The 17 Best Travel Blogs For Adventurous Men

Generic advice sucks ass. There’s no way around it. You won’t find much of it on this list of the best travel blogs for adventurous men. If you want generic guidance and information, stick with Men’s Health, GQ, and Esquire. Get your travel information from Lonely Planet. Hell, you can even search Google, and you’ll typically find generic travel tips and advice out the ass.

Searching “best travel blogs” brings up lists upon lists of travel blogs that would be of little use to a man seeking adventure. Type in “travel blogs for men” and it gets worse. All the results talk about solo male travel – which for some reason, I immediately envision some dude jerking it on the top bunk of a hostel dorm. Not pretty. And there’s some result about hipster travel. Terrible.

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The 17 Best Travel Blogs For Adventurous Men

Before we get down to the best travel blogs for adventurous men, let’s talk about adventure and what it means. I’m not talking about packaged tours and hostel dorms. I’m certainly not talking about anything related to prostitution. I’m talking about hiking with a lovely local by your side. Coconuts filled with rum on stunning beaches. Jet skis in the ocean. Four-wheelers on the beach. Taking advantage of geoarbitrage to get the most bang for your buck. And yeah – sex, drugs, and rock and roll.

So without further ado, here are the 17 best travel blogs for adventurous men: 

Maverick Traveler

If I had to pick only one travel blog to follow, it would be Maverick Traveler. James puts out some of the best content on the Internet. He breaks down cities, dives deep into cultures, explores places you’d never think to go, and gives you an incredible insight into the mind of a nomadic hustler. A man who has been to countries on almost every continent, Maverick Traveler brings you great attention to detail combined with compelling comparisons.

Must Read Posts From Maverick Traveler:

Johnny FD

If you’re detail oriented like I am, you’ll find the level of insight and personal experience on Johnny FD’s blog incredibly engaging. Johnny does a great job of combining business and travel in a way most struggle to. Based in Thailand, you’ll find great travel tips on Southeast Asia and strong affiliate marketing and drop shipping information on his site.

Must Read Posts From Johnny FD:

Dominican guagua game strong.

Dominican guagua game strong.

Tourist 2 Townie

If you’re looking for a travel blog featuring a fantastic YouTube channel, then Tourist 2 Townie is for you. Starting in Buenas Aires, Argentina – the goal of the site is to integrate into a culture and find a deeper understanding of how things work. Gareth takes readers all over the globe, especially South America. You’ll find incredible travel information on Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil on his site.

Must Read Posts From Tourist 2 Townie:

Goldmund Unleashed

Luckily for all other travel writers, Goldmund is based in NYC. If he was on the road full-time, everybody else might be out of business. The man weaves a tale of adventure better than almost anyone else. His stories from Mexico, Peru, Montreal, and traveling throughout the USA are fascinating. Here’s to hoping Goldmund gets on the road more and continues delivering exceptional travel content.

Must Read Posts From Goldmund:

Naughty Nomad

The original travel, adventure, and women writer – Mark Zolo from Naughty Nomad has been bringing tales of adventure and debauchery to the interwebs for some time now. His site features stories from the road and city guides from every continent. Every guide features info about lodging, nightlife, drugs, and women. What more could a man need when visiting a new city?!

Must Read Posts From Naughty Nomad:

My Latin Life

If you’re looking for advice on traveling throughout Latin America, then look no further than My Latin Life. Vance has detailed city guides of nearly every major city in the region. Recently, he’s started to write more tales from the road and his time in Mexico. Hopefully, the trend will continue, and he’ll keep breaking down his stops throughout the region once he leaves Mexico.

Must Read Posts From My Latin Life:

This Is Trouble

Breaking free from the shackles of corporate America, Kyle spends his time vagabonding through Europe. Fully location independent, he drops great knowledge on Ukraine and a bevy of Eastern European countries. His podcast, city breakdowns and travel tips are top notch, too. If he ever leaves Ukraine again, you can bet his site will continue to fill up with exceptional travel content geared towards young men.

Must Read Posts From This Is Trouble:

PTY Life.

PTY Life.

