• egeli

    Hey Jake,
    What a great blog! Very inspiring and exciting. You are living my dream man. I want to travel the world while I make money online. I started to build some websites. I will achieve my goal no matter what.

    I read you often based on Latin America. My number one destination will be there. I want to travel South America long term. Do you think it is possible to travel there with 1K/month? Cheap airbnb apartments, hostels, local food, etc.


    • NomadicJake

      Leo, get after it, man! There’s no time to start like now.

      You can definitely live in Latin America on 1K a month in Mexico, Colombia, DR, etc. You’ll be living in modest accommodations and cooking most of your own meals, but it’s doable and you’ll have fun. Mexico City, Playa Del Carmen, Santo Domingo, Bogota, Medellin, etc. can all be done for under $1,200 a month if you keep your budget tight.

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