August 2016: Income Report – Hustling While Crippled

In true Johnny FD-fashion, I’ve decided to post income reports every single month. Initially, I had planned to create goal posts and include income information in the reports. No longer. Results are all that matters. Goals are irrelevant unless you achieve them. So I’m focusing all my energy on results. Consistent effort that offers consistent results in the future. While these reports will focus on income, I’ll make sure to offer a little update into my life and what’s happening.

Currently, I’m spending my days working and recovering from surgery. Work is going well, but surgery recovery has been slow. Much slower than expected. I’ve been doing everything possible to get the inflammation down and the ability to run and jump back. It hasn’t happened yet. But I do believe I’m close. In two months, I should be nearing 90-95%.

I haven’t been able to create as much as I’d like lately due to the stress of surgery recovery. Since I’m close to turning the corner, I believe my production will skyrocket soon. I’m going to make sure it does. Failure is no longer an option. It’s time to grow.

August 2016: Income Report

The odd thing about August was I made more cash than I have ever before – while battling the mental struggle that can accompany microfracture surgery. My best month ever was due to one thing, and one thing only: selling a niche site I had built up for some time.

make it rain jd

Being new to online business, this was the first site I ever created. And it sold. For a lot. Well, a lot more than I had ever expected. For guys who have been killing it online for quite some time, my total won’t seem like a lot. For guys new to the game, hopefully, confidence will be gained. There’s a lot of money on the interwebs. You just have to create it.

Income from selling a site: $10,613

P.S.: The site will never be named, as I want to help the new owners continue to grow the site and brand. 

While selling one of my sites, I still did receive income from the niche prior to the sale being finalized. The timing of the sale ensured I received most of the income for the month from affiliates. I also have income coming in from one other niche site that is built.

Income from affiliates: $709.55

Along with creating sites, I freelance full-time. While it’s certainly not ideal, it pays all my bills and more. Freelance writing allows me to travel the world indefinitely (while healthy) and explore. It’s a trade off, but for someone in their mid-20’s freelancing is a great option.

August wasn’t close to my best month freelancing. I was semi-depressed due to my surgery recovery and spent a lot of the month focused on selling my old niche site. I knew the sale would take up a lot of time and didn’t worry too much about the freelancing income dip. Still, August wasn’t awful for me.

Income from freelancing: $2,098

Overall August Income

Like I previously said, August was my best month ever working online. By far. I fully expect to take a dip for the next 3-8 months until Nomadic Hustle picks up. That being said – I couldn’t be happier with how my income ended up in August:

  • Sold site: $10,613
  • Affiliates: $709.55
  • Freelancing: $2,098

Total: $13,420.55

Thoughts and September Plans

I don’t expect to come close to clearing over 13K in September. Hell, with the focus I’ll be paying to Nomadic Hustle and my health – I’d be happy with 2-3K. Luckily, the cushion I built from August will give me some good time to build and create. I hope August was amazing for you all, too. I’ll be back on the road soon. So if any readers would cross paths, get in touch. Here’s to finishing 2016 on a high note!

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