’s the whole point of staying in a beach resort, after all. And because Mazatlan isn’t particularly expensive, chances are you can afford a nice spot within walking distance of the playa, and perhaps even with an ocean view.

There are four main beach barrios to choose from, and I’ll give you a quick rundown of each:

  • Marina Mazatlan

This is the rich part of town where most of the top-end apartments and shopping malls are found. If you’ve got a private yacht and/or close connections to the Mazatlan bourgeoisie, then Marina is a top spot for you. There’s plenty of pretty grasslands and wonderful views of the marina and the coast. However, there isn’t much else.

  • El Malecon

On the other end of the spectrum is El Malecon, a long and skinny neighborhood with the cheapest beachfront real estate in the city. It’s looking a little run down these days and the local restaurants and bars aren’t the best. But if you’re on a tight budget, then it’s worth a look.

  • Olas Altas

Olas is where all the North American retirees go to live out their twilight years. Think peaceful colonial plazas and quaint cobblestone streets. It’s pretty and pleasant enough, although a little too quiet for our tastes.

  • Zona Dorada

Last but not least is Zona Dorada, my personal favorite spot in the city. Yes, it is rather touristy, but with good reason…

Zona Dorada has the best nightlife, gastronomy, architecture, and beach vibe in the city. If you’re looking for a vibrant spot to experience authentic cosmopolitan living right at your doorstep, this is your best bet. And as a night a fellow aficionado of after-dark entertainment, it’s going to be your go-to choice.

Zona Dorada Mazatlan

The Golden Zone.

My top hotel recommendation is located in a prime Zona Dorada location…

Featuring stunning ocean views and rooms with balconies, along with an included breakfast, amazing infinity pool, modern decor, and so much more. This spot is by far the best place to stay in Mazatlan.

The best hotel in Mazatlan is the Ocean View Beach Hotel.

Mazatlan Nightlife | The 13 Best Bars And Clubs

After living in Mazatlan, Mexico for over 3+ months, I’ll do my best to break things down for you. For any and all gringos looking to enjoy la rumba in Mazatlan…

Here’s where to go:

– Best Bars in Mazatlan, Mexico –

  • La Consentida: Upscale bar in La Marina. Packed on the weekends. Many people seem to go here and then head to Prive to dance later on in the evening. Drinks a little pricier than other bars in Mazatlan.
  • Life En Espanol: Hit or miss spot, but certainly another solid place to start drinking before heading to a club around 12:30 PM. Somewhat high-end for Mazatlan. Great layout, too. Close to El Bungalow Bar in Zona Dorada.
  • Sky Bar Posada Freeman: Best views in Mazatlan. Come here to unwind and have a beer. Or bring a date. Not a place to party. Just a place to relax by the pool and unwind. Located in Olas Altas – aka the south of the city.
  • Edgar’s Bar and Cantina: Located downtown in the central market, Edgar’s is your bar of choice for when you fancy a 50s retro fix. The endearing establishment has been serving ice-cold cerveza since 1949, and its cool vintage decor is a legit blast from the past. Live bands blare out traditional music on weekends and the owners dish up free appetizers to their tipsy guests. If you’re after a cultural drinking experience, go here!
  • El Muchacho Alegre: The go-to beach bar for the true ‘happy guy,’ Muchacho Alegre is all about good food, good drinks, and good vibes. Live bands play most nights of the week, and it’s a top spot to spark up a conversation with festive drinkers. Despite its enviable seafront location, the bar is particularly popular with the local crowd. Be sure to try the spicy micheladas.
  • Dugout: This place is probably my favorite sports bar in the whole city, which is saying something because there’s quite a bit of competition around town. Expect delicious Tex-Mex food, first-rate service, and more flat screens than you can shake a stick at. All your favorite sports are on TV, and if not just ask the staff who’ll put on pretty much any channel you like. Hungry? You can’t go past the guacamole burger.
  • Barra Al Mar: ‘BAM’ is my top pick for a sunset cerveza by the beach. The food, service, and atmosphere are world-class, and there’s a picturesque volleyball court should you fancy getting active. It’s more of a day venue, so don’t rock up late at night.

Views from Sky Bar @ Posada Freeman.

– Best Clubs in Mazatlan, Mexico –

  • Joe’s Oyster Bar: Massive beachside club in Zona Dorada that all the tourists flock to. If you’re looking for a wild night out in Mazatlan, this is the first place I’d recommend. Cheap drinks, tons of people, and an ocean view. Overall, a pretty damn good time.
  • Prive: Located in La Marina. This seems to be the nicest club in Mazatlan to me. You need to dress nicer here. The cover is a little higher. The bottles a little pricier. Speaking a little Spanish is important here, as there aren’t many foreigners. Overall, it’s a younger crowd, too.
  • Classico: Located in Zona Dorada. Some claim that Classico is the nicest club in Mazatlan, but I’d say Prive has taken that title as of late. You’re more likely to see narcos here, too. Although, that just means hotter women. Take that as you may. A solid spot, but I prefer Joe’s Oyster Bar and Prive before Classico.

Classico, a true Mazatlan classic.

  • El Mal del Puerco: Club in Zona Dorada. Some nights they tend to play a “weird” style of music that many a foreigner won’t enjoy. Not my cup of tea. Worth checking out when you get tired of Joe’s Oyster Bar, though.
  • Valentino’s: This place is on its last leg in my opinion. Located on the Malecon, I wouldn’t recommend going here unless a local friend invites you. Why? Because from my experience, it’s usually dead.
  • Bora Bora Antro: Probably the biggest place in town, this enormous beachfront discoteca has space for up to 2,000 party-goers, and on the weekend in high season it almost feels full. The boozy late-night locale has a distinctly international vibe, so come here if you want to party hard with folks from all over the world. Expect to see inebriated punters dancing on the tables, the bar, the cages, and everything in-between. Just know it can also be insanely dead on certain nights too.

‘La Rumba’ in Mazatlan, Mexico | Verdict?

That’s about it, amigos. Everything you’d ever need to know about partying in Mazatlan, Mexico as a gringo. Or a foreigner.

Te lo juro.

While the nightlife in Mazatlan, Mexico will get repetitive after a while, there’s enough to keep any party animals entertained for a few weeks to a month.

If you’ve got any questions, feel free to sound off in the comments below and I’ll do my best to answer them.

Que te vaya bien

P.S: Spanish is essential when partying in Mazatlan. Start learning by clicking here!

Click here to learn more!

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