One Step 4Ward

Johnny has been on the road for over a decade. He’s visited nearly every country on earth and has made over $1 million on the Internet. The man is an inspiration to any and all of us looking to live a life of travel, choice, and unlimited freedom. You’ll find great travel tips from every continent all over his site, along with solid blogging advice and tips.

Must Read Posts from One Step 4Ward:

Harald Baldr

I must confess: I often binge watch Harald Baldr’s YouTube channel. I’ve yet to find another channel that continually brings you “boots on the ground” video content from all over the world. If you want to see what a country actually looks like, check out his channel. Harald has amazing video content on Eastern Europe, Russia, and Brazil. Here’s to hoping he starts creating more video content.

Must Watch Videos From Harald Baldr:

Swoop the World

Highly politically incorrect. Completely based on meeting chicks. Still, if you’re a man seeking some adventure, you’d be silly to not check out Swoop the World. You’ll find detailed breakdowns of countries throughout Latin America, Southeast Asia, and Eastern Europe on the site. If you get bored reading content from Swoop, then we probably have different definitions of adventure.

Must Read Posts From Swoop the World:

Jubril Agoro

Not even a blog, Jubril Agoro runs a widely popular YouTube channel about traveling around the world. Primarily focused on Latin America and Southeast Asia, Jubril covers topics like cost of living, traveling as a minority, and much more. He keeps things real discussing dating and cultural norms on all the locations he visits. It’s easy to binge watch his channel due to the quality of the videos and personality.

Must Watch Videos From Jubril Agoro:

Bachelor Travels

Bachelor Travels is an up and coming travel blogs run by the same guy who runs This Is Trouble, Kyle. The site is packed full of credit card miles hacking tips and photo galleries from all over Europe. While the site is newer, I fully expect more great content to come out soon. Highly recommended as an up and coming site.

Must Read Posts From Bachelor Travels:

Fun fact: Kyle is one of the homies. Kyle es un maricon, tambien.

Fun fact: Kyle is one of the homies. Kyle es un maricon, tambien.

Nomadic Notes

Easily one of the best overall travel blogs available online, Nomadic Notes is managed by James. A long-term traveler by trade, James has been blogging for ages and the professionalism found on his site reflects that. You’ll find incredible content on Nomadic Notes, especially if you’re interested in Southeast Asia.

Must Read Posts From Nomadic Notes:

Rio in a Week

If you’re headed to Rio de Janeiro or Brazil, Then Rio in a Week is the ideal site to start. The site was created to be the Brazilian blog for men. Shad writes about all things Rio. From renting an apartment to learning Portuguese to meeting some women in Brazil – you’ll find it all detailed here. With regards to the best travel blogs for men looking for info on Brazil, look no further.

Must Read Posts From Rio in a Week:

The Points Guy

Certainly not just a travel blog for men, The Points Guy covers all things points hacking. If you plan to live a life of long-term travel, then this site should be bookmarked from day one. While you’ll find tons of travel content spread throughout the site, the value of The Points Guy comes from the credit card deals they dish out at the start of every single month.

Must Read Posts From The Points Guy:

The Broke Backpacker

If you’re looking for travel tips from all over, The Broke Backpacker is a great site to check out. Will focuses on traveling the world on the cheap and going on adventures. A bit of an adrenaline junkie, he’s currently traveling from the U.K. to the dangerous country of Papua New Guniea – without flights.

Must Read Posts From The Broke Backpacker:

The Wandering Trader

Marcello has been creating killer content for The Wandering Trader for years now. He’s been all over the world, but some of his best content comes from Latin America. The Wandering Trader perfectly combines in-depth travel tips with photos essays and YouTube videos.

Must Read Posts From The Wandering Trader:

The 17 Best Travel Blogs For Adventurous Men

By no means is this list comprehensive. I’m sure I missed some of the other best travel blogs for adventurous men. Hell, once I get back on the road, I plan to pump out engaging travel content just like all these sites do. If you of any other great travel blogs for men seeking adventure, then sound off in the comments. If it’s good, I’ll add it to this list of the best travel blogs for adventurous men.

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