• Michael Davies

    I live in Ibague and theres a few other things I would suggest if you’re in the city.

    Firstly you mentioned playa hawai but I think a much better option is piscilago which is situated about 1 hour bus from Ibague. There is a massive waterpark and also a zoo.

    An hour away the other way you have a town called armero which was destroyed by a volcano eruption. You can go and see all the ruins of the town and the place also has a small museum with all the information and stories of the tragedy.

    The orchard gardens is also a nice day out, i enjoyed it just as much as the botanical garden infact. Its a well informed tour describing the lifecycle of orchids and showing you all the different varieties. Theres also great views on the walk.

    Situated in Ibague there’s a place called el carmen which is a small lake where you can go and fish, you can hire rods there and drink a few beers, there is also a restaurant and pool there along with horse riding.

    Again about an hour away there is the parque del arroz. This is a tour showing you how rice is produced. great day out.

    Also on tuesdays in cinemark, in the multicentro mall the cinema costs about 7000 maybe less and all the movies are in english, so if you want to relax and just watch a film , tuesday is definitely the best time to go.

    Foodwise you need to try the tamal in ibague, usually sold at the weekend and cost 4000. here is the home of tamal so you wont find a better place to get it than here.

    I have an apartment in ibague and im renting a double private toom for 1-3 people. The price included breakfast. Here in my complex is the only complex with an aqua park, theres 3 pools here, a gym, and were close to all the malls abs buses to the countryside. so if people want a nice comfortable base with an english host and my colombian partner who can point you in all the right directions then I will add the link to my airbnb below.
    You can come here, enjoy a day round the pool in the sunshine, go on trips. But it really is a nice relaxing base.

    Heres the link anwyay, hope to meet some new people soon


    • NomadicJake

      This is a fantastic addition to the post! In fact, would you have any interest in writing a guest post as a “Part 2” to my original post. This is too good of information to pass up.

      Let me know. You could link your Airbnb in the post if you like.

      My email is: nomadichustle@gmail.com

      • Michael Davies

        Hi mate ,

        I’ve only just joined this site as I saw your article on Ibague and thought id add a bit more info so im not sure what you want me to do, but my email is mikegethyn@gmal.com. I will definitely write a guest post, just tell me what you need me to do and il get writing it this week

        take care


        • NomadicJake

          Cool! Sending an email now.

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  • Toks


    • NomadicJake

      It’s a great city!

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